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  1. We may be aware but that makes no difference as long as we're not together.
  2. Whatever way you look at it, it is the same as has been tried again and again... It's a clique of people (who are deeply racist, don't EVER assimilate and are mentally unstable through centuries of interbreeding) doing this.
  3. Good point. Demonstrations are piss poor resistance. The shits are way more devious and clever than your average human who just likes being. I learnt my lessons in the UK anti-capitalist 'era'. It didn't take me much thinking to realise that the demo's were ineffective - fucking drums and face paints - that was the shits idea. There's no-one breaking out of the 'protest, peacefully if possible but shout at the nasty policemen' mentality to - Spread the protests out. Fuck London, do it in your own town. Show them that they can't deploy anywhere near enough po
  4. I don't think you're alone. I feel very angry about what's happening as it has happened before (not quite as bad) but when it did the 'who's' were ejected, rejected or whatever - they didn't get to claim a messiah, Annihilate Amalek and rule an androgynous world yet. This time around they laid the groundwork better - media, politicians, technocrats, educators etc. Most people are afraid to even think about the 'who's' for fear of ostricisation or worse and they were brought up on a diet of bogus history and science. How many 'goes' are we going to let them have?
  5. Like all good torture - squeeze, release, squeeze, release, squeeze squeeze squeeze. Why don't people see it?
  6. yeah dude, I was looking at loads of pics last night, the wedding - so few pictures but interesting. There's definately been a swap sometime. Probably when Kevin stopped getting movie deals. Do you think they're getting divorced because 'she' finally said Bill could 'do it' the 'other way' - and he couldn't find a vagina? I think they just got a really close, but no cigar, match. I didn't post anything because I was half-cut and a lazy bastard.
  7. They're bot in the pocket of the 'you know who's', taking a tidy shekel on the side. Ask them a difficult question about palestine.
  8. Does anyone else think Malignenta or whatever her name will revert to her pre-marriage name and go back to acting as Kevin kline?
  9. I think Amish superiority and their plot to get rid of all humans is becoming more known about. I certainly never miss an opportunity to out them. As far as I can tell from my most recent reading the Amish are just patsies in a long-game run by who knows. There are those that say their destruction is also part of the plan. Who knows? could be a double bluff. However anyone involved, knowingly or ignorantly (not nesciently) in the plan should just die now please.
  10. will it work if you view it here; https://ifers.123.st/t340p125-coronavirus-and-forced-vaccination-manipulation#17008
  11. This is a 'holy shit' video https://www.bitchute.com/video/NDZU5StAc9x0/
  12. Used to love both Rose and Passio, can't fault much of what they present BUT (and as you see it's a big but), they don't 'go there' and it's 'there' that much of this comes from: The Talmud and the Zohar, Zionism and Israel - even the jews themselves are destined to be destroyed by the real powers behind this. God only knows who that might be.
  13. My thoughts too. I'm semi-prepped but there's no-one around me with anywhere near the sense of urgency. Plus in the UK where do I go? The unfortunate reality is we don't know what's happening. All the infrastructure for the beast system is being put into place right now. The transhuman technology is matured, the robots are ready, they can bag and tag every coffee bean already. All they need to do now is kill off 90% of us. Oh wait, they're already doing that. Answers on a postcard please.
  14. it's a big shame that that includes loved-ones, family, friends etc. My own wife has refused all information and has actually said 'I dont want to know that' to stuff Ive never worn a mask (well once for a few minutes at a funeral out of respect) and I note my feelings changing to disgust at all the people in the supermarket with their slave masks on.
  15. There's another Pfizer or other vendors document that mentions transmission of the spike protein from vaxxed zombies in trials to normal people not in the trials but connected to them, i.e. conducting them, by inhalation or contact - OMG they are much more evil than we thought! I'm fucking worried now about being around vaccinated idiots. Genie out of the bottle anyone? Or total hoaxy thing as we're not what we think we are.
  16. However I reserve judgement until I've read it all. And DAMMIT I cant help myself but include this in my books being read list - damn you all, intriguing writers!
  17. minor red flag. New age alert. We are not all one in a new agey cosmic quantum soupy goo, but we are all oneness individually in the creation.
  18. I have literally just glanced at this and will read it. My main endeavor at the moment is to establish who our true enemy is - this is no easy task and I expect to fail. This will have to wait until I have finished: Antichrist conspiracy by Edward Hendrie.
  19. 69 pah! If needed you will go on for another 30+ years. I think you're needed so that's that. That shit weasel Phil the Greek nearly made 100, so you've got to exceed that scum. Accept all but trust no-one but yourself. See what is not seen.
  20. You're prevaricating. Brand is obviously inappropriate with children -this is a massive red flag to anyone who knows about abuse (and I have extensive knowledge from personal conversations with victims). Your examples involve adults on both sides. I don't watch jewtube much any more and that vid was from bitchute (or shitchute as you'd probably term it). I would point out that even if the video provider is a jewish, tikum olam seeking, mossiach anticipating animal shit weasel the images speak for themselves and show Brand is a scum-level fuckwit. W
  21. For those people seeking evidence, how much do you have to have? 1. Most if not all the people you think ARE paedophiles have accusers. This does not mean someone without an accuser is necessarily NOT a paedophile. Having an accuser brings with it all manner of attention. 2. Watch with your own eye's the children in the video. Forget the lizard eyes stuff etc. Look at how uncomfortable she is and at how inappropriately he's holding her. If someone sat with my female child at that age like that in front of me - 'I'd do time' as they say. If you think it's in
  22. Do you think Brand is very eloquent when touching up or raping children?
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