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  1. Example of interesting book being advertised on their website: "Resilient Together" its called... Resilience in communities prompted by whatever but in particular climate disruption as none of us can escape that easily from this Planet, so the advice is get doing something basicly, ie, building community helping climate chaos by helping to divert or offset its worst effects, (by at least not contributing to it anymore than we minimally have to) for those of us not minding to live low-carbon....It looks like a read for how to overcome related challenges by creating community solutions as would seem obvious and relevant in modern day realities.... (the weather btw much as happening tonight actually in weather right now outside my window- its quite atrocious, sqawly winds & fast blowing rain). https://www.ic.org/community-bookstore/product/together-resilient-building-community/ Other book titles & IC mags about Community forming are to be seen dotted about on IC also.
  2. Foundation for (most all) Intentional Communities: https://www.ic.org/ Like by going on D&D, I loosely also know (from my past websurfs) directories of this stuff like the importsnt above site IC.org. It offers listings too which like when I used to check for inspiration there, same can happen to provide inspiration now when we be on the lookout for practical answers by seeing what others are doing..... I am now returning to such websites for encouragement as much as inspiration- just need to try harder to unlock what's out there, keep up enthusiasm and as you say Beehive, be trying something to really come to see & feel how & where it all makes best (practical) sense, suitability wise et all... but I'll just say I am not great at going into something, not knowing a good amount of what I'll be in for in advance. Btw, another term useful to know is "Co-Housing" when doing a search for this kinda stuff too.
  3. btw Legion, were you known as somebody else on DI here for some considerable time? I won't ask anymore than that in public, to protect what might be private *in general* but I hope this is ok to ask..... I recognize your avatar is all I'll say - nothing bad why I observe this of course - just curious - (the av now is the same as then but non-animated it used to be... Not rocket science of course to remember such, so this is why I figure it's okay to ask!).... If I should have wrote this in a PM, sorry, but my inbox is full.
  4. I don't look up this subject with shapeshifters much, but I am open-minded..... I did see a gross video once on YT which included a guy sticking out a long tongue like I've never seen before. Gross. Longer than average, for a normal person, but yeah that's why it was weird.
  5. True maybe for individual knots but when you get weaving using paracord or whatever cordage u got it CAN become WELL TIME CONSUMING (more than you know, so be conscious of how much reasoned time you give yourself over learning each progressive step or project as a whole) if you are anything like me, and go into your own world whilst doing it, & can challenge you quite a lot in my experience, so be careful novices you don't take on more than you can manage at the start. Go with basic weaves (if weaving) .... OR if learning JUST Knots in stand alone rather than multiple or whole set of knots, then most SINGLE KNOT configurations are fine and won't trouble you too much if just a ONE TIE JOB or a handful of SIMPLE knots by whatever needed, esp. if so simple they are both quick and easy to remember.. Personally I've gone quite eccentric-like by "mad learning" them ALL BY HAND if just knots... *no machine for my weaving matey*... but assistive odds and ends may help you like having A FID to guide your cordage for one thing.... Now as a result for me, despite my few items at basic level, I have not produced REAMS (that was not necessarily the aim to produce lots), but have in past 3 years paid quite close attention to it generally so I have, and am relatively satisfied by my learning despite progress being a little too slow.... (however, from all known knots perhaps I learned beyond what I really needed) -- so best you kept in proportion to what's needed FOR YOU to not rob too much of your time when checking out LOTS OF KNOTS.... But Yep overall knots in general are an excellent contribution to off-grid/ everyday knowledge. Webtrekker is right basicly, but do heed my warning too. Not because you should be afraid to try doing new things, but because this art does require patience where weaving**/sewing (not my forte exactly just now) - but where either here is concerned, the warning being you CAN FIND EITHER a bit of challenge when not used to it, so expect that but don't be put off!!! ~> so in the case of weaving say by making a belt** or a bracelet** as beginner projects - there is a moderate amount of skill AND focus needed even when others may say to you= "OH THIS IS EASY", (BUT QUESTION< is it really? See- its all RELATIVE to your skill set/ pattern complexity/ and particular weave style employed as to how difficult you may find it) so be a little mindful even when following a tutorial as sometimes still not completely easy as you begin comprehending for the first time... and also consider where applicable using your own intuitive smart thinking if thinking up your own knotting methods, but this too is where extra time can easily be taken up -so don't go too crazy at the start is MY advice for anything above and beyond stand alone knots. (however making a cargo -net or any net I'd guess is a good and quite easy beginner project as an exception to that from what I've seen but I confess I have yet to try nets myself, & likewise some kinds of more simple types of lashing for say carrying a bundle of wood-sticks, most easy on that basis.... WHEREAS furniture lashing for sure is another level of lashing sophistication).
