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  1. Yes from what I have noted too here & there, distilling does seem one of the priority and accessible via homemade ways you could go about getting rid darn near everything contained in water but the water itself. Also, found this for you in book recommendations thread:- Posted Nov 1st 2020, by DarianF:- Has just 2 links each with a book about fluroide... Post of Darians is directly below the farcical bogus book recommend with 4 letter rude word. You will know when you see it, maybe close your eyes at that point or hold your hand out in front of y
  2. ^^ Can't see this one I thought could be most insightful. Its the last one on Ink's list = #25 from page1 of thread. Link just came up with content said to be removed or so & so. Too bad on that one, unless anyone has an alternative link for it?
  3. I might need to read it again, but the article is a start and therefore I will call it a "starticle", lol. Can you afford to buy mineral water as I do until you get a filtration system? =it is on my wish list for me= (assuming "either what" is on your mind of a thing worth considering)
  4. Got sight of this in my TED noitifier digest recently.. https://www.ted.com/talks/tai_simpson_the_intergenerational_wisdom_woven_into_indigenous_stories Another speaker below also looks interesting on climate change mixed in with indigenous wisdoms}} https://www.ted.com/talks/hindou_oumarou_ibrahim_indigenous_knowledge_meets_science_to_take_on_climate_change ----- Incidently for anyone not aware, **its free access all over TED**, (all except some special invite only group meeting or somesuch)
  5. Oops, I said "more than" twice, so on the second or last, it should read (reiterating) "NON MORE THAN DID North Americans [did] do. " There, that should read a bit better on the double configuration etc. Well I could talk about how great they were for some time. I am no expert on them but am keen to be better informed as I have been wanting for a long time!! .. However its gladly so I think they 'speak' (talking on youtube included apparently, hehe) for themselves quite effectively right? Especially with the image they evoke coming right out of the Earth as they
  6. I like indigenous peoples... Overall, none were more standout in vibrational energy and deep connectedness to the Earth than the various tribes of that continent each tribe unique I believe all with curious spiritual beliefs and famous by their cultural heritage AND hard fought legacy to survive (persecution) more than did North American Indians. (in my estimation) I will watch more videos like this one once friendlier time is back on my side.
  7. Carry anywhere--- small WaterLily Turbine to make electric anywhere.. https://worldwaterreserve.com/self-sufficiency/waterlily-turbine-review/ ALSO GREAT IDEA BY THE LOOKS IS>> Carry anywhere--- Biolite-CampStove is electric producing by feeding twigs, leaves or fuel pellets, this burning bits of organic matter whilst you use your stove at the same time I believe (since its all ONE UNIT) makes electric conversion from that for charging small gadgets like camera or phone! https://worldwaterreserve.com/self-sufficiency/biolite-campstove-2-review/
  8. Here you are https://worldwaterreserve.com/potable-water/purification/how-to-remove-fluoride-from-water/ Mentions "fluorosilic acid" twice in the text, and again twice in the reference links beneath the article. Also mentioned is sodium fluoride several times. " While the fluoridation of public water supply is widely considered a safe and even beneficial practice by medical professionals and government agencies, debates as to the legitimacy of these health claims and the denial of danger continue to occur to this day. Rather than posturing onto either side of th
  9. https://seasonedcitizenprepper.com/ Not to say it will be a problem for everyone but personally I can't get (most/any?) of the links to work so far here (which all seem to connect at google docs)... But thats possibly as I am not a google registering person per se (if at all, currently that is the case) and my phone updates ceased 3 or 4 years ago. https://seasonedcitizenprepper.com/ Thanks anyway Mito Eve. ^^^Still worth a look around^^^ anyway, even without google connectivity. -------- And to Lake's suggestion... http://ps-survival.co
  10. I read this as you posted it but life takes over... Errr kinda. And btw, not to say random or excessive researching produces the most **IN THE MOMENT sane outcomes** always, BUUUUT it can like on this forum when we collectively share information, broadening the window/ opening the way for a more longer term healthier, people FOR US ALL in conscientious sanity when considering the over arching points of existence or foulplay by mankinds' interference in that otherwise natural & peaceful existence ... But not saying you should keep at the shallo
  11. TOTALLY AGREED^^^ BINGO, BALL OUT OF THE PARK... AUTHORITY BANG TO RITES!!! 'They' are either beguiling, ridiculing (eg, disbelieving, closed minded, capricious by them onto you, etc) or condemning you blatantly (USUALLY BACKHANDED RHETORIC) and all because you/we are different and can see thru their BS like a light cutting thru a shadow~~~ and in general so!.. is my mostly (and gladly) out of the loop impression even if I sound a little impertinent or bitter... Okay quite a lot bitter.... And to my own persuasion their unwholistic approach often also pentetrating de
  12. Whats the latin for They Live, lol. That should appear at the top of your reply letter (if you reply) in latin.
  13. Small edit (a few extra words)... so the more you, or any of us practice by our 'passions' or ways of offering dedication, (not staying the same but growing but with care and mindfulness) and realizing whats truly healthy (without the government undermining or skewing that by lying to us or devaluing us)... Well that obviously includes being with an active mind (which I undoubtedly trust you have AT by brief impression of you so far) BUT at certain times in our lives we all need to remind ourselves sometimes (even me, so this is advice to myself too!) to go be someon
  14. Well.. This language said to somebody is "affirmative" as Spock would/might say, hehe. Guess thats proof, this looks like a positive thread mostly if ThunderFace approves it! ... I'll hang onto that hope some. OP =>=> Please look within yourselves, I'm only young and i've got alot to learn but I plead everyone to be their best you can be. ^^^well said The Awakened!! You say you are young OP but don't let go your enthusiasm like some suggest before you need to... Yeah the world is a "shit", but rise above it!! Ple
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