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  1. Answer to basic question is most certainly yes,,, most human beings avoid killing other human being(s) even when they would go that route if they could get away with it...and for such horrid creatures of our deformed species they turn on others of their own species.

    For those PSYCHOPATHS, that shy away from the law and don't kill another human being, they take to killing and torturing animals instead as "next best thing".



    ==> =The ultimate coward twisted satisfaction, just to "appease' their own demons or frustrations but it does nothing to appease by that twisted belief. 


    Violence simply feeds and solicits more of their own violence onto unsuspecting animals as if that were a remedy or acceptable solution. But of course it is anything but acceptable and nothing like an elixir for the soul the psychopaths kids themself it is... Yet for the abuser moral distinctions easily blurrrr. 


    This however does not change the fact IT IS OBVIOUSLY WRONG, AND MISGUIDED AGGRESSION and **Killing will not solve killing** because when you kill you kill your own mind making redemption infinitely harder the more you kill...... You become somehow de-sensitized AND where violence becomes a way of life and thats the excuse they use probably again and again.  


    It is aggression & violence sublimation less likely to have a person end up in jail, so animals become the misguided target of cruelty to take the brunt of human mind malformation. 




  2. 3 hours ago, lake said:


    Thanks, I'll attempt to save it to my email account if I can. How big a file? I guess I will find out when I see at library. Can't risk it downloading ANY big file onto my memory imbalanced phone. Cheers. Will see how it goes. 

  3. Was gonna post this "PS" in The Truth Stings thread rather by coincidence but didn't wanna mess the flow of the (*INTERESTING*) debate there.. 


    ==>==> it went as this what I worded,  only I've now elaborated the inquisition somewhat. ==>==>. 


    [[ Ps, <after thought see? Yep, but in reality has made me wonder for a lonnnng tiiiime]]


    A BIT OF ROAD TESTING, OR A LOT, however you look at it 😉



    Well... [I said] I don't wanna spoil the thread flow of said thread (of where I was first gonna post this) so I know this easily makes another thread, (GO FOR IT IF ANYONE WANTS TO DO THAT MORE FORMALLY, maybe it will be me)...  but anyway chasing on with the topic watching you debators thought of when I drafted, writing about whomever at large basicly anywhere on this forum or "like places" and how they be as people foremost.... But as well it always has me wonderrrrrrrring about if any SPECIAL?? methodology is involved *by* the way various people do their thing ¶¶conducting any research,  THEIR OWN RESEARCH as it may entail/ and so what makes a good researcher be effective,  and so on¶¶.....


    Soooo anyway in any self respecting forum, its not unusual, for example for anyone to be onlookers or witnesses to history~ OR ANY OTHER FOCUS AREAS and obviously some areas of interest will always concern getting CONSPIRACY BACKING got from "back story details" to add context and deeper understanding of any inquiry...  

    orrrrr on some matters more simply "everyday day fact seeking/ checking etc"...


    Eitherway prompting debate and curiousity still ensue anyways, along with awe, wit and wisdom, and just about anybody with an inquiring mind gets drawn in~ all well and good but expectedly, its a mixed bag often what surfaces, but then I'm thinking wouldn't it be cool to look harmlessly over the shoulder of any competent conspiracy minded person, who perhaps is also good at debate as a side talent.. 


    In the main though who via the interests of conspiracies, is a good MULTI DATA (human)  UNCOVERER or MULTI DATA (human) ASSESSOR.. (by which I mean not mundane computer data collecting etc, but humanistically instead}} Cognitive of the Human Brain Genius at work and how, we ourselves included if we think we are smart, could learn from others more effectively given the chance??...


    Where any curious mind exists there are things to uncover and A PERSON WITH VALUES TO DO THAT IS PERHAPS BEST and with good treatment of others, but where once into learning conspiracy research OR getting better at DEBATING as the other thing.  (like a specific topic or cause) we are focusing then on something *Thematic* mainly which I mean is crucial if a topic of discussion is of that nature, (not to say things can't branch off from a central theme of course..)  

    Arising we may see the value of shared experience and each person sharing something of their personal aptitude... By any definition or strategy of handling.. So, between us we could gage what techniques for research tend to work most effectively...



    To describe the principle its very much like going to work on ourselves [INSIDE TRACK = knowing thyself]  before being ready to commit in any area of actual research. Especially research requiring endurance.. So like happily examining researchers doing the research if found illuminating...




    Btw, I am posting in RANDOM ANYTHING just to put it out there and to road test a bit...  




