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  1. um.... Reuters, of course, the most trusted of sources. How exactly is a dynasty being formed? F*ck off trollikins. 77 or the Israeli bunch? Bit like the banana bunch I suppose.
  2. Are you serious? Eight hours in total? Did you watch them all? I absolutely F*cking doubt it. Plus, after watching about 10 mins of the first one I get the definite impression of... mutual masturbation. Has anyone here watched all of them? If you have please give us a summary. I thinj we all know by now that JP is the worst kind of shill.
  3. F*cking AshkaNAZI jew cuck. Used to like him. Loved his demolishing BBC twats. Liked much of his rhetoric, but woke up. F*cking AsskaNAZI jew cuck. Like one of my other previous idols Leonard Cucken. P.S. Grumpy, I *'d the swears. Is this OK?
  4. Great guy. I've followed him for quite a while. AND I still like him. However. Unfortunately. Like all the other trusted ones. There are some places he wont go. I have yet to find a 'voice' who goes EVERYWHERE.
  5. Maybe split the thread in two - Proofs/arguments for FE - For those that lean towards FE already and want more information/evidence - and not to be told that they're retards for even thinking it. Proofs/arguments for BALL - Exactly as above but leaning toward the BALL. Then there need not arise such negativity.
  6. I'm sorry, but I'm beginning to doubt the amount of serious research you've done for yourself. You could provide credible books, articles etc. I'm not even going to watch the guy in his garage proving a spinning ball. If I get time I will find the material i've read on the pendulum and other so-called proofs, but I'm 'tired and emotional' right now. I think this is quite poignant.
  7. Choose which way you die? That's like giving a turkey the freedom to choose between being roasted or grilled. Anyone caught in such a situation HAS THE RIGHT to NOT take it. The only way they can force you to take it is physically by holding you down and jabbing you. However they can coerce you and if you're weak enough you'll be coerced. You'll think 'oooh i'm going to lose my job, possessions, colleagues, friends' or whatever. FTS. And if you value those things over your own life and well-being (without which you cannot help others), then you deserve your fate. Which one are you taking/taken theanonymousbear?
  8. sources please, I did a quick search and got bogged down.
  9. Wow. That's a 'slam-dunk' I think the phrase is. There really couldn't be any other explanation.
  10. Are you fucking mental? 'In my mind'? - NO, in reality, look it up. And both your examples are complete SHIT. Fill your basin to the top. Let it drain some way and observe the direction it starts to drain in. Then put your hand or a wooden spoon in and stir it the other way. It will continue that way until drained. SHOW ME YOUR VIDEO OF THIS FAIL IN YOUR OWN HOME. i.e. after stirring the water goes back to the original direction. And don't be pedantic about how big your basin is. Foucault pendulum, er usually only when someone has given it a push. SHOW ME YOUR (or anyone else's) VIDEO OF A PENDULUM EVENTUALLY STARTING TO MOVE FROM STANDING, AND THEN ROTATING BECAUSE OF THE EARTHS ROTATION, WITHOUT A PUSH. You cannot do either. And TBH wouldn't it mean that everything that is suspended in this world (like my kitchen utensils etc.) would be moving somewhat? Mad mad world if you ask me. Be like being on a ship, or er.... spaceship ha ha ha ha!
  11. I don't dimwit. I'm suggesting that there are many aerial, land based and ionospheric utilising devices transmitting, reflecting and relaying radiated signals . None of which require infinate space, all of which can give complete coverage. Look up the Google loons etc.
  12. That really made my stomach turn, shame it's a fish-eye lens on the camera too. I wonder if whoever does that parachutes back down.
  13. Where do you get that speed from? 1600 and not bumping into each other either. Really? You can see something THAT small, THAT far away, going THAT fast with a telescope? I have a Nikon P1000, as soon as I can I will try and set up to look at one, or maybe the ISS. So you're saying that given knowledge of the satellites, locations and trajectories you will be able to detect the signal getting stronger as they approach and weaker as they leave. You'd have to do this in a remote, isolated spot far far away from civilisation, so let me know how it worked out when you get back. If all the experiments to determine the spin of the earth conducted over the last century failed why do you think bits of tinfoil in the sky proves it? Sounds barmy to me. The balloons are very efficient, resilient and used by NASA, Google and others. They have thousands. The balloons are filled for certain heights where they will either just sit there (geostationary) or move in an identified air current. They're pretty clever these scientists.
  14. Tosh. We're human beings (Gods ultimate creation), material, like the world surrounding us. Be careful what you believe for your future.
  15. The Christian way is not immoral. Please explain why you think it is.
  16. NO. You prove to me how that is so. If it's implausible to travel round a flat plane in 90 mins how is it easier to do it round a glob? How are they 'visualised'? (Massive red flag there btw), photgraphs perchance? I think not. How do you track them at their enormous speeds please? Do you do it, or do you rely on someone else's data? Are you denying that many many satellites are suspended on balloons? Proof of a 1700mph orbit please, because to me that sounds shite just from the point of view that we're supposed to be spinning at 1000mph to start with. So please clarify how we are to understand your assertions. Sources please snods.
  17. How do you know you're not getting your signal from one of these babies?
  18. Then you should politely 'go away' if it's of no interest. Personally I'm starting to see ballers as slightly insane. And which cabal is that you speak of?
  19. OK all you ballers. You're SO sure that you're right. And backed by all your evidence (snigger) it should be REALLY REALLY easy to make yourself $10,000. Let us know how you get on.
  20. ummm..... Grumpy should trust their senses. Do you feel anything like the phenomenal combined movement were supposed to be going at? Lots of 666's in the numbers. Do you see ANY variation in the positions of the stars year on year even though we're hurtling, spinning, twisting at who knows how many millions of miles an hour through infinite space? Have you tried to verify for yourself the supposed curvature? 8" per mile squared (66.6% of a foot). I have. Do you think the glob tilts (like NASA does) at 23.4 degrees? 90 degrees minus 23.4 = 66.6 degrees, noticing a theme here? And the evidence you have is what? Seriously, what is your evidence that we're on a spinning glob, in infinite space. Making us monkey boy nothings. Is that what you think?
  21. One is able to see ones own filth in the presence of sounds like this and repent. Excuse me, while I cry like a baby.
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