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  1. Hehehe, that made my day... Ya know I wonder what FMs typically even look like, can they appear quite varied or what? Always well dressed? I am blind to that aspect as much I hate to admit. Its one thing to be grandeose full of stature and self importance, its quite another for them to belittle the rest of humanity, although I must admit it is tempting on occasion to do that sometimes myself. At least I may think it if feeling a little psychotic or cross (when annoyed by people due to human crazy actions that harm the planet). .
  2. On a random note~ about the manure thing, not trying to greenwash you ;-) but there is such a thing as a green non animal manure, as a vegan I would prefer that and nothing other! Regarding what you do for a living. ;-) Anyway, happy working the land I suppose.. (Had to say it, I'm vegan-there, I said it again! :D)
  3. Skipping your topic for now Woodsman, sorry~ its just me~ on occasions I am tired of this forum after only 3 months here. (factors in my own life see to that) .... Now... Not to say its a bad idea about what your intention is in principle.. but I have little to contribute to these forums for a while...whilst handling my own problems brewing... However I do have this in saying yeah Woodsman, well said in reply to some humans, and I'll say this in public... and I don't mean to get personal with anyone, as drama with anyone would be a bit daft, so I'm not about that, so
  4. Not good. (I put *sad face* as well as *thanks* on it) Lets all be on our guard for this type of thing (as if its a surprise) as this poster (thanks HistoryisComplex) has well identified, to be against secret business deals, well, if even that is then found out... its pathetic selfishness and greed by business, and an underhand shady inudustry, fully contemptive of us the so called "small people" AS THEY SAY or if you prefer "mere mortals" ... To be treated as Subjects of Subserviency they all would wish for...
  5. Whilst I get your point Icke Kia (funny name btw, I thought of that too).... David maybe does the threat of going to court as the next best thing to actually going, and not b/c he is scared does he not push to go there. So, okay... In theory lets say it sounds reasonable you might think to stop flagging up would be intentions, about court threats, but legality is so boring and it wouldn't take many foes to meet in court before maybe bankruptcy became a factor as to why not go to court unless you really must. I Don't Know legal rules for who pays costs, apart from the
  6. Nod to that. And the other stuff you say too.
  7. Extremely interesting^^^ Just coming across this thread after a 1-step 2-step random jump between two profiles, I was just curious to browse (not that that matters but great what a little curiousoty can uncover!!..) Really!!.. WOW, glad I did as it seems sure my current user name purely by coincidence is carrying some meaning... "Tetra" by this context is definitely know how I had imagined. Ehoh, but this information is gold, err maybe I shouldn't mention heavy metals ;-) given this alternative wording that comes from Tetra-cyctus and Tetra-gammation. (etc)
  8. *I am in* (all ears and next to me is Britney Spears)... Fill me with kiddie time joy and adventure! Cartoon style...I remember Mr Benn... He was a bit of a square head but an astute guy nevertheless, only I don't remember too much of his voice, maybe because he was quite boring to me at the time ...But its OK, it was a fairly unique series and aside from himself always in a well smart suit (if a little stiff & over choreographed) he was perhaps so only until each new adventure where by going into the (costume store) he would get under the skin of various characters an
  9. Okay, ... sorry I misunderstood and I can get a bit hysterical without logic behaving as I might think it should, hehe. Anyway, logic as we see and as we don't see I guess. cheers for helping keep the world grounded just a little then. Thats what I aim to do a little.
  10. is....? was... ain't... Was posted without restraint? .. .. I took 6 hours understanding the word "this", but I got it finally.
  11. In question to anyone following this train of thought... Not to be too funny... But haven't ET's got better things to do than conspire to annihilate us? And why would they need humans in NWO or government to annihilate us when they could probably do it themselves?... Couldn't we just remind them they already have a nice enough home in some far off galaxy, and so why bother about humans? I guess the one thing that would go against my question (apart from bored or unhappy with their self image aliens) is that some types of alien were not very smart (or coming here to Earth
  12. Thinking about it *actual theatre* is often represented in a symbol showing 2×masks.. Isn't that something!.. Whilst suiting enough for ACTUAL theatre, the kinds of masks we, most of us, are all led to wear are another tale of insanity... (for me though in some circumstances, like being in a smallish town I have restricted numbers of outlets to shop at and can't afford to get banned from all, so sometimes not worth the hassle to go maskless, I regret to say, but I don't take crap... Called a shop keeper a fascist not so long ago, after she pointedly made an assertive pincer movement on me...
