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  1. Looks good after a quick glance. Will gander a little more closely in a bit!... Thanks for sharing.
  2. Wow, something I posted very nearly a year ago to the day.......and I very much remember my above post as being one of my best posts. Something I don't boast a lot... Hehe... So its good this thread has finally got noticed. Loveisreal, hi... I wonder too what Beaujangles is wondering, thanks if you can let us know a bit more of what you mean..
  3. I didn't even know that's what he was saying!.....I thought "Jamming" was most probably it. But I think once we learn the real thing being said it can be reheard to better match how we hear it with that benefit of clarification and as such when we go back to then overwrite what we thought we heard, we hopefully twig, like say how I mistook by pure guess in a Christine and The Queens song of the name "Tilted", it sounds a bit like she sings}} "emotionally good" but she doesn't, she ACTUALLY (yes exactly) sings "actually good" .... only just learnt that in last few days! Well, at least it's not unique in the sense that most songs I've heard (modern so called 'music' especially) contain something not recognizable, in the worst case scenarios, the whole track. I won't even try to describe what detritus type of music that could be, but of course by contrast Bob Marley is liked by everyone pretty much universally more than most other artists.. I have never been a super fan, but even loosely speaking, one can assume that safely.
  4. I ain't seen the video I am on restrictive data... But I have this to say... Veganism works for some people, and works pretty well for me.... Has done for around 25years and I look young on it and so I'm entitled to say staying it the long course has payed off for me... B vitamins are not an issue for vegans these days. So in principle, and where quality vegan food is found, (which is not that hard to find some trust-worthy brands), one can be a vegan just fine, and if it's not suitable for certain people, that's ok, but that's doesn't mean it's unhealthy for others...
  5. It's a pity but I haven't enough Gigs and Megabytes to watch videos until my next top up, but someone has to ask, what seen on the video cover, is this proof that sophisticated crop circles are within the means of man or is it really only -aliens- which can pull that off ??? Could this be the math technology needed to co-ordinate such feats?
  6. Thanks for the headsup on the name change and owner it looks like.... Yeah anyway I thought there had been an acquisitiion.... Just didn't realize it already goes back to September 2016 !! Time Flies !! I guess never used now how this name was Monsanto, but when recalled by human memory fixation on a name, easy to imagine it still pops up, not least for it's GMO gambits and stuff... Like Monsanto has been around a long time hasn't it, yeah it kinda has, so it figures the name would stick a good while longer, even after they formally change what they be known as now= Bayer AG. (essentially another company, but now carrying a weighty bad karma) Yes Sir!!.... Good terminology^^ with drive & motivation AND PRIINCIPLE that we should all exercise more of and extend culpritism by association by way seeing the extent of up it's own rear end big business.... Solution is by being a Green Consumer wherever we possibly can, (irrespective of whether Co2 is considered a thing and I would add by what seems not by many on DI, or indeed A MAJOR THING in the other way of analyzing the climate problem, as I tend to see it and I have not learnt otherwise and don't get that personally why it's not a big deal Co2 ?????????, but ok that's more a basis for another topic).... So nevertheless what we can all do better no matter our sometimes niggling differences in beliefs *between whoever* in regard to the environment or constantly looming other threats of societal breakdown and manipulations, and anyway~~~ what we can all hopefully agree on more is where it is obviously good to see Mac be a disciplined 'purveyor' (I guess fits as a word) as per your DEEP CHOICES "INCISION" (= ie, have all be cutting the ice better by collating and presenting information better~ made clear & digestible by all FOR ALL on a matter where else THAT instead can be DI chaos of information a lot of the time) .... Once there, more able in the ways we should all be thinking LIKE DEEPER,,,,,, it is of course good to advocate not getting slouchy with consumerism by anyone, and once again you Mac are as staunch as ever in advocating like me I think in saying to NEVER BE just a consumer for the sake of being a consumer, stuffing money into the wrong pockets etc- Let's give this a bit of a workout the consumer actions of our OWN MAKING, and here AKA in this instance some insight as the backdrop as to why corporations like this suck and don't mind selling out after they've made their money by dirty gain like selling toxins as though they are just another glamour product, well the cosmetic industry that's another story and likely just as bad ~for the planet, and on that note I would also like to recommend WE ALL HEARTILY ABSTAIN FROM USING PALM OIL PLEASE EVERYONE, VERY IMPORTANT THAT, so dooooo try NOT to use PALM OIL, like at all where humanly possible !!!!.... (a BIG thing worthy of its own topic).... so enough said here, and moving on and as we saw this merger / moreover "sell off" I guess took place where be Monsanto~ as long as they got their extra $4 billion added dollars onto $62 billion, then its a deal for Bayer too since that was what Monsanto pushed for in order for a GREEDIER THAN GREEDY sale price and got it... For more on that main note take a look at the acquisition on Wiki... Posting here for convenience ---> Acquisition Deal of Bayer AG 'hoovering up' Monsanto (but also acquiring Monsanto's bad reputation, haha!) ¶¶ In May 2016, Bayer offered to buy U.S. seeds company Monsanto for $62 billion.