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  1. Just got this email asking for a WORLDWIDE PROTEST in support of AUSTRALIA https://www.reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au/sos/?vgo_ee=uECDMaoBAb2%2BEeZDpHzjZwA3SuMkJhmkGexv49sZvNU%3D
  2. I dug out my old home brew kit last March. Have learnt a lot, tried different malts & hops, adjusted the process and now am pleased to say it's actually starting to taste good. And at an average 60p a pint and a dedicated fridge for storage, the only thing missing is the banter.
  3. I've already declined. When I trained in Statistics I soon learnt they can be adjusted, weighted and manipulated to justify whatever point was desired by the manipulator. That experience stood me in good stead but created a cynical germ of doubt in all figures pushed at me, by whatever authority. It seems that cynicism is well founded in these times of extreme fear-mongering, as figures banded about with abandon turn out to be nonsense six or twelve months later, but the short term memory of the sheep stifles the hope of exposure. The plan, as David has always maintained, is set out in Agenda 2030 and carved clearly on the Georgia Guidestones, is control by the few, for the few, and puppet Governments, on whom the Secret Services have shedloads of dirt to ensure compliance, will do the bidding as per the programme until, or unless we stand up and say no. I am fortunate, being old & having seen many places, so am not really bothered about travel abroad any more, but my grandchildren will be thwarted by this plan if we just continue to roll over like we have done so far as we see clearly how the picture unfolds to totalitarianism and jackboots.
  4. UK Vaccine Minister: All Over Age 50 Must Be Vaccinated Before Lockdown Lift Begins https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/uk-vaccine-minister-all-over-age-50-must-be-vaccinated-lockdown-lift-begins
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