  13. I already avoided people a long time ago, prior plandemic but yeah serioisly you really have to feel for the children, especially the very very young who literally have a freak show theatre play out in front of them, all a coverted perverted blocking of the senses. Imagine to see only a vision of the world that parades in such scary weirdness as it would be for a todller. Its quite heart breaking to imagine what toil and confusion must be going through their preconceptual forming of ideas stage of intiuition in their little heads. I mean people in masks look sinsister, & non-descri
  14. With Keanu Reeves.. Yes I've seen and liked it. But not sure if beauty of soul was much the thought?? I'd have to watch it again or maybe observe something I missed? Beauty of seeing justice mold (or meld/blend) in higher state to the conscience in an authentic way. That might be it? *just a thought* :)
  15. To this end, just before I give my welcome, can anyone see my own 3 images on my profile? One includes a leaf with a feather on it. :) Had noone say to me anything to that effect yet. Shrug. Cheers if u can tell me. ........... Now..... Hello Oxide, welcomes!!... and quite bold to have your own thread on come back! =) don't blame you either! :) so nothing wrong with that.. In fact recommendable to do in your case if as it seems having been a long time away. So yeah good move sometimes as opposed to posting in a shared 'newbie or newbie again' thread. I won't know you, bu
  16. Edit I was timed out to include.. Only a small part of the above :) FROM NEW EDIT POINT ...pfft... Who OF ANYONE knows *outright* and so that still remains elusive to fathom no matter whose principle side or science understanding we are on side with. BUT AS WITH ANY SCANDAL WITH A 'HANDLE' ON WHICH TO GET LEVERAGE OR INSIGHT ON TRUE FACTS, IT ALL SIMPLY HAS TO OUT EVENTUALLY... (new edit point end)
  17. Hard scrutiny... Testing for unified rebelesque tendencies of civil libertarians... test rebel test post protest, post apocalypse preconditioning already?... Or just better to concentrate for now on a test of open mass maskless gathering, and to wonder what could be the collateral if any?? With observation to Fake or Questionable Virus susceptibility?? Is anyone really prone to contagion so aweful more than flu-like symtoms... Well. Whatever particulars of your scrutiny to undertake, I guess its circumstance evaluation of how protestors may prevail in h
  18. Deciphered for everyone :- (Nothing very outlandish) ===TetraG=== is Latter name of a cactusucculenti, lol.. (I can't decide which) and is shortened as I sort of decided.. Plus it is Nothing 5G related. PS, maybe others too would like to use this same thread for any name changes they may want..
  19. Ahah, I noted this with my name change (request now someway fulfilled yesterday). ===TetraG=== Latter name of a cactusucculenti, lol.. (I can't decide which, lol) and is shortened. Nothing 5G related.. So anyway time has still not paid off Woodsman!? (response wise?) Well, in some equally later post as I am now seeing here on this thread I just was wondering altho you have now posted information, did you get given a secure email to use? Maybe the team has one? If anybody will, they should, but who can know it is the question and how.
  20. Hi Ricki Lake :D j/k. Halfway to happiness b/c what has been assigned with new name was just my TEMP stepping stone name as I first began the plamning application for 5 YEARS AGO, LMAO....J/K. But yeah TetraG is just a halfway house to allow people to know who is that.
  21. Tried 2 mods, they ain't got the power to do it. Tried "Webmaster" under label "staff", ain't even been read, let alone replied. Tried God, he also said I am busy in his usual hush tones.. Errm so then tried as dear old Grumpy Owl suggested to use a contact form to reach admin.. Sooo that I did also again acting in a way that was polite and even pleading FOR CHANGE BABY!!!... (excuse my enthusiasm, at wits end,,kinda) https://davidicke.com/contact-us/ Despite these efforts I doth have nooooo affirmative reply yet to offer what I
  22. ^^Fair enough??... Hmmmm. Anyhow... ... My supposing (however random my thinking maybe) goes like this... Hopefully in the end (if this or that person comes up before a court) lets hope as David says about rather than a conventional Judge, wanting a Jury of The People is said (madeup of the people, as he mentions in a recent vaccine exposé video) for tackling vaccine iniquities... And that. Could the same type of Public or Peoples Jury I wonder go yet further in theory, preside also over such matters and reign over the courts for things other
  23. Bloke in video is obviously a cockney.. He can cock off may I courteously say.. :D what next, video interview featuring claim "my pet iguana had sex with David Icke"..????.. Lolzzzz
  24. Good to see any post of your Shining One as I said to you in PM today, but I have to bow out for the the said length of time... And not for any personal reasons to do with anything or anyone but my own circumstances but I will also bow out from this thread specificly to respect G_o_T, and. not post here again unless original OP comes back to comment... Meanwhile just to recognize the fact~ we latter few posters have gleefully conspiratorially deviated from OP. And it was ok, it was natural meanwhile to go with that, but now I stop doing that I HAVE TO concentrate on
  25. Ps-- I know very well I won't have answered in response to everything Shining One, but thankyou for your other experiences, insights & observations too, not least your time experiencing a cult during the 80's of which you were a part - mistakenly as you mention. And yes, regarding any authority lacking honest discretion its probably as you suggest~ not always wise trying to convince too many people if we are not so grandeose in knowledge ourselves (by that I mean any one of us needing to improve our 'ways' or self viability abd credibility worth sharing - TO WHOM IS
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