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  1. Nice curvature song... https://s3.wasabisys.com/public-videos/DENIS Flat Earth Stuff/where_the_curve_%40-pvU_1EYTXKo.mp4
  2. The archive I mentioned above has a play random video feature. While I was trying to think about search terms I clicked it and magically got this! https://s3.wasabisys.com/public-videos/Ashlee Webster/Flat_Earth_-_Tides_The_Electromagnetic_Energy_of_the_Sun_Moon_Part_2-0vS3lnDja5w.mp4 Lots of demonstrations of principles etc and not something I've come across before. Fascinating. Part1 is here and is a nice build up to part 2. https://s3.wasabisys.com/public-videos/Ashlee Webster/Flat_Earth_-_Tides_The_Electromagnetic_Energy_of_the_Sun_Moon-_pauQitNEM0.mp4
  3. Has anyone watched the program on TV about Bogus-Bezos and his jaunt? I will have to watch it on my own because I can't help ripping these things up. I saw the launch video and again, they didn't go into 'space'.
  4. How can you say that with a straight face Grumpy? It's very well known that the flat earth society is controlled op, so their forum will be too. Both the others are poor too. flatearthers.org only has 38 forum members! I'm sure there must be more and better places. I'll have a root. For a start this archive will have many and varied videos on the subject: https://s3.wasabisys.com/public-videos/index.html#/
  5. Loads of stuff here: https://ifers.123.st/ although I feel Eric Dubay is ultimately a shill because of his theosphical new-age satanic-wrapped-up-in-tinsel shit.
  6. Like the Bronfmans or Mayer Lanski or any number of chosen rascals!
  7. Not conventional in terms of asthetics, but shows beauty in the love this cat had for people. This, my middle daughter and Zebedee, a cat who just came to join us (even though we had two cats already, and he wasn't welcomed by them). He belonged to a neighbor and it was only after he died that we found out he had adopted at least two other families in the village. I remember when I met him. I was sitting having a fag in my porch and he appeared in my garden. I love cats and so attracted his attention. He just came up, jumped onto my lap, settled down and purred. Like one of my other cats he loved to get inside the bed for cuddles for a while.
  8. Well they did choose an avatar doing 'that thing', sssshhh.....
  9. Look them in the eyes and say 'fuck off, I didn't make you ill you cunt, you probably had too many pies or fags'
  10. Got someone coming at the weekend, Dyed-in-the-wool vaxxer, Wants everyone to have it, So-called health professional. Had it several months ago. Gonna have that magnet near by when I lean-in to offer wine, Oops! Sorry! Although she might already be zombified and want to eat my brains, Good luck with that HA! I don't have any left.
  11. Can't help thinking there's a lot of symbolism in the hand and arm postures. Spooky, never seen it before.
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