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  1. and dude. Look at that brow ridge.
  2. Before one dives in I would suggest seeing a full length. Just to check the shoulder/hip proportions. Just saying, that's all.
  3. The Daily Star IS a joke and always has been. I'm sure there are US equivalents but can't remember names.
  4. Dude. Big shoulders, held back so you cant see how much wider than the hips they are. Long arms, square jaw. Dude.
  5. Brandy Vaughan was a head salesperson at Merck until she realized the drugs she was pushing were killing people. She then made exposing the criminal pharmaceutical industry her life mission, until she was murdered on December 7, 2020. This was 11 days before the Covid vaxx received emergency use. https://worldtruthvideos.website/v/lN1suJ
  6. um.... Reuters, of course, the most trusted of sources. How exactly is a dynasty being formed? F*ck off trollikins. 77 or the Israeli bunch? Bit like the banana bunch I suppose.
  7. Are you serious? Eight hours in total? Did you watch them all? I absolutely F*cking doubt it. Plus, after watching about 10 mins of the first one I get the definite impression of... mutual masturbation. Has anyone here watched all of them? If you have please give us a summary. I thinj we all know by now that JP is the worst kind of shill.
  8. F*cking AshkaNAZI jew cuck. Used to like him. Loved his demolishing BBC twats. Liked much of his rhetoric, but woke up. F*cking AsskaNAZI jew cuck. Like one of my other previous idols Leonard Cucken. P.S. Grumpy, I *'d the swears. Is this OK?
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