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  1. No confusion intended.  The situation was already confusing, (or maybe thats a bit of me in the mix, my sometimes natural state as part of the process for finding equilibrium) ... I am not really a sit on the fence type of person exactly as you might infer, but on a forum we can be more free to e press.. So thats what I was doing.. Nothing to bind anyones opinion that doesn't want binding.. :) 


    Anyway,  thanx for thou cow. 

    Made my day. He looks peaceful. 

  2. Sorry.... 'softer cell' (my new non denominational is it?? expression, anyway pertaining to a peaceful mind in a splintered world)  ended up as "softer call", oh well either fits. Happily. 


    Ya know, cellular brain harmony, thine own wellness..  Equilibrium of the self, even if it is hard to relax in the midst of revolt ~and/or whatever too assaulting our senses at large in a zany gaga 'wokist' ewok epoc world. Lol  

  3. Okay, been reading both sides...



    Pretend I am opinionless Or isssh!  ~Anyway... trying to take in various views... 

    ... And what IF anyONE who normally  agree protests are swell idea, but might be cowed or impositioned somehow like a confused animal or cow that has got tired of standing and so chews the cud lying down instead?  Hmmm. If only life were of such green pasture and non-servitude ~I WISH ALRIGHT (Non compliance goes me, etc) ... ...but EXAMPLE~ the cow may not nutrify itself with enough green grass this way... He does not move around enough to get a broad enough view on cow life and thinks MAYBE the world ain't so bad.. JUST SAYING, OBVSIOUSLY IT IS BAD and may even realize the poor creature is a *horrible possession* of a farm .. (which as vegan I will save for another topic if ever terribly relevant, but my example is good enough), because the cow can still feel safe in among its herd...  pity that is not given... SINCE ONLY UNTIL SLAUGHTER HOUSE DAY ARRIVES!!  :-(


    #So now what ((?)) 

    #where now ((?))  


    (^^my improvised ~deliberately non real hashtags, I am not hashtag mad anyway, not a twitter person in general even, but just owing to my NOW feeling of my person my overall mental capacity to cope, it is my simple method I choose to currently speak as few words as possible and so still be allowing to move within a space to help us all have room to breathe still when heated issues come knocking..

    Yeah I'm not moderator, nor wish to be, so by this I'm being kinda  humble simply SUGGESTING A CHILLED SPACE WITHIN WHATEVER VOID OR RIFT buuuuuuuuuut to recommend like anybody with free will obviously to all continue asking questions as to what sort of action is most effective to 'coerce authorities' and reign back the government, I mean one may never even attend a protest, but in their mind may WANT buuuut lets suuuuggest still feel exhausted at the very thought sometimes, so this is why I portray in this way, to appear in a thread like a bolt of blue **probably FOR PROTESTS for me I tend to side with** yet I still contain of mind savvy general discernment I 'pledge' over what I personally might ascribe as basicly a reasonable debate here I GUESS  but just saying no matter what anyones ideas a good degree of chilled focus every now & then to keep good in our own projections - - as well as open-mindeness from all - - IS HEALTHY where common sense may still have a place in all this, and so is good for all of us in gaining new ideas or just a rational common perspective on how to anything,   like for me **never - SADLY even been on a protest myself** but anyway asking do I have the will,, time,, energy,, or for whomever it be asking themselves the same question when feeling a little exhausted by subjects -- at which time(s) -in our posting frenzy or whatever- it would be divine (and can proove useful in mental sustainability on these harder topics like protesting) maybe to bring back the slightly little softer call of cerebal equilibrium -no yee not self delusion- on the subject so as to hear all voices, and yet not be a 'spleen venting hornet'  more than one has to be whilst caught in the fray more than necessary.... Good to vent though in general I must say!!!) :) 

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