    You could say what got me started is seeing posters in action when debating, referring to threads which are assigned a theme, what also can be gaged as thematic in a sense  when we ask about **reasearchers themselves** as much as what they do),


    ie~ with a story to tell if at all relevant- usually a staple as per any war, or coverup debate or anything insightful that would have us dig deep for satisfactory answers, & whether in fact events big or small they can still tend to be connected anyways...  

    ... and not just to be known as 'meaningful' data for the sake of calling it something but to know *actual history re-evaluated* sometimes is the interesting and surprising result that is really meanungful, or maybe we are talking physics on the otherhand and new revelations there are equally amazing...


    Whatever the subject matter or theme maybe. 



    In any case using that would be meaningful data of whatever palpable sort, sourcing + detecting patterns as they become apparent or knowable to some high degree.


    How be it ever stuff makes conspiracy headlines (sts) and sometimes maybe fair enough if ever something sticks for good reason I guess by how facts emerge, then so be it if truth prevails, and whats reasoned brought to light is all interesting or adds to a debate or goal --though acknowleging some undertakings maybe as well as intriguing may also be tedious + seizure inducing  research :P that maybe experienced at other times--


    ...In any case the hope is therefore meaningful factual based research conclusions that may arise, whether entirely accurate or not and as such maybe catagorized as "ongoing", 'suspected but not unconfirmed"...  ETC...ETC

    Is catagorization of progress important?.. Hell yeah when investigating.. 


    Haha... Go ahead laugh at bits here or there... As maybe some of this is a little obvious as we give or take all the world portends, however by us all at least getting on board with developing further an inquiring mind if not already advanced in mind abilities, thats CLEARLY CRUCIAL not only to processing information + intelligence data but equally important to self sustainance during such work if committed to..   but this precisely why fundaments of various kinds LIKE REST are still nevertheless necessary I DO THINK from time to time, to retrace and hark back to sometimes in order to sustain oneself without copious mental fatigue, and to know where our limits may be too, which is why all the more sometimes we need the help of others if only just for that life sustaining reason)  





    Moving on....

    Some of the above is more central to a matter once facts have come to light, but how we get there is the mark of a true endeavour and inspiration...    and someone's great effort to unlock things ....




    Of course applicable to any field of research needing more inquiring minds and their skills likewise. 





    OK .... Common questions momentarily aside now maybe;;


    My Outside Track (or rather INSIDE TRACK or as the shoe fits)... :P

    Okay my "Inside Track Thought"  


    .... is basicly:-



    TRUE POSTING PURPOSE:- Simply (by plot or by subplot, lol) to admire by taking a gaze at the SKILLS of any researcher -errr- type (=like asking whats normal, lol) ... 


    Might be sounding a bit voyeuristic, or denoting of the lack of activity of someone not willing to do it themselves PERHAPS (which I am not saying speaks of me necessarily), but thats all quite besides the point, think how intriguing it can all be to assume the knowhow of someone elses methodology, or to rely on our own methods.


    But with an open gaze it could quite easily become intriguing just in thought, let alone how it all plays out by the end, imagining to be able to gain tips, secrets, astuteness, in how any one person 'verses' another finds what they need by technique or special ability as the case maybe...  (or to think that same thought about how a group of researchers does what they do come to that)


    So, about whoever serves well in gathering of information I guess is the name of the game in general but essentially given some moral support or psychological tutoring when wanted.  


    Going back to my original point once more:


    Just imagine witnessing and observing that in real time, seeing the individual skill involved. What a journey and experience that would be to see each of anyones approach on various matters as to how talent is used by any individual or group. Web wide of course to span points of all interest and various personality types all considered too, its all interesting for influence with traits of character at the helm helping forge a well defined assembly of people or persons of good mental strength for use on quests embarked upon!! ... Eg, also,,chracterized maybe something like casting people by how perseverant or determined is a person.


    Does their lifestyle naturally lean in directions of knowledge and encourage them to find truth? 




    Perhaps once assessed this or that culminating as accolade in respect of some individuals gift by having utilized what seems like common sense (or high levels of intuition) to the best of their ability for whilst that works and to reward such in community spirit...


    Yet where influence, or confusion is rife due to misinformation of data we can all still hope to navigate or get around that despite a data heavy and distracting wild world web using such ability (of inspired effort and diligence for on task demands).  


    All attributable or be owing hither to a possibly unique set of innate or nutured accrued skills.


