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  1. I just want to say to David, he is not alone. If not enough people wake up fast enough, and says "STOP", we might end up where link to AI implant becomes mandatory. I will never ever give in to that. If the choice is starvation, I'll take that. Death is just an illusion. The physical body is an illusion. This is not something I believe, this is something I experience quite often, by leaving this body and visit the realms beyond. And in those regions, awakend souls are getting ready to incarnate (they have started already, in order to tip the scale our way). Keep up David. Your message is heard.
  2. The golden age ended long before the destruction of Atlantis, but from my memory, we had superiour technology. Atlantis met destruction 12000 years ago, ending approx 63 millilon lives. But at the end, Atlantis was just a mess, worse than we are today. They took the wrong turn about 20 - 18 000 years ago.
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