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  1. Keeping telling people - Cov-Sars-2 virus has never been isolated!
  2. I am certain in Dubai you have to wear masks outside. And even in a car when there are passengers.
  3. Even more sinister the virus maybe mapped after Jesus!
  4. The virus has never been isolated so it cant have variants!
  5. Just read this on CNN - https://edition.cnn.com/2021/02/09/health/coronavirus-flu-spread-cdc-wellness/index.html And 78 children had died of flu at this point last year. This year, just one pediatric flu death has been reported. What has happened to those other 77 kids this year? I only hope they are safe.
  6. I distance myself from all the above comments. Just in case anyone wants to attribute them to me! :-)
  7. I am not belttowerblues. So we all agree! :-)
  8. Which page number? Nothing on my notification list from Mcnamara. Cov-Sars-2 has never been isolated and breaks Koch's postulates!
  9. Macnamara and yourself think the virus is real?
  10. The virus has never been isolated and the mRna vaccine changes your DNA. And the Oxford one doesnt even work according to numerous countries around the plane.
  11. Helium balloons fall before they explode in a vacuum. Are you good at being wrong?
  12. 12.2million at moment. I would put the figure nearer 122.
  13. Sound like you are thinking of getting it?
  14. Boris is not a big fan of Liverpool.
  15. Never knew that! Why hasnt this been more widely publicized!
  16. Seems there are more people here who know someone with HIV than Covid. And the example was given was of someone with no symptoms if I read correctly? It was by chance she had her blood tested for HIV. Sounds like they used HIV as a trial run for Covid.
  17. I think it doubt comes from the HIV virus not having been isolated according to Koch's postulates.
  18. Plenty of talk that HIV is a hoax too.
  19. Has your PM done a good job? She shut your country off from the world.
  20. Supposedly if the vaccine is real, it changes your DNA. I am not sure that is transmissible between people. Other than maybe sex or blood transfusions?
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