[120] Shortly after Bayer's offer, Monsanto rejected the acquisition bid, seeking a higher price.[121] In September 2016, Monsanto agreed to a $66 billion offer by Bayer.[122] In order to receive regulatory approval, Bayer agreed to divest a significant amount of its current agricultural assets to BASF in a series of deals.[123][124][125][126] On 21 March 2018 the deal was approved by the European Union,[127][128] and it was approved in the United States on 20 May 2018.[129] The sale closed on 7 June 2018.[130] The Monsanto brand was discontinued; its products will be marketed under the Bayer name.[131] On 16 September 2019, under the approval of National Company Law Tribunal, Bayer completed the merger of Monsanto India.[132] Bayer's Monsanto acquisition is the biggest acquisition by a German company to date.[133] However, owing to ongoing litigation concerning the herbicide Roundup, produced by Monsanto, the deal is considered one of the worst corporate deals ever agreed, owing to the massive financial and reputational blows it has caused Bayer.[133][134][135] ¶¶ PS== Excuse the excursion onto climate change et all (as per whatever the OP's wants maybe), but one like me can hardly omit such when being an environmentalist, let alone being a mentalist in general, hehe.
  7. Btw, IN ADDITION,,, (separate advice from above, but about extensions with that in common)..... So for a search engine privacy related thing, the advice is for any DuckDuckGo.com users.... it's privacy application I tend to believe as informed by this guy Liron (seems like an on point sort of guy) means to get that privacy, it's no use if you don't have the DDG extension installed. Privacy cannot be got without it, simply that means if you were to simply do a DDG search without extension as I used to, see for yourself in this video... LIRON SEGEV ~ (AKA techie guy) Tips for the Masses!! Using DuckDuckGo Wrongly?? & (therefore) without expected Privacy? We don't get any info privacy without the extension, and just going to DDG search page leaves you a target just as if using google... Only when extension installed will DDG protect you as Liron shows......This is necessary in order to have encrypted search results and non get tracked etc. Otherwise useless, and you have not the privacy which is what DDG contends or intends to be safeguarding us by doing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiCqAcWRl_I
  8. Chrome Home --> Extensions --> "De-Mainstream YouTube" https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/de-mainstream-youtube/dkcdmdpcapjlaoioeenamjdanpeehjan De-Mainstream YouTube:- Anybody got it in use on their PC ?? Does anybody use this App and if so can they recommend or help summarize it's effectiveness if so, so we can all know it does what it says and with no trouble?.... It appears in reviews on Chrome Webstore that the many are impressed with it, and at least is still available and working alright? I don't know outright, but I assume that's the case for most apps if they appear still downloadable, then worth a try?... but then to that end~ available and still highly useable (at the same time hopefully) despite the lack of recent updates... ~~ However in respect of myself, please understand I am not a big "app" or "add on" user at all, (I often feel unsure about such things, but I LIKE what this appears to offer) so although at this stage in my computer usage I hardly download much of anything fancy, this is why I am asking around, and yes despite having had ownership of 2 computers of the years of my (adult) life including my current Laptop. ~~~ Still let's remember this kind of an app is about unwrapping from MSM, and taking it out of view altogether if we so choose, so any app which does that is not there to clutter you, but to do the opposite, for the good! Anyway, comments? or related recommendations? - either on this or similar apps anyone?? De-Mainstream YouTube™ -- Like the idea? Can't see anyone here not liking. (well, fair enough obviously unless bitchute or some other video site is where you prefer to divert your attention -I do sometimes- and I wouldn't blame you on account of some subjects, it all depends on what you're going after and how censorship plays a part, but the DeMainstream app seems to just want to make life easier in general ya know on YouTube)... That's my impression, and that of others I believe who've reviewed. Please note:- Demainstream.com -(not accessible unfortunately for their homepage, but I suppose this is not unusual or uncommon and doesn't necessarily render a project dead does it)- However for a bit of clarity there one can see on GitHub when last developments or contribution or updates and things like that had taken place I guess.... https://github.com/miscavage/De-Mainstream-YouTube-Extension https://github.com/miscavage/De-Mainstream-YouTube-Extension/graphs/contributors ((Last update or alteration to software appears to have been on 28th of March 2020.))
