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  1. Like the way you think. Too many seem to have lost the fight in them. If Piers Corbyn can get out there and stick to them, then we all can!
  2. I don't follow you! LOL. You have a high opinion of yourself don't you?
  3. Here is an even better video of what Piers has gone through
  4. Ok so in other words it would make a difference.
  5. Piers Corbyn is a brave man! I find what you just said disgusting! You should be ashamed of yourself!!
  6. You are in the Ukraine? So things wouldnt be any different there if Boris and Hancock were in charge?
  7. Someone tweet Piers and get him to have a word!
  8. Well you seem to be lifting the responsibility off Boris' s shoulders. I personally hold Boris completely responsible for the mess we are in at the moment.
  9. Sounds like you are waving the white flag!
  10. You mean unlike the situation we are in now? At last Piers Corbyn would have his ear. Blood is thicker than water remember!
  11. Yeah right. I am going to assume you are being sarcastic.
  12. I personally voted for Jeremy Corbyn. I think those who voted Boris should hang their heads in shame!
  13. Actually you will find it is me who brought up the question of sexual relations with someone who has been jabbed in a separate thread -
  14. Some on this thread have likened the jab to getting HIV. But also note others have stated the dreaded PCR test is used to diagnose HIV.
  15. We do not know what is it. But as said above, there is no way they can jab 25 000 people an hour just in the UK. So they have been caught lying about the delivery - whatever is in the jab. As for Bill Gates, I dont believe him. Just because he says he has some mRNA system, doesnt mean its true. Anyway time will tell.
  16. At last a concrete time frame! So this time next year, there will be an obvious and observable decrease in the population of the UK. And to your question - there has never been any sort of coronavirus vaccine. But somehow they found one in ten months? THE ANSWER - there is no new coronavirus and there is no vaccine! SIMPLES!
  17. Now I am not going to be able to sleep tonight! ZOMBIES!!!
  18. You think 17million plus people in the UK have been vaccinated? Let alone with some magic mRNA?
  19. There has been at 80% death rate around me? I live in London Zone 2. You think I might have noticed that?
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