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  1. Got from link to article above which then highlights this}} ... https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/01/28/gma-evil-corporation.aspx
  2. Your post is entirely sensible. Good Assesment on things wherever perception or assumptiom is involved in particular (which ia pretty much everything). Weclome!
  3. I'll stick at saying hi to these 4 for now... SKS - Good job, stay commited! I was not in london but felt it by watching the David and Garethe Icke videos respectively. welcome... And to... Mason - sorry you are being treated like a leper. And to... Nettle - welcome to out of this world, no wait, thats actually what I say about the vaccine, its OTHERLY WORLDLY.. Aaaaah, ruuuun.... Seen old film "Logans Run"!?. (1976) A later remake of it apparently never got off the ground. And to... AxePete - excellent work on the Icke Portrait... This allows you free access to ickonic.com, well it would IF I was head of staff anyway. HI ALL... Especially latter with exceptional art skill...
  4. Yeah. Except not their instinct for donuts as reward for taking poison...Is it still donuts the reward or is it now king size donuts, looool... Howabout the reward be Pine Tea... Excuse me white suits, whilst I enjoy exquisite pain. And a mild savory taste. I'm kidding. But serious on Pine Tea for being a rescue remedy. I hope it works for those that need it. (not mentioned in this thread yet I think) Or intravenous tea, in place of the jab!?!? Never Take Me Alive...
  5. Yes, if not nice times lead us to be less than our best, we have to remember whats good for setting the soul free in particular. And in any awkwardness or mishapen reality etc, making a little space for 'well treatment" goes a bit of way with some, if not a long way with others... All part of setting an example in one form or another... In other words not letting whats good die, just because of the bad behaviour of some of the people. Others less inclined to overtly be devilish in their ways, may just need a gentle steer, or reassurance or inspiration or courage, or compassion or hope in a way which is pure and kind and perhaps thats all thats required sometimes (depending on the level of interaction felt to be needed to assist good prevail) ...
  6. Well said! ======= where indeeeeeeeeeeed.
  7. Does anyone else find BitChute vids slow to load or not loading at all on a smartless phone, sorry SMART phone. They appear to want to load but meeeh, no. Not for my phone.
  8. I've loosely decided to post this either in a survival thread (which I may do as well) and/or a thread like this 'preppy' community forming one! https://www.peakprosperity.com/preparing-for-a-post-covid-vaccine-world/ Good article and it seems to me helpful comments are below this broad ranging article as indeed one of the commenters below it says... Also included in the comments are a recommended way so it seems to place strategies based on stages upon what is needed at each time going forward...
  9. Are you above 2 posters both Ikonic members? and is the only way to see in full the first, let alone the part2?.. I hadn't even heard there was a Part Deux. Sheesh what do I know. I'm hardly up to speed with The Answer. Ps, I am not an Ikonic subscriber. Money is tight for me sorry to say.
  10. Yes^^ arbitration... Don't give up the good fight as Clansman just wrote.. Now also in words partially borrowed here, by the word Plight anyway, and Plight is still not always cause or reason to offer pandering platitudes if you can help it, is it, when you *might*, only get ZERO sympathy (worse case scenario) in return with regular justice by yourself.... I suspect. So is this where us appointing or soliciting help from arbitration services comes in?...(of one kind or another) Well, as for ACAS... Check this section on ACAS non liable and ACAS liable beneath that on the page provided. The latter (liable basis for things) sees not many things the service could be liable for at ACAS should they fail you, but encouragingly perhaps does include personal injury liable at least, say if you get jabbed against your will which just by going against your will alone IN MY VIEW would be obscene ALONE and grounds for liable in my book, a book with which to throw at the law. Hence why we would far better need to start ourselves off (like we do on this forum, EVIDENCE POWERHOUSE) with mass petitions & lording against fraud as our PRIME defence. "We", (or as individuals if necessary) must if threatened by recalictrant laws, must then start using that EVIDENCE by presenting full on FRAUD CLAIMS (challenging the legitimacy of *incongruent contemptive laws at very least*) if we all get our act in order and start collectively providing evidence to repeal any further escalation of draconian laws. FASCIST LAWS .. So when those SERVING IN LAW are working by senseless capitulation to carry out law doctrines of politicians just because those in command push their bias. This makes for blind obeyance for authorities by authorities of a law FOOLISHLY seen as duty of civil service even when it is injurying, maming, crippling and killing and otherwise subjugating people... So then IT IS NO LONGER A CIVIL SERVICE ANYMORE, NO LONGER A LAW OF CIVIL CONSTITUTION or implementation... and therefore should be held liable or accountable that ACAS is amenable to this public counter demand for redressing and bringing back into line the moral code, relating to real conscientious objectors of all & any public dissent wherever covid fraud can be cited as plain as day to be punishing innocent people both vaccinated and unvaccinated,, who like us lot insist no vaccine come near us. That is not needy of platitudes. It should better be PUSH BACK TIME... BY ALL...in any way humanitarian fit for purpose, be it protest, legal suit, employer face off, culture disparity of rich & poor claims, state barbarism, clandestine social engineering ~ETC~ whatever possible to highlight and use as a wedge to drive under the seats of power... and A.S.A.P... by everyone it concerns... Hence ACAS:- what they ought do, is maybe help us in COVID FRAUD (*wild deviation from truth*, global corruption, civil manipulation etc) so STATING FRAUD ought protect us to begin things before personal injury ever gets a chance due to forced vaccine, so before ill harm be got. Quoting: www.acas.org.uk/terms We may still be liable for: death or personal injury arising from our negligence. fraudulent misrepresentation. any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.
