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  1. ... ^^So refreshing^^... We can at least set an example.. Excuse the language here but yes, if we show care to be careful by not pissing on our own graves (excuse me, just a metaphor). OR I MEAN NOT SHOOTING OURSELVES IN FOOT, TOO RIGHT MY FRIEND. AND... Ciritcal thinking must be encouraged sure, to let the unawakened rekindle their DORMANT SELF... To Self ReFormat by natural means...Encouraging Their Own Worth and so Casting aside anti-human "system programming" . They must be allowed their MOMENT(S) of self reflection and from there where they ca
  2. Absolutely yes!! ETA:- Especially to anybody that tries to smother any self worth one has in an attempt to sully it (for all truthers already feeling the pinch) and so to have that (whats in our hearts) crumpled up by whomever by the ignorant or that said or done to us by would be assassins/narcs, they can use this ignorance of theirs as you know like a "ridiculous. power" to try to cover (us) in by means of embarrassment just to make us feel bad about ourselves in the light of sometimes 'bare naked' truth or *however truth comes to light* by each our own discretion or skill
  3. I had a thought about this GREAT PHRASE "cognitive dissonance" Just coz its so useful to say... And right as you posted that ITTT yeah it came to mind. :) Just b/c my lexicon for words & phrases in conjunction with truth totally NEEDS these kind of wordings to explain how we are internally being affected.. Or those in denial like sheeple are being affected moreover.
  4. Not suggest anything wrong with your hashtag OP but just as way to express myself I posted some symbolic hashtag the other day (non-real afaik) on the forum just for showing my mood, like instead of an emoticon... Anyway,greetings, good topic.. #feeling lost - equally says a lot on its own by how some people including me will feel that sometimes, like lost, ostracised by seemingly fascist sheep, or just nervous/fedup with narrow minded people in particular... But look to the thread about ways of convincing others I would head toward... Will edit to post thread link lat
  5. I've always respected Madeleys views. Here no less. Good video.
  6. Darn good question, I am not a legally minded person but I really and in deed dearly hope someone here can office advice to answer that since corporation big pharma practically own everything and growing unchecked in many ways, until no soul or free will remains with thee ability to complain, let alone have justice prevail.. To have no liability for these sinister jokers responsible for the plandemic, to undermine the defence of anyone effected by this vaccine enforcement goal I guess, well this is the ultimate malevolent tyranny unfolding... 'Untouchables' as I'm sure they see
  7. Cool. Just had a quick look. It is to the point. Way to go. Professionals are indeed some of the most needed people to standup. Thanks for posting.
  8. @loady.... Good job you posted some of that stuff here as just how big is the DLoad using the link? I have memory concerns based on my current phone, thats the only reason I say/ask. Thanks anyway, worth a look sometime as you suggest..
  9. @steven geldenhuys I am reading this thread **slowly**, necessarily, as life don't allow me luxuries to wallow online this year,, but as I do read I'm taking it as it is for the most, appreciating the narrative (as narratives take time) yet not going at it like as if reading a book exactly :) .. And in a semi-detached or perhaps objective reasoning way (sometimes I better do this way to not become energetically attached to something and also don't fry my mind), as first of all I don't know you Steve, but there's no problem in that, and btw if that thread of yours like this one which got
  10. until

    No confusion intended. The situation was already confusing, (or maybe thats a bit of me in the mix, my sometimes natural state as part of the process for finding equilibrium) ... I am not really a sit on the fence type of person exactly as you might infer, but on a forum we can be more free to e press.. So thats what I was doing.. Nothing to bind anyones opinion that doesn't want binding.. :) Anyway, thanx for thou cow. Made my day. He looks peaceful.
  11. until

    Sorry.... 'softer cell' (my new non denominational is it?? expression, anyway pertaining to a peaceful mind in a splintered world) ended up as "softer call", oh well either fits. Happily. Ya know, cellular brain harmony, thine own wellness.. Equilibrium of the self, even if it is hard to relax in the midst of revolt ~and/or whatever too assaulting our senses at large in a zany gaga 'wokist' ewok epoc world. Lol
  12. until

    Okay, been reading both sides... Pretend I am opinionless Or isssh! ~Anyway... trying to take in various views... ... And what IF anyONE who normally agree protests are swell idea, but might be cowed or impositioned somehow like a confused animal or cow that has got tired of standing and so chews the cud lying down instead? Hmmm. If only life were of such green pasture and non-servitude ~I WISH ALRIGHT (Non compliance goes me, etc) ... ...but EXAMPLE~ the cow may not nutrify itself with enough green grass this way... He does not move around enough to get a broad eno
  13. Btw, I read Macnamara's post preceding today directly, so you mate I'm pretty impressed by. Good understanding of the human condition verses the modern onslaught. Like to do with bio-rythyms which I very much agree with... Thanks also for telling a bit about your van & communing with nature +thrift aspect of the story too. *thumbsup*
  14. Hi, FANTASTIC JESSE **much needed** THREAD!! My phone history tells me I found/ recently caught sight of it (April 4th) and glad I did. Thankyou MegaLoads!! ... Because conspiracies can get really wearing to the uninitiated (I am neither amateur nor expert, somewhere inbetween, but it doesn't matter, thats my point, we could even be the seasoned spy cracker level of endurance type, and only end up cracking ourselves,in a humorous way of looking at it, lol... Therefore mental health and all that depends on that for stability IS VITAL. Just lile vital energy itself, and pure po
  15. Ps,, its important to realize you know some of whom we may call 'heathens' and yeah they exist, by whatever label... (but maybe just a bit roguei-sh in character) and COULD BE more just "A Jack Jones" (sts, AND FOR WANT OF A BETTER PHRASE) ... Whilst still not very pleasant, it don't always mean to say a person is to be perceived as trouble, or vexatious spirit necessarily. **Just a thought on anyones character in general there** ..And therein more than what meets the eye JUST MAYBE. (in good way or bad way. That is in the eye of the beholder as always) ... Anyway... Any type o
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