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  1. I've just come across this topic on here and not got round to reading all the comments but I have read about this topic before. How on earth can we be certain about it when we die ? 1. They tell you to ignore a welcome from a pre-deceased loved one, what if you do and it was genuinely your loved one and you reject them believing all this, can you imagine how hurt they would feel and what a terrible mistake you would have made 2. They tell you to not go towards the light, it's a trap. Choose another light reflecting from another part, and say you do, what guarantee have you you have made the right choice ? You could end up somewhere much worse than Earth. I mean as we can never have any certainty about what happens after death, you definitely cannot have any certainty about this !!!
  2. I mistakenly wrote this post on the Environment/climate forum as I didn't know where to place it. I should have put it here first. Attached is a parliamentary petition to ask for a debate on putting an end to vivisection. Vivisection is totally barbaric and totally useless; it is only done because it's about money. In Cambridgeshire, protestors have camped for over a year ( the protestors call themselves Camp Beagle) outside MBR Acres, a disgusting puppy farm which sells beagles to laboratories where they are tortured. This has got to stop !!!as well as all vivisection. Let's end vivisection for good !!! https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/611810
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