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  1. as usual..... * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. * The products sold on this site are not intended for use in the cure, treatment, prevention, or mitigation of any disease, including the novel coronavirus. Any suggestion to the contrary is false and is expressly disavowed. Cnuts.
  2. NO. Don't wear a f*cking mask - EVER. They have no positive benefit whatsoever. Plenty of negative health effects and.... It shows your compliance. Its origins are far into the past I am just learning. Long ago it was realised that covering the mouth and nose physiologically induced compliance. We all know the cultures that inflicted this on their women. The people selling 'resist' or any other activist-branded stuff of any sort are profiteering dickheads and to sell masks that have a protest message makes the wearer look like a retard.
  3. That's not anything. Certainly not human or female.
  4. That smells funny. Why was anyone filming her to start with? And she didn't seem keen on help from the passenger who jumped off.
  5. The black death was also er, quite serious shall we say;
  6. I think the poll results speak for themselves. We don't have to hate these people, we just need to listen and then think for ourselves! It is happening. I'm seeing it, normies waking up. And the beauty is that they are not already coralled like most of us. Long live normies who get fed up and start thinking! They're going to save us 'activist milksops'
  7. well spotted, I didn't want any bias if possible. I'm reading the 'third element of blood' it's astounding and when I can get it all straight and simple i'll post something.
  8. Can anyone help please? The way this prominent mans hands are clasped looks a bit masonic but I can't find any other example that might verify it. I suppose it's not very precisely held so mayby just normal?
  9. That made me cry a little. So lovely. They better not sack him. Can anyone translate what he say to camera?
  10. OH MY GOD. I just saw some of the BBC 6pm news because my wife was watching. They had a graphic showing the 5 tier lockdown system for scotland. IT STARTED AT TIER 0 !!!! - no groups more than eight etc. WTF! So there's no going back ever. I will try and get a screen shot somehow but i'm not registering on the BBC website for it.
  11. Here's a nice run down on the origins of Antifa - spooky! https://www.bitchute.com/video/14GKj5vD7qQ/
  12. Why do you hate life so much? Yes there is bad but as this thread is demonstrating (and I've only just got here) there is also great beauty.
  13. It's an interesting subject to research, good luck. I'm engaged in other research to do with Vaccines, mycrozymas etc. So don't really have time to put anything together for you. I would start with Koestlers book and then follow the threads therein like I did but I warn you they are thin. Archive.org is a reasonable resource for want of anything better. When and if I can recall where else I landed in that particular journey I will let you know. I'm not very good at documenting my researches because they're really just for me. I just mention stuff in threads when I think it's useful
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