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  1. I am sure you're aware of this... However this is a quick summary of the idea... Destructive looping repetition of negative compounding of fear and regret only creates procrastination abd anxiety including sadness and demoralization, but mind wise you can't be held entirely accountable for all that which enters your head... Some people I guess find self control easier than others... But it is still a fact Thoughts naturally come AND go, sometimes they loop, (seemingly without end when forever pending a solution)... To drive out some of that compulsion or possibly suicidal impulsivity sometimes we have to redirect attention bit by bit in making an extra effort to pull out of the myre/the spiralling abyss, and offer up alternatives that consciously work in our best interests... Things that go in favor of working with our own nature marvel.. Arriving then in a more positive state of mind in pursuit of a more rounded and open minded consciousness self enpowerment! (including in order to help others) .. This I suggest for the best hope(s) of creating lasting change for the better. Its all I can say really in a quick post... I myself am taking regular breaks from this forum to rest assure I have one foot in reality as we commonly know it... Also known as "clown world" to give you a bit of amusement. So perhaps the thing to consider is to help get yourself to a niche of reality or lifestyle which more meets your desires or suits better your rationalle and ideal way of life??... I am forever trying to aim for what my ideal way of life is... For various reasons, thats not easy, (at least in my case) but we can all make simple steps to bring our chances that little bit closer. Peace for your Soul, should remain your number1 consideration always. Thanks for your honesty about your reget delicately expressed and put onto this forum. Stay educated, stay focused... Maintain your integrity as best you can...
  2. ALSO... Hello Broken bird... Btw!! Follow Macnamaras advice, he is very strong mentally and that includes by way of sharing his advice which he does tirelessly which is impressive!.... So please take inspiration from all but especially Mac! (and I don't think he'll mind me saying, that bit of praise).
  3. I am not religious, but spiritually minded, sure.... By anyones understanding tho, "Smarter than the serpent" is self explantory, but by the second quote I hope you are meaning agreeing with OURSELVES to disagree with the serpent, ((such as nano smart dust)), and to not drive ourselves mad by fear/paranoia. Well, you did say the latter just prior, so thats good and much clearer.. Go against the fatalistic forsakers of natural dominion. Nature rules and always will... Its what the universe is built on. Not google, Not Android, Not Apple, Not Facebook, Not Stargazer Technologies... Or Nano Chips etc. (that last bit norlt directed at you but rather I'm just saying that big corporation stuff is something we all need reminding of from time to time to help us all out, but of course sensibly we ought not only be focusing on what we don't want all the time either)
  4. Is there a highly effective poison with high potency but which only slow kills,or is that counter intuitive?? my guess is there probably is? Below some previously dealt other thought to serve as reminder but a seperate plot of course: So just as an example, I would think Novichok is fast acting, not a slow one to toxify a victim.. And on that note:- I was just looking in a PAPER "paper" and I see it was this time last year he got hit with nerve agent. (September - nearly a full year since) I mean when Mr Navalny was poisoned with Novichok. The man was able (reading between the lines of a one small article) to board a plane after leaving his hotel and be on flight before he collapsed into a coma. Just saying to remind us of the passage of time.
  5. Available to listen here on radio4 (UK/global station)... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000zcb1 The Mystery of Havana Syndrome Crossing Continents Gordon Corera investigates the mysterious illness that has struck American diplomats and spies. It began after some reported hearing strange sounds in Havana 2016, but reports have since spread around the world. Doctors, scientists, intelligence agents and government officials have all been trying to find out what exactly causes these sounds and the lingering health effects. Some call it an act of war, others wonder if it is some new and secret form of surveillance while others believe it could even be in the mind. So who or what is responsible? Producer, Emma Wells. Editor, Bridget Harney.