    Fine Research, the product of clever minds that may genuinely be claimed as such even perhaps when a quest is a uniquely one man's or one woman's research, even when all in all there are many forks in the road and still people to encounter online as off.  :) 


    In addition, by how I was just saying sometimes lone individuals of research may also reveal to us in being perhaps the most interesting sometimes I guess, even if not always instrumentally intelligable at all times or most fathomable, (lol) just supposing thats true anyways, I think so sometimes, but for real too, this stuff is not easy probably, not even for naturally highly adept people ...


    But this or that is the weight upon an individual sometimes I don't doubt (not least mental psychosis can ail a person if mental health not well managed along the way....). 


    Not to cast judgement on anyone that goes it alone, but I mean also the pressure a lone researcher faces and places on themself at least for some period~ in at least laying down some key stones of solid data, must be getting on for IMMENSE! So I do not scoff in folly too lightly if I laugh at the scale and magnitude of imagining being so full on by all this if "I" were THE ONE SOLE CRUSADER OR YOU ON THE OTHER HAND...but it doesn't always have to be a lonely affair, that is the over arching point. :)  TO HELP RESEARCH IN PART BY LEARNING ABOUT RESEARCHERS THEMSELVES. 

                                                                                                      Now to end... some basic Tactical Emergence and Evaluation talk once more...

    which it maybe helpful to encourage on occasion a sort of omni present outlook or total 360 view of our place in the world, how to see ourselves in the greater community once satisfied our information is solid and beforehand considering what our aims are... Issues may well include who to trust.. what are we most concerned with as forces for good.... Well, whatever the answer(s) it could be not one of us is quite as alone OR LONELY IN *OUR (combined) QUEST* as we may previously have viewed ourselves in a difficult world despite any solitary endeavour as we may begin on our quest...


    In whatever capacity capable in any case we may develop as a person... 



    On our journeys~ BEING NOT SO ALONE OR SUBVERTED BY UNREALITY IS KEY,  SO ATTENTION CAN STAY FOCUSED, *REASONABLY OBJECTIVE* & IN COGNICENT STABILITY OF MIND FUNCTION... An open mind may remain resilient and hope in preparedness for this MOST OF ALL when talking about visions for a deeper quest where the quest is all quite real in itself for the task upheld as worthy to make the effort.

    Despite any unreality...


    And when engaged with a task (if at all possible uncovering what is fake or deceiving) thereafter (*if a persons research goes well*) helping to ascertain any likelyhood of brighter outcomes for so called reality better than the one before that may oneday return when societies ills are laid bare....  AND at last... HIDING FROM TRUTHS is made less possible or less easy for rhe perpetrators. 







    ASSESSING (in open preposal)  IDEAL ATTRIBUTES AGAIN>>

    What motivates most conspiracists by which we are simply /mostly(?) homegrown investigators of you or me???


    And how do we feeeeel when we realize all is not what it seems, real or unreal and by what measure and with a certain rationalle set afoot, what do we plan to do about it in regards to put research in acton??...


    Are we daunted by incomprehensibly subverted reality or do we view reality in all its forms, not just the negative or twisted or knowably decieving versions thereof??...



    Uh-huh... Maybe then we see just some problems as a subtext to reality or merely a symptom of...  not so much condemned in fate, but rather temporarily inverted reality by a more temporary experience, but over which we still concern.


    So we set about uncovering the dubious reasons for the existence of some hierarchies for example??


    ((or any scanario where conditions brought upon us where reality has in effect turned upon us because of nature getting out of control due to mankind or humans out of control creating that threat))  


    but doooo we **in knowledge of it** feeeel less prone to its deleterous effects or cancel culture or war on consciousness for example??  



    =Equiped to take action!!?? 

    ((either directly or indirectly)) 


    Well those are just some examples in tandem with the  conspiracist mindset if supposed any use at all to anyones way of thinking when directing or misdirecting thoughts (ha!) ...


    Plus, in not wishing to bargain with any NWO agenda, as  assume who would want to for anyone with any morals, but still wishing to unravel it somehow, even if not bringing "it" to its knees exactly as we may ideally wish...


    but then furthermore speaking of reality who or what convoluted reality that made man turn against man as the fundamental question.


    Maybe try here for some answers on that particular front=> www.humancondition.com





    Orrrr if to assume end times, what there causes it or contributes... Is it a lot to do with too many power people lacking in moral character resulting in man as a menace to say a self sustaining planet. 



    .... Sure is.



    And for anything & everything I've missed what more to add to the list is UP TO EVERYONE to help build some new reality and resist dependency on the state or big business.



    But before solving the world problems lets also be curious in seeing how each researcher gets if you like propelled into such a world, where passively just accepting everything is just NOT AN OPTION. Then to the action or as near as we dare get... 