  9. I gotta look that up, emboldened..... ok did so.... " an interpretive method " -by Hegel German Philosopher- which broadly can be summarized as I just found in a quick search=> " in which the contradiction between a proposition (thesis) and its antithesis is resolved at a higher level of truth (synthesis) " I ALSO get how (as we all know) government could use this misdirection technique in essence, and that be useful to them ~ such as I got from one of the search results, and another government commenting one is highlighting: PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION == like making everything slippery on all sides kinda thing, and indiscernable, to all but the elite. [for Example] There was also a spiritual related comment, (turned cheek at by Christians) where Christians on Hegelian principle understandably ridicules it in that context. As spiritualism of any kinda really does not much conform to facts probably -(well, I don't think so) -unless supporting the tenants of a faith laiden with it or something I suppose, where for example some FAITHS *like more likely in religion* might need facts to feel secure but don't like to advertise it??... anyway off tangent, but that sort of resolves it on the surface.
  10. It can be irritating if he's being over the top, which is OFT (often), unless someone is artful enough to get used to his style (his antics included) but his stuff I agree shouldn't be too much charisma oozing or hyping up in personality if he could only mute some of that enthusiasm a tad.....Yeah even for those like me who 'consign' happily to watch him occasionally..... (oh & even when that pretty gusto self probably is the TRUE HIM which does at least provide enthusiasm), but yeah using an excess of that can irritate quite easily if it interferes with coherency of his words often if they become too erratic or exhibit an overly fast talking pattern --but again thats just him showing enthusiasm in many ways and clearly he has a quick working mind AND FUN way about him nevertheless (inquiring mind BUT FUN) ....tho given all that maybe *2 videos of his a week may be all one can sustain* including me sometimes....hehe. Anyway at least he has a good repertoire with audience so I gather, I am not a big comment reader on YT, or elsewhere, but during (usually at the end obviously) you know its good -up to a point- as always he keenly says--}} ¶¶....but that's just what I think, what do you think, I learn from you the viewer or you commenters, etc!!! ¶¶ == said to his YT followers == which I'd say for anyone talking of awakening OF ANY KIND, is at least the main over-arching assurance to people Brand has in inviting his audience to make up their own minds, and talk to him likewise about what Brand may need to know which perhaps formally he didn't...... but fact is generally we all live in a culture, where stuff whether considered good or bad can help us on how we see fit to make our beds and then lye in them hopefully not too discomfortingly.... This is why again AN OPEN MIND IS NEVER QUITE LOST and a slightly reserved attitude maybe can help too used towards people we might not chalk up as the best sources... but you gotta make the best of what various personalities with some expertise or experience have to say, preferably ones you can at least listen to in whichever manner you find best.... not feel chained to the leg with necessarily///// Like I mean for some, Brand will only be a gateway to truth rather than the whole picture.... but that is common in every flawed story book, (fact verses fiction etc) no matter who one directs their gaze at !!... but if at least a Brand listener sees a person getting a fair grain of truth in regard to shedding light into new-stories that perhaps aren't even at all covered in MMS, (not favorably anyway) then it still has to be "a win" of sorts to some extent. to go with the flow (A BIT) with the Brand guy for some while... That's how I look at it, and not because I am naive. In any case, in my view summarized, sure you can decide to === > like or dislike | belief or disbelieve < === but that's TOO "THIS OR THAT", just BE OPEN-MINDED, I would also say *naturally liking him, but having some reservations is surely better* if that's where you sit.... Also I'd say if anyone goes listening to him what he says by being overly tense themself or judgemental too hastily (anybody), well, sometimes rather than that, just at least hear what he has to say, without letting it rattle your conscience too much.... And for me this can mean finding a vid of his (where IF he is hurting my head, or being a little too irritating lol) just find one in which he holds to being more reasonably audibly comprehensive but at the end of the day, he will always appear to be casual sort of 'messiah'.... Anyway ~ whether or not anybody likes the actual style he delivers himself, well I've answered that -- and yet can keep YOU and HIMSELF to the story, LOL, then maaaaaybe his personal high jinx as it could be construed becomes somewhat less of an issue,,,,,,maybe potential irritation could then be less important when you approach him like that.... Or don't go to him at all if you are just not in the mood, hehe.
