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  1. I live near Marlborough in Wiltshire. Dead rural. There's one old black man I see a lot and apart from that it would only be tourists. It's actually a bit weird in one sense because I come from closer to London but in another it's like it would have been in the middle ages and that begs the question about whether 'good or bad'. Personally I'm pleased and proud to be a white European and steadfast in my love and respect for people of other races who feel the same about themselves. No homogenisation! Love the differences!
  2. One in which we can dump research, history, statistics etc. to show the horrific reality of the whole subject. I'd like this so that we can bask in the attention of the security services who have announced how they're going after anti-vaxxers. The trolls will be easy to spot but I'm interested in what else they have, apart from the asinine.
  3. yeah wind turbines are brilliant. Apart from being bird-chopping eyesores they present a unique recycling opportunity...
  4. Why not multiple venues? I know many people will want to hear speakers but surely many more are there for the defiance itself. Give people say five major meeting places. You could even split the speakers up if there was sufficient resource. Why make it easy for for porky?
  5. Picture taken just before the cat twatted him. Lightening claws win over flabby flesh every time.
  6. It's happening on a massive scale right now. Most sheeple will only notice rising prices and a little scarcity at first. 'They' are not stupid, it will only become truly apparent to the masses gradually and like boiling frogs by then it will be too late. Prepare.
  7. yup. I heard that the UK is to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles. I see smart motorways, 5G kit and all sorts being built with apparently no slow down all around me. I heard 'green new deal' several times on the radio. I see nothing but f*cking zombies when I shop. It will happen VERY suddenly and quickly. They will collapse the financial system, cripple power supply and destroy food (already well underway) to bring about famine and its fragrant accompaniments. Prepare.
  8. Yup. The history of vaccines is horrendous. The only reason the principle of inoculation has survived is because it's a f*cking weapon. Bearing in mind the constant human resistance to inoculation, the piss-poor record in performance and yet the vehement promotion by media I don't see why it isn't obvious to everyone. It's a weapon and nothing else. The human body has myriad ways of dealing with or expelling shit. The ONLY effective way of bypassing our natural defenses and getting shit in us is by..... yes, you've guessed it - inoculation.
  9. Yeah the sheeple herd themselves. And yes it does matter how many governments we have - ONE IS TOO MANY. No-one has the right to tell me how I should behave, I pay the consequences of transgressions of natural law which is why I don't (or at least try not to) transgress. My middle daughter tried to give me the 'unconscious bias' bullshit the other day. Basically saying all white people (although I don't think she includes herself for some reason) have an unconscious racism in them that they're not aware of......... ummm, I'm afraid I nearly lost it with her. There may
  10. yup, just two types; Us and Them. Everything that comes into view is controlled to some degree or other. We are being distracted like never before while they busy themselves with 5G. Nation states were created (in order to divide humans and facilitate slaughter on an unimaginable scale), only to be intentionally discredited and destroyed at the right time (Now, they think) to usher in.... well we all know by now. The next big things are financial collapse and power loss. They will come out of nowhere (cover story: it's the Ruskies) and then the 'DARK WINTER' (TM) begins.
  11. Violence no, force yes. Stand down, trust the plan - FTS! We must be ready to fight for our freedom and our values, our wives and our children. No-one here is a 'hater', I respect everyone's right to have a view whether I agree with them or not. Bastards.
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