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  1. According to latest science - Gravity is not a force.
  2. Never underestimate their over confidence!
  3. Because everything comes from a ground. Like an apple tree. When the apple gets heavy enough it falls to the ground - where it came from. So a helium balloon has density. A vacuum is the absence of matter, (Though not 100%). So you have a helium balloon whose density is greater than the medium it is in. In this case a vacuum. So it falls to the ground. Hence it is the law of relative density disequilibrium.
  4. Someone must be able to get their hands on one of these vials so we can find our what the hell is in there! Or maybe once someone is vaccinated, their blood work can be studied to find out if there is an increase in levels of toxins
  5. Seeking equilibrium. If an object is denser than the medium it is in, it falls. Everything seeks equilibrium, which is the ground. So a helium balloon in a vacuum would fall. But in air, would rise.
  6. Yes because I am more dense than air. Will go off and browse through that thread. Lots of great guys on you tube pushing this, Shout out to the FED team!
  7. The Virus has never been isolated so no one can have it!
  8. I dont believe many people have got it. Maybe a few thousand. I know no one who has had the jab, do you?
  9. You trust Richard Dawkins? Relative density explains the world around us. Or more accurately relative density disequilibrium.
  10. Gravity is a theory that has never been proven.
  11. No virus - then no vaccine. So what is in the jab - if anything?
  12. Exactly what is in the jab! Is unrelated to RNA or mRNA or MBNA for all I know.
  13. The virus for Covid 19 has never been isolated. There is no evidence it exists!
  14. Dont they need to know the DNA of the virus (in this case RNA as it is an RNA virus?) for the mRNA to work?
  15. As I understand from this site and various others, Cov-Sars-2 has never been isolated. If it has never been isolated then we dont know its RNA. How can we have a mRNA vaccine to deal with a virus that we dont the RNA of, as it has never been isolated!
  16. How does a vaccine alter DNA? I doubt these vaccines do anything let alone hand our souls to the devil.
  17. 11.465 million been vaccinated in Uk so far. Who believes that? Lucky to get 11 thousand in my opinion! When will they stop?
  18. Scored/assisted - same thing. Goal was all about Rashford.
  19. Rashford just scored. Wait for him to start encouraging the BAME lot to take the jab!
  20. Just to be clear you are going to take the Astra Zeneca vaccine so you can travel?
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