  6. I am not in Netherlands no, I am in UK.... I like your post Beehive, it is very sensible, and I agree with your number for BEST group vitality, where a team could be assembled of 12+ would be the best starting healthy amount of people. Can't believe I haven't shared this website yet with all (which I've known about for a great many years, yet haven't made the best of it). .. It's one of the best for UK, but you can find ads of communal living of alsorts that also extend to outside of UK as well, to Europe opportunities too which you find from time to time in the Notice Board area. www.DiggersandDreamers.org.uk https://diggersanddreamers.org.uk/noticeboards/ Their NOTICE BOARD is particularly watch worthy! I am a bit tongue tied atm, either I am too much typing or not enough, but actions are what I am about more even if only in contemplation at this stage, BUT I have never been more effing serious too, (except a few thousand million times as mirrored in my NOT ENOUGH ACTION past pining for communal living or off grid get alongs) anyway - in general - about the shape of things to come, anyway this is why I am quiet atm.... Doesn't necessarily mean I will come up with all the answers.. I need help and advice as much as anyone. Eta: On top of which my normal flat roof over my head is under threat - so another good reason to cut loose out of where I am where if believed I will have no home come the new year. One sticking point which I hate to think of as dragging me down are my possessions (what to do with it all)..... Been in storage ages. (no room in my flat for it all which would have saved me some money if that were possible to hoard there, if there was room, but a flat I soon face eviction from).
  7. Well yeah. I dare not say which films are the worst for that. I am not really qualified by having seen enough movies but I can easily guess the obvious when looking at Chinese flicks/ movies. It's pure theatre of course some of the stuff. Breath is one I focus on the most willingly to achieve anything close to that. I love the whole thing of breath work. I am no pro though. I am what I am which is me alone until getting the chance to meet other martial art interesting people.
  8. It was already a break at the very moment I started to mention.... Why it was so I felt like mentioning though is can't a person however even take A MOMENT to note TV history, classic or not (however corny or worse cringeworthy something maybe to watch), even after several years/ decades since the predecessor film(s)/ series?... BESIDES~ I've not seen any of this NEW revamped series now, like I said I don't care much about it really if at all what goes on the box. It was just anecdotal really for culture sakes, not to take serious lessons from the nutcase things you see on TV. Your post was good though. Good advice.... and yeah you're right, WHO IS going to be available to teach us how to be a Shaolin Monk. unless we go see one personally at a specialist school. I've never been to one. Best I can do is ONLINE.
  9. Most people lean towards saying they are ghosts don't they but as for orbs I like it better, them not being mistily veiled like a typical tiresome ghost, wearing what would typically seem like a white gown/cloak or whatever they like to sport as clothing, lol ..... but yeah more power to ORBS anyway! (I ain't never seem them, *sad face*......Before getting too close to one I would like to feel they are safe and would not eat me, or if they are capable of that, could it please get my signature in writing first if that is to become my involuntary suicide note, before being enveloped by an over-loving and adoring ORB! lol.)
  10. I've been staring at this thread a bit and with the mention of "pussies" (on page1) it took me a fair while to draw a correlation between that and Ethels sublimely cute avatar! .... (this was mainly b/c I was gawping at page2 just b/c that's where latest is & scant was my attention as I was doing other things like eating for most of the time, ). More Power to Pussies..... Or wherever we are with this!..... Cheers!
  11. Apparently there is a TV series remake(?) or something based around the Karate Kid and Cobra Kai from what I heard on the radio in the last week or so.... and YES, here we are The fifth season of Cobra Kai was released to Netflix on September 9, 2022. https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/cobra-kai-season-5-netflix-release-date-everything-we-know-so-far-09-2022/ Pffft... I don't really care^^^ to see it (DRAMA< ugh!!), especially when I have nooo TV anyway., but just pointing out as a matter of culture ... MORE IMPORTANTLY I wanted to CONTINUE this thread in compliments to the recently other rekindled MARTIAL ARTS thread here, so there everybody, now you have a choice of two threads on DI to contribute toward (along the themes of that and this SELF DEFENCE thread (Which is of course similar) but I am hoping the MARTIAL ART thread might prove to offer more spiritual or technical knowhow and be less about FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT mentality WHICH TO MY MIND DISTRACTS FROM TRAINING IN SOME WAYS (ie, training to fight is not exactly my forte or priority mission as such, so I like Martial Arts for Martial Art sakes), anyway we HAVE 2 threads~ take your pick as you will!.... A little Tip: I guess it comes down to **personal discretion** which thread you find most appropriate for whatever you are posting in each. ("each" rather than both, I'd say, perhaps being best, otherwise we could get duplicate info, resulting in boring repeats....So I'd like to encourage making each of the two threads a wee bit different in content and "general givings" of insights if that's ok with all other posters whom of course equally have a say in this).