    BTW, DISCLAIMER---- If anyone has the wrong track, I am NOT TALKING computerized tracking behaviours as undertaken by  business practices like in advertising.. Not interested in that. Yes its a scurge and yes its madness. Thats all I have to say.  

    I am in no way comparing personable traits of your average researcher as assets as Big Data Sets by which Harvesting Companies do that, NOT ME, this post is not about subjecting researchers to scrutiny of the sort the average computer user unfortunately is...  but I totally sympathize with anyone about not liking to be tracked by which many of us if not all of us are subject,  but that is not the manner or intent of my post. 


    Furthermore... Don't get me wrong, I am not implying or advocating anything underhand, in the hands of our co-conspirators whom could fortuitously be among us and so aid common good in an uncommon assembly of thought provoking minds..


    So anyway, please back away from thinking its tracking in general I mean>> as myself I HAAATE SYSTEMATIC TRACKING and cookies or being hacked or anything similar but thats a different sort of data usage or purpose motivating that. 



    ~~~End of Note, end note, lol~~~


    Just some thought anyway to do with anything concerning your average persons pertinent  quest FOR SERIOUS RESEARCH and of course ideas+answers...



    orrrrrrrrr if one must wild goose chase style of RESEARCH!!!!!???  (each to their own, hehe) 



    Novices or Experts all equal by principle in my mind and all welcome to comment, thankyouuuuu. 


    Haha. Ahem.. 

    I'll hush myself out again now! 😉

  4. 1 minute ago, Macnamara said:


    follow the information to where it leads

    Sure, I'm just not as knowledgeable as you guys yet, but I don't mind, one can learn or imagine to be as good! 🙂


    Ps, I don't wanna spoil the thread flow so just quickly I say  know this easily makes another thread, so in it goes what I was gonna post here now posted Random Everything thread.  


    I'll hush myself out again now! 😉

  5. By having visited #considerbeforeconsuming first of all, as I got from a post above, 

    I then found this to be good as follows.. Mini bites of everyday wisdom served up in a brisk concise manner!.. Almost Hiaku style! :D




    Maybe a lot of twitter users do this text length style of address on whatever they are talking about but I don't go on there much, so... 


    Avoidance will always keep fear going Fear will feed your problems Don't focus on where the fear came from Focus on how to reduce it Face problems
  6. Yes from what I have noted too here & there, distilling does seem one of the priority and accessible via homemade ways you could go about getting rid darn near everything contained in water but the water itself. 



    Also,  found this for you in book recommendations thread:-


    Posted Nov 1st 2020, by DarianF:- Has just 2 links each with a book about fluroide...


    Post of Darians is directly below the farcical bogus book recommend with 4 letter rude word. You will know when you see it, maybe close your eyes at that point or hold your hand out in front of you. 




  7. On 6/30/2020 at 6:56 PM, ink said:

    25) A Catalogue of Anti-Vaccination Literature
    The London Society for the Abolition of Compulsory Vaccination
    114 Victoria Street, Westminster
    1882, 2018


    ^^ Can't see this one I thought could be most insightful.

    Its the last one on Ink's list = #25 from page1 of thread.  

    Link just came up with content said to be removed or so & so.


    Too bad on that one, unless anyone has an alternative link for it?   


  8. I might need to read it again, but the article is a start and therefore I will call it a "starticle", lol. 


    Can you afford to buy mineral water as I do until you get a filtration system? =it is on my wish list for me= (assuming "either what" is on your mind of a thing worth considering) 

  9. Got sight of this in my TED

    noitifier digest recently.. 




    Another speaker below also looks interesting on climate change mixed in with indigenous  wisdoms}}  






    Incidently for anyone not aware, **its free access all over TED**, (all except some special invite only group meeting or somesuch) 

  10. Oops, I said "more than" twice, so on the second or last, it should read (reiterating) "NON MORE THAN DID North Americans [did] do. "

    There,🙂 that should read a bit better on the double configuration etc.



    Well I could talk about how great they were for some time. I am no expert on them but am keen to be better informed as I have been wanting for a long time!! ..

    However its gladly so I think they 'speak' (talking on youtube included apparently, hehe) for themselves quite effectively right? Especially with the image they evoke coming right out of the Earth as they knew/know best how to demonstrate the virtues of etc.. 😌 


    >>> Humbly outspoken 🧑‍🎤  was this woman but outspoken is outspoken anyway, despite feeling nervous, but good!! Check this occasion in  history>>>

    So I mean since I heard a great story on radio this year (looking back in history) about one indian or mixed race(?) indian woman (old now) in modern times who began a campaign against racism in the film industry, encouraged at an oscar sort of night or similar in New York[??] easily pre-dating 2000 sometime, with the backing of a famous movie star behind her making the suggestion she speak up AND SHE DID.  