  6. Poisonous fungi maybe... Maybe a species with prolific spores in the air, toxic overload.
  7. Found this quote for the OP https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/983332899858412007/ It reads, "I am no longer accepting the things I cannot control, or change... I am changing the things I cannot accept..." === About adapting that means I guess, but without compromising core values!!!.. (and making the best of a bad situation, and improving on it where we can) Acceptance, "of what" -or- "on what stakes" depending on various rationales... depends on many factors... Except, please, even if only for your own sake, despite of what those whom are close to you have gone and done, don't let that include acceptance of the vaccines, by way of your response to bad news.. because that reminds me of another quote:- ¶¶If you can't beat them, join them¶¶.... Not a good thing!! Stay well (& *alive* relative to your cause or dedication!.. and for the sake of helping others for whom the chances of good mortality still exist...
  8. Not too dis-similar I guess an anomalistic (hitman) murder in south of france I think it was some years back... Anyone remember!?!? ~~~ An intervening cyclist was trying to help members of a car, (again I think a family?).. Well, the samaritan cyclist got killed into the bargain... Buuut... Culprit wise I never did get sure of the outcome, and neither/nor I think did the authorities, unless -as is likely- what authorities find out was cluelessness.. because of remoteness and no evidence. So anyway, it is (for me anyway) a bit reminscent kinda of this other seperate incident some years back.
  9. Hey I am not watching no ghost movie, come real life interplay... I am too much of a wuss (âhem, as far as that goes!) Someone else watch and tell me is it all out spooky or what? Ok, that person was me a few minutes later.... Sheer terror? No. - all 46secs as tame as a wwhhaaaaaaaaaaatt, j/k. (Nah... *Nothing to scare*) Ps, if it were in happier circumstances, I like the BigFoot idea... Like BigFoot offering me to have a picnic with me!!!! I would tickle his feet for him, as long as he paid me the respect! ...
  10. No, death is afraid of me, no no, just kidding! Same Question now to the properly intended if the person wants to answer it... Urgh, life is just too cheerful, ahah, leary.. Sigh.
  11. Welcome all 4 latest! Francine Manard. The word "pears" for what you want is instead}} "peers" by which the latter is correct I believe for your sentence to serve correctly (if you needed any correction that is) I don't know the answer to the question of translation into french of David Ickes books but I am sure he has considered such to that effect. Welcome all...
  12. Enigmatic... Good you posted your link from this same website, but now read this... I guess you could say I've long known (or strongly suspected) the deeply manipulating narratives of designer manipulators... those that read like this... https://www.biometricupdate.com/202108/narrow-opportunity-to-use-biometrics-for-fair-covid-global-vaccination-programming Quote: ¶Global vaccination PROGRAMMING¶ [Me...] Whats FAIR are they talking about??? Lol. Errr.. The plan is quite clear that THEY THAT WANT YOU TO OBEY want all running end to end and back to back, and existing vaccine rollout methods somehow conjoining or suffixing with citizen linked protocols like assigning people biometrically, in other words vax rollout implemented most efficiently like as if needing to envisage a robot vax vending satan, alongside traditional methods of vaxificiation and then soon after leapfrogging to run with technology and link up as many people biometrically as robotically possible to decide FOR THEM of any personage when they "need" their next jab by purely use of biometric parasitic "digital and beyond"... Insufferable ID. Scccccchemes ... At least thats MUCHLY what it looks like to me!! (=hardly any 'spin' required by my/our own interpretation or opinion now is there!?!? ) Well... There... Exactly from the 'horses' (globalist technocrats) mouth. I mean whoever created this website, lovely bunch arn't they.
  13. http://reformsection5.org.uk THIS WAS... STILL IS A... ?? VICTORY...?? ((HOPE SO)) ¶¶ The Reform Section 5 campaign succeeded in its aim to amend Section 5. The change is now incorporated in Section 57 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013 which will come into force on 1 February 2014. ¶¶
  14. Finally some small print I can get my head around!!
  15. --- In short, what is being signed over precisely please!? :)
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