  12. haha... As funny as it may seem, there is actually nothing wrong with that if serious. Kindness to ourself, can require some of the most thoughtful of SELF suggestions in getting what fits with our intentions or simply exercising the merits of joy by something physical or dare I say material (but usually I suppose can be something quite simple to suffice for anyone not greedy or shallow?) But ultimately anything personable / cherishable - able to give a bit of hope & encouragement in prospect of whatever a self gift may mean. As long as Xmas isn't overshadowed by what for some people is the ever-tempting greed. The same (if comparable) between strangers or family just generates more multiplicity of the same I guess..... but I am a loner in some respects and whilst on a path of that ilk would do such as that if a gift to myself is considered valid which why wouldn't it be if identifying well with what "I" know I wish for. So be it I say! not meaning to pee on anyones pleasure, but I believe DI makes known he sees negative symbolism is that Hunger Games I think or similar? (not meaning to start a debate, just saying) Dunno myself, never seen it myself but with drama as it is nowadays, wouldn't be surprised.
  13. If it's of any help I just turned *off* the Eleven o'clock night news to rid... (by the end of this post, I will telll you I am DONE at 80 minutes & with edit another 60mins of my time as spoiler to my toil here, haha, how can one find the dedication, EASY when in the right moooooood aiding our FLIGHT TO FREEDOM (in wihch obviously AWAKENING, and EVOLVING is instrumental as is involving and inviting others to join and be a part).... For kick off what say I off my radio to rid my mind of annoying sycophantic ticks as cometh the hour (like in the news) or however, so off that goes nipped in the bud to better enable me to answer this post in -peace and quiet- and of course those two words are something do I even need to say we all need more of, so long as silence is not also driving us crazy as much as noise of some sorts has the tendency to do in mind obliteration wash back or whatever mental toil of whatever type of day we've had (say after a barrage of daily grind)..... Well overcoming the daily grind is all part of it..... (*and since I've already had some sleepy time this evening leading up to this bringing me at least half awake my words can now take shape a little better*) ......sooo hello Stone Lion and others, nice to come back to this thread, I didn't realize there was an UNREAD here waiting by ST, but that's good sometimes as a surprise to perhaps enhance one's otherwise dreary day dears! ......Sooo ALAS, SHOCK/ HORROR (at this precise moment anyway) when it is I (maaaaybe) have no firm or resolute *or rather no SINGLE* answer to satisfy every person or lifestyle..... Well, let's realize of course it's not only my job all by myself *unless by myself, lol* to get this all in order anyway and that is LARGELY the point if any of us on this forum ACTUALLY DO GET OUR HEADS TOGETHER OFFLINE..... but nooooo distinct actual like, -commitedness seems super apparent at this time... just saying as per chance that could be the state of affairs unless anyone can tell me better?) for what approach is going to gain best healthy lively-hood outcomes.... And in fact at anytime, where creating the most traction in developing A CO-ORDINATED lifestyle re-emergence is essential to anything of substance, OF OUR OWN MAKING ((*oh ya know, by being the custodians of OUR OWN lives*)) in spite of shit storms or despite the psycho-babble & drama designed to create images of "houses on fire" raging that is government and other ills seeming as they most certainly do. weeeeeeell for our wishes & desires (errr yeah okay - if inclusive of anyone sharing similar thoughts to me), & as whatever goes, such as measures for life as a whole~ let me say TO ALL that is ONLY half (*yes ONLY* you read right) HALF (*yes HALF, you read right*) as half the battle is ~broadly spiritual~ is what I am trying to say and contemporize that however you like (shudder) and tandem as of how to instill confidence in us to deal with now times INDEEEEEEEEED.....Well ~ to stay functional in any mental crisis along the way is of course KEY....... (sorry if I am writing too much like I am in the OFF GRID thread, excuse me) ....... So anyhow~ let's all back up a minute and ask again, WHAT ARE ANY OF US DOING, other than logically and commendably hopefully -> gathering ideas & equipment for off gridification edification ((of a life we DON'T JUST want to dream of for those interested in this)) & -> of sorts a re-education to consider there also spiritually and practically and SELF WORTHEDLY doable things there, YES DOABLE ~~~ btw=> on that note in the off grid sense I noted in thy earlier thread of yours Stone Lion, since I've touched on that lately revisiting that in SOLUTIONS (or for the first time?), observing there not what you said but something there which somebody else posted where they pointed out it could be