    Some jeered in the audience but SOME APPLAUDED I think is true!! 👏



    (I will remember to put whom both were later as it comes back to me...along with the tribe she belongs)  

  11. I like indigenous peoples... Overall, none were more standout in vibrational energy and deep connectedness to the Earth than the various tribes of that continent each tribe unique I believe all with curious spiritual beliefs and famous by their cultural heritage AND hard fought legacy to survive (persecution) more than did North American Indians. (in my estimation) 


    I will watch more videos like this one once friendlier time is back on my side. 

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  12. Carry anywhere--- small WaterLily Turbine to make electric anywhere.. 




    Carry anywhere--- Biolite-CampStove is electric producing by feeding twigs, leaves or fuel pellets, this burning bits of organic matter whilst you use your stove at the same time I believe (since its all ONE UNIT) makes electric conversion from that for charging small gadgets like camera or phone! 


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  13. https://seasonedcitizenprepper.com/

    Not to say it will be a problem for everyone but personally I can't get (most/any?) of the links to work so far here (which all seem to connect at google docs)... But thats possibly as I am not a google registering person per se (if at all, currently that is the case) and my phone updates ceased 3 or 4 years ago.


    Thanks anyway Mito Eve.


    ^^^Still worth a look around^^^ anyway, even without google connectivity. 




    And to Lake's suggestion...


    Text files on that site you post welcome too, and they all work (for me) I think... Thanks! 

    *Some content* will directly download a PDF though as oppose to show you just text as you browse online. 

  14. On 5/6/2021 at 7:40 AM, Nikki said:

    .. Not listened to which increased anxiety and made me worse... I wasn't a danger to myself or anyone else... I made a formal complaint about being held against my will and was released shortly following that complaint... 😘 



    I read this as you posted it but life takes over... Errr kinda. 




    And btw, not to say random or excessive researching produces the most **IN THE MOMENT sane outcomes** always, BUUUUT it can like on this forum when we collectively share information, broadening the window/ opening the way for a more longer term healthier, people FOR US ALL in conscientious sanity when considering the over arching points of existence or foulplay by mankinds' interference in that otherwise natural & peaceful existence ... 


    But not saying you should keep at the shallow end of things at all ((unless by self imposed moderation where greater are health considerations foremost in mind, and not least also its effects upon your physical too when the mind is inundated or whatever!)) ...


    Else, if care needs to go slow, this biding your time a little is just for in the meantime whilst you are still finding your feet again and maintaining good structure of flow in your life for restoring any gaps in your WHOLISTIC health assuming thats what anybody could want more of, right, so may I suggest take it easy and just BE,,,,,  when even mindfulness  can occasionally get to feel too much effort (but sometimes thats the pay off too, mindfulness is not necessarily easy), and its effects of say~;; typical over thinking~;; for example may depend which mindfulness techniques you may personally be using etc ....


    All in all then do what you like to do even when it is an effort but quit for a LEVEL HEADED BREAK (*regular if required like a sweet self intervention*)  when OR BEFORE it (*maybe an OCD thing* which can occur in me)..


    Not to suggest you are unbalanced as of anytime in particular as I don't know you, but I TRUST you are not in any way mad....  


    In any light, in order to offer open minded comment, this is part why I use the general term "level headed" OR "level headed self assessment"... to help heed consciousness by keeping reasonable control of any over-anxious-compulsion... This should all help avoid stuff becoming too overkill or a slog or a "marathon"...


    So, without overwhleming yourself (probably every resarcher in history has done it) or causing un-necessary harsh self judgement etc! 🙂




    Anyway... End of May your medication will cease, bloody good also... Take care... Seeya posting again sometime!  🙂

  15. 1 hour ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    There is nothing wrong with you, apart from having the ability to think critically and for yourself.


    The problem is with the system - this is what we can all expect: anyone who dares to think differently and doesn't believe/follow the 'official narrative' will just be tarred with the "mentally ill" brush.






    'They' are either beguiling, ridiculing (eg, disbelieving, closed minded, capricious by them onto you, etc) or condemning you blatantly (USUALLY BACKHANDED RHETORIC) and all because you/we are different and can see thru their BS like a light cutting thru a shadow~~~ and in general so!..  is my mostly (and gladly) out of the loop impression even if I sound a little impertinent or bitter... Okay quite a lot bitter.... And to my own persuasion their unwholistic approach often also pentetrating deep into the establishment (official line superciliousness twatology) thats what we mentalhealth users are led into AND OUT of the circus being told..