  11. until

    How did it go?? Any good on the 19th to fulfill what the initiative had drven so heartedly for? :) Maybe the event was too close to the 24th but heyho, parliament got a double whammy of us in that case... You know he 24th being the weekend (a Saturday) as opposed to a Monday, I suppose more people will go to the 24th event this coming Saturday!? Is that right people? HOWEVER... Absolutely loved the. RUMBLE video plea, and it should be used again and again with just an over dub on the date as the only thing, ready for any next event... Great From The Heart Presentation rooting for the 19th! (as has now gone)
  12. I read this somewhere recently about Human Rights being a showpiece.. But arn't you confusing this with a dead democracy? Alright the two may have some centre points in common to provide people "as a people" (whatever that means) and so converge in the middle on law decisions concerning these alleged Human Rites in general, but how customized to suit various 'tribes' or individuals could any rites be and how consistent are they upheld by law for the benefit they were intended (or else other less than human presumed "key" law structures of our society so called) ... Also, homing in on root governance how diverse can individual rites be expressed and still hold water when quoted back to the "powers that be" or how deep to analyze the process of law makers and anyone in a suit guiding any process to a fair classification system... Is any law really concerned with being fair or is it all a ploy to appear non descriminatory or somesuch? Such questions you may ask, and if assumed a "free to roam" nation we could see we have right there a wide interpretation assumed by various people - and thats not necessarily a fault of their making (RITE TO ROAM is just as example, and no I am not a gypsy or a nomad,but I do like the word NOMAD, I no mad I AM SANE... ) and seriously though how to be sure could be rites of this sort in certitude in terms of how likely or possible is any law going to succumb to being too readily eroded despite assurances the law may offer but shackle you with another law working parallel. Or again looking generally laws or rites arn't what they appear to be in name in the first place, then yes human rights could be compromised for the worse by their misunderstanding of interpretation (or even worse are just a pretence where some laws are designed to fool us exist as an illusion of freedom or even false hope, false dawns etc).. And so what of the rites said to be statutes of all people what if a system or point of legislature articulates it can do no more for helping a persons alleged human rites, because of the technocracy they maybe hinged upon or some thing OUT OF TOUCH WITH HUMAN BEINGS??? Perhaps leaving us with challenging the law to stay true to its convictions, a less than easy task, if the law struggles to have any integrity serving ANY people at all.... IF certain laws lack integrity because of lack of good composition or contravening laws, this is where it maybe a problem to challenge or overcome if lobbying for some new laws makes it hard to break even... I BET SOME OF THE LONGEST HELD LAWS IN ANY COUNTRY are also some of the most unpopular. Don't ask me to define a good law. Lol. Leaving us likely in a position easily knocked off our perch if too many public protective laws have been savaged or ripped up?? So what worth is to be given rites before realizing they ain't what they promise or something like that?? Is this similar to what you mean and concern about?
  13. Thankyou for this thread kj35. I get the OVERALL gist of it probably and what it all entails such as corporations trying to takeover s*e*e*d s*u*p*pl*y of all foods... I will read when time is less at a premium for me.. I kind of knew bits** of this, already I guess(?) overall, but specifics like ‘Gates Ag One’, and other bits not exactly informed about) but GREAT deep diving to have the megalomaniac broken down in detail and analyzed for his motives and/or near future plans is also useful as this above seems to offer a good look at.. So anything still to learn in the above once I come to read it.. Cheers. (hopefully many many people have read it!!... ) KEEP ON DIGGIN THE TRUE DIRT ON GATES AND LET THE FLOOD GATES TO PERVERSE RICHES - RECOIL ON HIM AND HIS NO GOOD BIZ PALS.
  14. Hail The Light!! I was just about to post this and everything went black on my screen all but the address browser bar.. This is what I suppose is a dark sense of humor I suspect. But yes Hail The Light... Very Big Thanks to everyone making it possible!!
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