viewed as KINDA selfish a bit to off-grid, buuuuuuuuuuuut maaaaaybe, errr hmmmmmmm,,whilst okay I see their point in one way I don't quite view it that way at the end of the day, as we WILL ALWAYS NEED some people doing this, and some other fighters for this or that in their "staying put" style off fighting in these ways... BUT now returning to in "united commons leadership" (for sake of calling drive & initiative by another name?) - let's why not take a look in terms of for example learning centres of various kinds to cite just one success story I found in THE LIGHT NEWSPAPER (an out of system schooling for those with kids as another thought, like www.hopesussex.co.uk as per one example - kids are not a consideration needed for myself personally, but community wise its obviously a sound investment to want to keep your kids vaccine and indoctrination free in such ways as pro-active as that clearly demonstrates IS POSSIBLE) around which it's these types of initiatives (++ and if thou wilt OFF GRID IDEAS) that can stimulate imagination, whereby connecting this with that we can form alliances with others by reaching out into the world of what's practical for ALL of us in SOME way, thereby WITH A PURPOSE FOR BEING......To not end up relegated in the OTHER METHOD of the OVERALL fight only by power struggle in that physical or singular dimension since the attack is coming at us in any case from all dimensions and all angles at one time or another anyway.... So, don't misunderstand, every battle is worthy potentially, but to only be forever soley be all about only 'fighting' the battle the whole time, like that is all there is to live for, is to some extent sight losing of the bigger picture in which all elements or moving parts are seen for what they are (for good - eg, diversity & prosperity or for bad -eg, slavery monoculture) BECAUSE PUT SIMPLY as some other wise people you may see mention sometimes its not always about scheming or succombing to become confrontational like that were the only motivation in life that can get us from A to B, COZ in fact by paying attention to the system and its wily ways and irritating drivel, like on TV, like on radio, that is playing DIRECTLY into their power hungry beguiling hands and their dirty spoils etc rubs off on us then too much by letting ourselves being overly subject to too much exposure of course whenever Brain Washing is knowably (or perhaps unknowably at times) in sinister convergence plotting to blur or smother our clear thinking consciousness. So I know I am speaking quite broadly, but with a SO CALLED method in my madness (mad figuratively speaking, do not take too literally) .... Now with whatever gets us up in the morning, let me come back to what is crucial, not just in terms of seeing and realizing what's up with the world, BLOODY OBVIOUS, but in terms also of equal magnitude (but ultimately of greater importance|) and relevance, about also what life means to us collectively or individually, and how to best live it in whatever way each one of us has planned or imagined or dared to dream etc, buuut also of course to make that tangible ==which will all help in fending off and pushing back the tide, of the assault we face by the modern world and not to just wind up feeling relegated by isolation or inaction, or washed up etc or overly burdened or drained in getting something positive happening --- To this end to succeed by whatever intent or drive for a more satisfying and more rewarding life beyond the banalities the modern world has cynically created to undermine the true nature of the human spirit (*& any animal spirit too* come to that), which human beings are not absolved from and do not need to absolve from, as humans are just as much a part of nature as any being walking flying or descending on this earth, as visitor as resident or passerby, hi aliens, hi celestial power, by divine rite we live by virtue of natural presence inviting all living things nature to co-exist alongside us (lest they be an insult to nature), to both empower us and to feel humbled by, so just as we may wish for an experience when nature makes us feel humility, so is in sharp contrast to the dictates of the modern world and it's iniquities, etcccc. IT MUST BE HUMBLED LIKEWISE. To tame Greed, to curtail Ego. ((*yes I know some people will never be so humble*)) but I have Nooooooooooo interests in Repression of Souls -AKA suppression- in the round- if well balanced - AND because humans need to be able to express themselves esp. when they maybe people who are worth listening to, or having input from. In other words more humans need to FEEL whats good in relation to natural wonderment, in order to express and understand humility by that measure but also to experience a certain comradery with nature and the universe thereby to guide us if we see fit, by however we see our place in the world..... whether that be with help from astronomy for some or mucking about in the fields and general substance of life for others where nature has a hand in maintaining influence on us that feels grounded as true as can be! ........ Nature can offer Encouraging and Revitalizing modalities or options for us, and often in subtle regenerating ways, but also in very down to earth ways too if so desired (& in fact holistically is intrinsic & wholesome to any natural way of life)..... For example in one way even a bear offering to eat us in plead for lunch is a blessing but as we may dare to tickle its belly (*a probable fantasy arguement in the interests of portrayal- do not try for yourself*) just beforehand to give some forethought to the bear with a feather borrowed from a bird, we remind the bear to go gently, go lightly, and to have mercy, however hungry, grrr, and the bear reminds us to not be so full of ourselves that we lose sight of what is universally important for everyone in the interests of beast (human) and animal..... <-- For continued inspiration and reasons for living that go beyond the mundane soul destroying tech of todays' obnoxious /insidious revolving door world, by which OF COURSE that means things designed to be coercive or oppressive, mal-created by the over-reaching forces of man-made power, where FOR EXAMPLE, shamanism would naturally have something to say about that (I am not a shaman exactly, just have interest in it)..... Anyway just exploring ideas & inspirations... Yes, intentions, and realizations are powerful allies in dealing with the unknown or the things still waiting to happen in our lives... or like the truth waiting to be discovered or made more palpable in simplistic imperative (such as by nature of intent instinct in all of us still with a soul) to form life-lines by simply BETTER SHARED KNOWLEDGE of the fact (IF INDEED FACTUAL OF WHAT TRULY BELIEVED BY ANY PERSON OBVIOUSLY) to anyway share in among the masses where hopefully the thing of substance or most common truth (for example knowable to all with a little effort - but having also preferably a good veritability in tenure of truth & viability in substance) can be observed both in nature AS WAS MEANT NATURALLY and/or in relation to ways of the world in modern society by us all realizing the answers LYE NOT in contributing into ANY system which does not respect even our most basic rites for that is a cardinal sin on mankind for us to accept such tyranny as much as it is by those that produce that as a system of control in the first place who come up with these dastardly underhand & sometime in yer face tactics as we know is happening by the Newly Renewed Old World ReOrder Cabal etc! (Haha)
  14. Is one part of being (or feeling) - God forbid "WANTING to be" by the sounds of this - but wherein true that say intended or not, a ghost person the "product" (Sts) of someone who is likely a sort of accidental misfit (or similar) by ratio of how many MORE fake humans we have enslaved to mind control on the planet that ghost person feels they are surrounded by? This leads to having a Ghost Person? .... THEN WHAT?? and so that outcast person feels DEAD (or might as well be dead???) coz of that lack of acknowledgement and perception in relation to the majority of dumb people since those I imagine mostly absentee traits are abnormally lacking in most others who have dull perception -> have inarticulate inferior perception ? But with that being so we see the Ghost Person has abilities beyond the norm by this comparison are you saying or simply is alienated by various social factors put more simply but in an extreme way? Just trying to understand some common or be it uncommon idea of how this works AND WHAT ITS PURPOSE please...... Is a Ghost Person comparable to a LOST SOUL at all??..... and if so what do they or the rest of us need to do about it to help? I sense there is more to it, but I'll go with that as a start.
  15. A literary piece? Not saying anything bad by your words.... but look there in those words are like the skill of maintaining dignity even tho the subject is still very very dreadful/ sinister!!! (not your fault DannyUK,, it's just the sick world we live in I know). BUT LISTEN: This is literally the first & ONLY persons post I've read in this thread - remote style, (via looking at who's online viewing what) and went about it this way for not wanting to see too much imagery of other peoples demise - anyway... Very true words they could be DannyUK from you. You know you are the King of Words (not just conspiracies!).... Sometimes your words in sympathetic YET SOBERING WAY makes me wanna pray for people even when I am not religious! It's how this stuff can effect even from afar for any World Savvy person with a flourish of compassion. Now bear in mind, as per this minute, as I post, and take my first look at this thread piece-meal, making me BLIND to the rest of this thread as I post this.....ONLY SEEN DANNYUK's post so far..... And guess what I am thinking with my mind... How much does a Tech Society like Korea have to do with this happening, anyone?.... Like was tech a feature used to lure people?
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