    Instantaneous Example by which I think the narrative REALLY *INTENDS* TO BE PLAY OUT, ALONG ALSO WITH YOU THE PATIENT BEING PLAYED>>...


    >>> Evisage for example my theatric only (REALLY?) End of Crap Service Script *as I see it* >>>


    "Goodbye outpatient, hope you can now serve time in painfully at odds hate filled society,, woefully and inadequately unsupported by the longer term with abrupt cut-off worse off or less, and without appropiate help given in the first place!!! .. Farewell you statistic of the system that we are unfortuitously are not at all recognizing as a person,, let alone respecting the personal beliefs of_goodbye_bon voyage"


    My defamation on them broadly by which so called "mental adjudicators" in AUTHORITY with emphasis on WE(they) KNOW BEST is from I can tell all what it is good for...


    Most Minimaist Time given as possible. Quick Fix BS all the way. GRRRRRRRR. 


    *Best *for *Whom is the --Life Sustaining-- or --Life Slooooow Killing-- question. 


    They want the general public to think it appears they "deliver" (pffffft) but in actual truth its very much the opposite,  especially when given poor respect for anyone anti medication of certain kinds. 


    They don't mind if you are left out in the wilds. But they would rather bio manipulate you first. 

  16. Small edit (a few extra words)... 


    so the more you, or any of us practice by our 'passions' or ways of offering dedication, (not staying the same but growing but with care and mindfulness) and realizing whats truly healthy (without the government undermining or skewing that by lying to us or devaluing us)...


    Well that obviously includes being with an active mind (which I undoubtedly trust you have AT by brief impression of you so far) BUT at certain times in our lives we all need to remind ourselves sometimes (even me, so this is advice to myself too!) 🙂 to go be someone who is a DOER ALSO and by being such and doing such (on a fairly regular basis) the easier it will be to bring yourself/ourselves back after whenever you have what seems a bad day/month or even year. 



    PS, Alternative Thoughts, could it just maybe be lightened a bit from the black background may I ask, just a thought, hehe. 

  17. On 12/2/2020 at 5:00 AM, ThunderFace said:

    i like your energy my G


    stay stellar



    Well.. This language said to somebody is "affirmative"  as Spock would/might say,  hehe. 


    Guess thats proof, this looks like a positive thread mostly if ThunderFace approves it! 👍...  I'll hang onto that hope some. 



    OP =>=> Please look within yourselves, I'm only young and i've got alot to learn but I plead everyone to be their best you can be. 


    ^^^well said The Awakened!! 


    You say you are young OP but don't let go your enthusiasm like some suggest before you need to... Yeah the world is a "shit", but rise above it!! 


    Plenty of time to do that as an adult, so its good to see you getting going whilst young, 🤹‍♂️ 🤸‍♂️👍 before to lose energy I mean, or lose hope or whatever, but it is true the imperative drive is more on the shoulders of youngsters nowadays like with a certain known Swedish girl who seems oddly unpopular on this website (thats the internet for you)... So anyway be sure to make the most of that youthful energy 🙂 like before when the human brain turns pear shaped, but positively lets therefore think of you AS YOUNG WISDOM, and with youthfulness on your side  wisdom cannot fade or fizzle out easily... 


    Now altho I might doubt adults as credible sometimes in many ways I must just clarify for the record I think adults (are you age of a young adult TA I don't know) anyway can recover their enthusiasm for things but can take a bit of prepping and reawakening abd encouraging just the same as for a child sometimes in fact. Of which the goal is overturn stale energies/ as we grow older, the equivalent of idleness or worse (being hard bitten by truth in some way for example)...




    Yeah learn all you can but don't lose the spring in your step, so the more the stay that way, the easier it will be to bring yourself back after whenever you have what seems a bad day/month or even year (*borrowed you could say from TV FRIENDS theme tune* SO KILL ME, no don't, I want to Live) ... So, something whatever gets under our skin, and then takes more coaxing for anyone above 40 to get us older or oldish ones to 'tune fork' (sort ourselves mentally and form new improved habits etc) ooooouuut of being *programmed so hard* by whatever that grinds (or has been ground into us and no less the school age folk of today)...


    Anyhow lets keep ON IT, TO, KEENLY SPREAD THE WORD AS YOU WANT TO DO, to aid us all in making expression and freedoms seem like a less daunting prospect or task...  