  11. Care to elaborate? I have always had open mind about him... and remain as that for the most part until I learn anything deeply incriminating. (if so called "caught you" material is roundedly unpointed or circumstantially on a loose footing as in not precise give-aways - I say silly photos here and there don't proove a great deal, just saying)... And just orally in general yes he can talk at a too fast pace, and then doesn't help matters much, but he is smart, you have to give him that I think.
  12. Very interesting, I took a close look..... Among the things and brands listed are Kraft, coca cola, sweets of various kinds like Marshmallows... All nano or nano suspected. Etc Etc... I will go back to this site repeatedly me thinks. Thanks Dale! A chopping board with nano is on there that is supposed to be justified b/c it helps prevent bacteria, to that I simply say CUT IT OUT to all these lot. I hate them like I hate GMO's.
  13. Mr Wong bang his Gong, now we are all cured, of being wong, sorry Wrong. The Great & The Good of all who be... Needless of those that wear a frown and have the honorous onerous task of wearing the EMPORERS clothes, which DON'T include a mask. btw. Lumerian ~~ err so, that's the first time I've heard of that in my life Dale. I need to get out of outside more and onto the internet. J/K.
  14. Yup sounds familar by what I've encountered... "Silver tongued" is how they deliver this stuff to you too in ads... I'm fairly sure it was this I was watching one time last year where a well known vegan woman with online personna "freelee" was talking it up on youtube as she *rightly* tore into a consumer hussy, to help the public scrutinize and to realize about how the 'promoter girl' fronting & touting dubious health products for 'health' were in fact not good at all... Well because most of all some of these boasted including some of these silver particle nanoparticles!! So being a raw foodie,no wonder Freelee (the as nature intended eating vegan personality), whipped up a storm over the matter... About the fake heiress or whatever (in adverts) concerning selected product(s) of alleged nutrition & mythical health benefits that I saw Freelee reproach about said commerce woman hired to seduce the customer by misguidedly telling subtle and typically demurely delivered lies about supposed miracle products etc.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh84hrS5mm4
  16. I don't have much time to open the exploration valve currently.... There is no ordinary, there are only individuals.
  17. Lions Mane is the nikname of this Thimerosal?
  18. The 19th edition I did not get hold of yet, so it's good to be reminded this is all in PDF for free (in any edition I presume). And what a great headline now for the front page this time about PCPO & Grand Public Jury.... I will enjoy reading this... I don't do enough reading... and yet I hand out these papers. Ha, get on it say me to I.
  19. Whats that got in common with what DaleP was onto, that soap opera thing were it? No, she's good looking. You are all just jealous mugwumps with dirty foul stinking mouths. Not even understanding Climate Change is not just a one way street for most of you. At least this young woman knows whats up with what her convictions are and acts in accordance with the best knowledge she is entitled to express on what she knows (for the best or not). I don't claim to know everything or even how you all think, but I will not go along with denigrating somebody just to look cool and CAPITAL OBNOXIOUS in front of a mob crowd, of goons sitting behind their PCs in implacable mugwump ignorance.
  20. Was it on some level "enjoyable" in the most icky tricky feeling way? or over-bearingly yuck as in hard to watch?
  21. I have noted this thread on Saturday 20th of Feb 2022.... I am coming back to it at some point, (simply b/c sometimes all I can do is quietly absorb)... ...Indeed.... Something nobody should be quiet about, even if they feel as nackered as I am right now, lol. Seriously though thanks for that website on which that related stuff is.
  22. I'm up for watching that this weekend..... Will watch it this Sunday.... Seems like a goodie.
  23. Well we've had some of that at the turn of the new year in this newer forum according to some... But I guess some lessons by all have been learnt along the way since way back... True by a mile then is it, that now is considerably better by comparison? (I have no idea of how things were before - like was *kaos* almost the thing back then and did mischief hang around for a long time?) Aimless crap I agree doesn't do anybody any good, apart from disruptors, purposefully up to no good, and/or just having a laugh. Well I hope the laugh was more on them by the end.
  24. Me having been here almost a year, and unknown to me what the old forums were like, in one way it's good to know I am not missing too much if that were the case, and I have no reason not to believe that. But still thats a different issue wouldn't you agree, from others with genuine posts trying to get their old posts back and why they cannot (or are not allowed?) eitherway it may appear. It is known at least this is one reason why Golden Retriever left, who I read also had major misgivings over it (late last year)..
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