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  1. Find out 'the basics' for yourself. I did my own practical research when this subject insulted itself into my life. Read some books, there are plenty. Buy a decent camera or telescope, go out and look. I'm lucky enough to be near a high spot where I can see far enough with my P1000 to verify that I shouldn't be able to see that far because the earth curves away from me, rendering verifiable landmarks invisible apparently. Doh!
  2. Law 7: Get Others to Do the Work for You, but Always Take the Credit: Get others to do your work for you. Use their skill, time, and energy to further your ambitions while taking full credit. You’ll be admired for your efficiency. Getting a bit sus here. And TBH it starts to get a bit talmudic. Feeling a bit premature here in praising it. I prefer the old 'kill them all' policy opposed to tricking them into killing themselves gradually by immigration.
  3. Whoa baby, I'm only a dozen laws in and feeling like a pig in shit. The only redemption I claim is that knowing these things is very different to using them.
  4. I've not read any de Sade and it's got to be thirty years since I read Mac. My abiding impression was of the utter ruthlessness required to secure lasting victory.
  5. And it's another rambling, new agey load of tosh. Good to see it die. Let's get back to the matters in hand.
  6. If I remember correctly one should eliminate ALL the other princes progeny as well, even down to the pets. You never know. That pet hamster may remember what you did and shit in your food. But seriously, kill them all.
  7. Don't watch telly indiscriminately. In fact, don't watch telly. It's pure shite. I'm not bothered about a funeral plan for me. I'll be dead. Shove me in a ditch and spend the money on a piss up.
  8. Gatekeepers recognising gatekeepers! Position statements NSTA is engaged in an ongoing effort to "identify the qualities and standards of good science education," publishing its findings in the form of position statements.[4] These position statements are developed by science educators, scientists, and other national experts in science education, and the input of NSTA's membership is solicited before final approval by the board of directors. Over 35 topics are covered, including The Nature of Science, Safety and Science Instruction, The Teaching of Evolution, Environmental education, Responsible Use of Live Animals and Dissection in the Science Classroom, Gender Equity in Science Education, and Use of the Metric System. In 2018, the NSTA urged teachers to "emphasize to students that no scientific controversy exists regarding the basic facts of climate change."
  9. You're very small. The sun is a long way away on a very large plain doing a very large varying circle. I'm told it's about 5,000 miles up, so depending on where you are you could be thousands of miles away from it. Perspective easily accounts for this. It appears to follow an upward arc because of perspective. It's taken me a long time to 'see' this in the sky.
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