    And to say "no" against an agenda making expression tough sometimes (A LOT,  by suppression tactics)  and likewise one can feel awkward or even in fear about *pushing against boundaries* or *social doctrines*...  

    I guess if I may say a youngster would most easily understand the modern mind (childs mind or adult minds formed more or less of the same conditioning) and how it has been programmed out of tune that way.


    Like to me...

    Away from naturalness is no good in my book... But anway hi OP => The Awakened.  Nice to meet you in your thread along with your own website!  


  18. 2 hours ago, Ethel said:


    What people with so-called 'mental health problems' need is to be given compassion and empathy.

    They need to be listened to without judgement and to be given another human being's time and energy, which is often something they have not had



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  19. DI has probably out lasted many a politician. So thats another reason to listen to him than not (also). Haha. 


    Nikki,  you're welcome! =)


    And now where does the bottle spin??... Not to become too random,  haha,  but where would you say you are you focusing or heading for generally now? If the answer is in researching with whoever to assist any new goal, cool by itself... (perhaps reflected in why you've posted in research assistance??) 

    Just wondering seeing as your enthusiasm appears undiminished, will you be focused upon infos as much as to focus on the mental health realm of things?.. Depends how long you've been out of 'psych ward'  I suppose.. (I guess I'm ok using that phrase? Although don't much like using it)


    Anyhoo...  The answer I would give is I would put mental health first, and if your ship os sailing constant without too much of a flutter, then this means you're good I guess to reshape/reinvent how you cope and keep going with whatver keeps you afloat and positive by some measure. (even tracking your own habits if you feel that is necessary. I don't know, just a suggestion)   


    I guess it doesn't matter too greatly which forum catagory you posted on... Important thing is you feel better yes?.


    How sooner'er or later'er could you let go of medication if you haven't done so already? 


    Were you at all compelled to take strong meds? I hate all medication I do. ALL A PART OF the "modern  hoo har." as far as I'm concerned which I turn my nose up at but maybe you had little choice??   


    Hope not dangled in front of you but if so hope you had at least some say if that were strongly put forward by Medics?  



  20. 4 hours ago, Nikki said:

    has anyone else had what I call an "awakening"


    4 hours ago, Nikki said:

    but information I was given whilst unwell was immense I can assure you


    Hiiii, no, I haven't been through what you have except thru many years of silent or relatively non conversant thinking or not connecting directly with any "one" theorist etc..

    (that said DAVID ICKE would be he as he was always the first I held in my mind the longest or suffice to say from the earliest age) 

    So thereby in my story what Inhave learnt to be profoundly true is without fully monitoring ourselves AKA giving ourselves credit and caring for hearts intent or whatever to listen out for which is important, both within ourselves and within a corrupt society we can meander too much (wheresoever true for good or for bad)...


    And til that awakening grows stronger it can be a lonely calling in so far as being out of the loop if information is not set upon or mentally fully met with so to speak and in terms of by needing an open mind not least to have the best chance of widening a glimpse of light which once holds water, broadens out, but that have always taken DI fairly seriously anyway even outsise of direct full level of knowledge. 


    Whilstever so (as I WAS), quite easy you might think to be distant from all topics DI, if not in direct contact with it, but actually it can & would lurk in the back of my mind the beguiling nature of people on this earth and in power, or the mechanisms of modern slime in other words= cunning politicians + cunning businessmen!!... 


    Anyway what I'm saying is anyone may be able live a life without this mostly uninformed but is that 100% shrewd, well no not really shrewd to switch off from it all permanently (unless not feeling quite yourself as you were Nikki in which case take a disciplined break would be my advice to anyone) so otherwise good to pay attention if truth is to manifest consistently &  with confidence by someone outspoken as DI does all the time.. relayed onto us.  

    PS, I know 'truth' can be subjective but we all need a basic or common truth /(OR even an uncommon truth) in our lives *at least* for integrity to shine forth!! 


    Well fed up of prevaricating with myself and the world I came fully around eventually to looking more directly at things  - no longer living the mostly out of range modality of living, or AKA a life subverting away from focus or offbeat feeling or lacking clarity of depth knowledge, all which potentially I could have gained sooner but became a bit ignorant of..


    But isn't it right when we take moments to ponder, on approaching DI subjects, (or other theorists with factoids to offer us) if we look candidly we can start to ask~~ well what if we knew more intimately stuff lay before us sooner, it might have been beneficial<* OR STILL CAN BE *^ to us all and not just as individuals as if our kind are just some side show freak show.... (which we ARE NOT of course)....but as a widening pitch for humanity as a whole in a serious bid to breakdown the mainstream rubbish!! 


