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  1. Still doesnt prove the jabs are delivering a vaccine.
  2. mRNA............ LMFAO mRNA......................
  3. I can show you saline solution. Show me mRNA.
  4. Israel, the UK and the USA are so far the 3 most vaccinated populations - if you believe the figures. So they should be hit by depopulation before say Poland, Iran and Indonesia ?
  5. I am 46 and noone has asked me. If they do I will give the same answer numerous forum members (older than myself) have given. "No." You have read these posts?
  6. And my question to you is - when will this reduction in population in the UK be apparent. Obvious and observable? Let alone across the world.
  7. Most of this 25000 starvation deaths are in Africa? Are you suggesting the population of Africa is decreasing?
  8. And that increase has occurred before the vaccinations for Covid. What will happen to this increase now?
  9. 25 000 people starve a day worldwide? And that is evidence of a depopulation agenda?
  10. By 2025 what in approximate terms will the population of the UK be? 70million plus? 60million - 70million? 50million - 60million? Less than 50mliion?
  11. Sure and we will then see a significant increase in the numbers of people with Aids and cancer. But when will this increase be obvious? Especially among the over 65s. How many people currently gets Aids who are 65plus? I suggest it will be obvious and observable when people in that age group suddenly get HIV.
  12. Long term seems pretty open ended. I confidently predict 100% of the people reading this post will be dead in 100 years time. (Long term.) Again infertility for adults 18-40 will be apparent within the next 2years. There is no virus, There is no vaccine. And I might be a lone voice on this site, but I dont see any evidence of a depopulation agenda - certainly not in the scale talked about here.
  13. Unless you can prove otherwise, yes saline. There is no evidence for a virus and there is no evidence for a vaccine. Do you believe 17million plus adults have been vaccinated in the UK? If so when do we see the unfortunate results of these jabs in a similar scale. They havent spent billions of pounds for a few hundred or even a few thousand people to get ill. When do we see 25% plus of that 17million people start ending up in ICU?
  14. Covid passports that cant be forged? I will believe it when I see it. Big push to have everyone vaccinated? As plenty of david icke forum users have testified - they have been asked to come in for the jab. They have refused and nothing has happened. (so far). Hardly a big push.
  15. I dont know what is in the vaccine. If I was a betting man I would say saline solution. If you believe millions just in the UK have had it and it is some kind of slow acting poison then at some point we should see obvious and observable results?
  16. I dont believe there is a virus and I dont believe there is a vaccine. And i dont believe millions have had a jab of whatever is in the needle.
  17. So when will we see obvious and observable evidence of this 95% reduction within the next 8 years 10months?
  18. 5% reduction of population every year for 10 years would result in around a 40% reduction from the start of year 1. 65million x (0.95)^10 = just under 39million
  19. So UK population will reduce by 95% by 2030?
  20. Ok but that is a long list of dead politicians and elite players.
  21. Benevolent forces as I understand. I am openminded under whose command they are. I am trying to find any evidence if this theory that the deep state players were being taken out is/was true. As I said in March/APril 2020 there was a big push behind this on social media.
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