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  1. https://william31127.wixsite.com/conspiracyologist/post/doctor-confirms-parasitic-worms-on-facemasks
  2. https://william31127.wixsite.com/conspiracyologist/post/whistleblower-confirms-the-government-agenda-to-introduce-vaccine-passports
  3. https://william31127.wixsite.com/conspiracyologist/post/symbols-and-logos-used-by-pedophiles-fbi-document
  4. https://william31127.wixsite.com/conspiracyologist/post/the-gift-of-dogs-spiritual-lessons-from-dogs
  5. https://william31127.wixsite.com/conspiracyologist/post/turkish-police-recover-stolen-jewish-torah-scrolls-decorated-with-satanic-illuminati-symbolism
  6. I do sometimes doubt the Berkey filters: https://4perfectwater.com/blog/berkey-filter/ I know 100% that water distillers work, the only downfall is that you need to plug them in, but at least you can be sure its getting rid of all the rubbish stuff in the water. If I was just filtering water from a natural source (not tap water) I would probably just use either a Berkey filter or just activated carbon filter as the only thing I would have to filter is the organics (bird poo, dead animal falls into water source)
  7. never heard of animals doing it, its completely unnatural, its an inversion of nature
  8. I know that there is something bad about reverse osmosis? the article does recommend using a distiller to purify water as that gets rid of everything
  9. I'm going to be using a water distiller, they are meant to be the best filters??
  10. Very true i've bought a distiller and it should be coming sometime this week, not to mention all the other chemicals they put in water
  11. https://william31127.wixsite.com/conspiracyologist/post/how-to-remove-estrogen-from-your-drinking-water
  12. https://william31127.wixsite.com/conspiracyologist/post/david-icke-and-credo-mutwa-talk-about-the-pedophilia-and-secret-society-s-that-control-the-world
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