    So....(going back to my history a second) I'm saying without direct affectation or access to knowledge of some kind that back of the mind stuff gets to be pretty non- determinate like dust gathering, much just that until I acted more decisively and so more recently like in 2021 until then for me hit the deck, I was more like cruising and a bit fearful of what to do.. Where I would only sort of from a distance semi consider this or that occasionally and trying to imagine all what it entailed this conspiracy stuff, but deep down I still had an inkling of its ramifications in hoping to build a better society to a place in time  where we are no longer subservient to the matrix-web-of-deceit, where only sub-real superficial nothingness can exist...

    And that alas has become oh so real today.  



    ... So winding forward all the way now ((for ages remember I was as if in information deficit and limbo of uncertainty about what various stuff means or could potentially mean at least once I allowed myself to find out more)) so for me I spent too long unfortunately with the question when would I in fact come onto spending more time with Icke stuff, and of course no time is more decisive than now times to be aware of his stuff and make closer ties with it, rather than just accepting to live in the shadow of a shambolic system here or abroad.


    Anyway thanks for sharing your experience and glad you are well now Nikki ☺️ but what is what I have quoted regarding  "immense information".. ??? 😯🤔...  Information found out about the inner workings of the system or more focused purely on mental health and whatever resources you may or may not have found useful, either way??? 

  21. I don't quite agree but good point Ethel and so I respect your faithful or just brave(?) PoV about division which ideally we could do better without= (ANY MASS DIVISION) ,


    but in the main my FIRST INSTINCT is:- I say stay away from vaccinated, always was a germophobe anyway, so, as things go deeper with our biology being messed with as a risk to us all, the deeper the paranoia in my mind. In other words complex issues promote a paraoxysm of paranoia even when non vaxers know (even just by core moral principle only) why they refuse, and as time goes on the more we'll have credible reasons/facts, for their/my

    unvaccinated standpoint.  



    So I certainly differ, even if not totally outright disagree with you, yet I will still tend to be edging away from vaccinators ~at least by instinct thats whats overall best by my gut feeling (intellect AND overly emotive inputs aside a moment)...


    But where emotions are to be factored in, I mean in one sense this may include knowing emotions only help us when we help others potentially and I get that BUT its an ENORMOUS TASK to de-indoctrinate people who have clung to naevity or banal aquiessance obeyance, & blind servitude but also important is preserving each our own humanity as we unvaccinated stand tall,  OR THE UNVACCINATED TRIBE WHO I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO, (*as much as would a religious person to their holy one!*) and show self respect for having had the foresight and intelligence to see what is transparent by the every move of the powers that be, so I would argue our vanguard reaches within ourselves as much as to the many AND the feeling we do this if I can speak for others too, WITH GREAT EMOTIONAL MOTIVATION FOR EVEN JUST OUR OWN SAFETY &  HEALTH <<< at least until we can lay down some solid plans to help others with facts at our side OR OKAY, basic spiritual heart transmission from one human being to another in the hopes general encouragment will do the trick until true realization kicks in if thats what it takes for others to GET SAVVY WITH THE APPALLING GRAVITY OF THE SITUATION & STOP BEING MANIPULATED)


    ... Nevermind, at least we both know division is not good to aim for, but then again IT IS and MAYBE FOR A LONG TIME TO COME  a tough one to reconcile by any means known at present apart from educating people...


    And correct me if not fully correct by your way but if this is applicable of how you wish to support mankind regardless of the publics deluded self soul suicide or anything on that path trajectory, then if you're adamant you want to help all and especially if you're a person of faith as in religion as you might be saying with maybe an Oath to God or something like a call of duty to all despite the odds or uncomfortable diametric reasoning etc,  THEN THAT AIN'T EASY TO MY MIND!!...


    (I don't know you with respect, so I wonder in which way by the word 'faith'  might you be leaning?... I might guess what the answer maybe perhaps, could it be you would then assert maybe "faith is faith" no matter our beliefs and no matter what the circumstances????... Well just in case so, fair enough I suppose, but it may take some really strong person emotionally to remain in the hearts of the vaccinated would be [is] my biggest worry by how you would wish to go at it.. Or as you seem to usher by the word God and all under the sky, and so on, but not everyone can be helped I fear



    3 hours ago, Ethel said:

    I come from a very cold and unloving family and I can tell you that lack of closeness does not a pleasant life maketh. 


    Sorry for this cold feeling you have known... I *kinda* know what you mean myself but won't go into it here.


    All the best. 

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