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  1. Ahhhh.... Serco - "Service Company". So fucking huge and I mean leviathan". So into everything and I mean 'Everything'. And who owns it?
  2. Wow. You really are a massive....... probably be banned for the word I want to use.
  3. I carry these when I go out so if I'm challenged about not wearing a mask I hand it out and say I'm exempt. My wife came into the supermarket with me today, I don't wear a mask. She knows the score. She said 'i can't handle it it's just easier to wear one', I said whatever, it's your choice. About half way round doing the shop, unmolested I see another customer without a mask and said wow I don't feel quite so alone now - my wife became really agitated to the point of tears and walked off. Her mask got further and further from her face and we both walked out maskless. I'm pleased but it shows you how fucking powerful their programming is!
  4. Yeah, right. We are beyond the normal societal and existential constructs by now. What appears to be happening in clown world is pure fantasy. We need to see through it and prepare. The Khazars are ALWAYS ready for war if they don't get their own way.
  5. Re: The last vid. All Ashkenazi or more properly Khazar jews of course. It would be interesting to note when the expulsions ended and how (probably WWI, Russian 'revolution' or sum such). Also one should read 'The Thirteenth Tribe' as it gives such a good background and demonstrates how genuinely clever these pagans were. They were also extremely financially successful so when they saw that their empire couldn't last they created the diaspora seeded with enormous wealth. And here we are today.
  6. got buried quickly but still worth a read
  7. Most basic thing about debt is (in law) there are two levels; 1 = mortgage, rent, utilities etc, 2 = credit, loans, HP etc. If you have ANY level 1 debt the level 2 creditors can go do one. So in my own case I made sure I was a little behind with my mortgage and then cut my own deal of - no interest, no phone calls and I pay a nominal 'good faith' payment of £2 a month (he he). It's now £5 a month but only because one of them (out of 6, count them, 6 credit cards) decided to try and take me to court. After nine months and quite a lot of hassle they ended up with another £3 pounds. It cost me a little bit to initiate a counter claim but otherwise I'm happy with the result. I started small preparations and thinking about the bug-out and I could do it. Unfortunately I live in the UK and there is little if no wilderness. In the woods somewhere I suppose. My Kohl Rabbi have split, I think through lack of water. I'll still eat them though. Getting spinach, peas, broad, runner and french beans, courgettes and chillies from the garden at the moment, yum just had a fresh veg curry.
  8. And if you follow the link for articles that reference it you find from Jan 2017; Systematic Approach for the Formulation and Optimization of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles of Efavirenz by High Pressure Homogenization Using Design of Experiments for Brain Targeting and Enhanced Bioavailability Abstract The nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, used for the treatment of HIV infections, are reported to have low bioavailability pertaining to high first-pass metabolism, high protein binding, and enzymatic metabolism. They also show low permeability across blood brain barrier. The CNS is reported to be the most important HIV reservoir site. In the present study, solid lipid nanoparticles of efavirenz were prepared with the objective of providing increased permeability and protection of drug due to biocompatible lipidic content and nanoscale size and thus developing formulation having potential for enhanced bioavailability and brain targeting. Solid lipid nanoparticles were prepared by high pressure homogenization technique using a systematic approach of design of experiments (DoE) and evaluated for particle size, polydispersity index, zeta potential, and entrapment efficiency. Particles of average size 108.5 nm having PDI of 0.172 with 64.9% entrapment efficiency were produced. Zeta potential was found to be −21.2 mV and the formulation was found stable. The in-vivo pharmacokinetic studies revealed increased concentration of the drug in brain, as desired, when administered through intranasal route indicating its potential for an attempt towards complete eradication of HIV and cure of HIV-infected patients.
  9. This is a very interesting one I've just finished; https://archive.org/details/THETHIRTEENTHTRIBE_201411/mode/2up
  10. 5. Or learn how to use your rights to put your debt down low. 6. But don't rely on freezing - like you say, power cuts but also if one has to run for it you're not taking that bag of frozen peas. 7. Yes and bear in mind there is a shortage of aluminium and tin for making cans at the moment so these are going to disappear. I went to my wholesaler to stock up the other day and could only get tomatoes and baked beans in bulk. No chickpeas, no kidney beans etc. I might have to make multiple visits to multiple stores, Good job I don't wear a mask or it would be hard work. Great list, thanks. I would add; sprouting seeds. They're brilliant survival food and many can be eaten as seed (very wasteful), as sprouts (excellent nutrition in just a couple of days), or even grown on to full sized plants - I've got red cabbage, snow pea and kohl rabbi growing full sized from sprouting seeds. And as far as growing goes it's possible to grow seed from food you bought to eat. My personal favourite is peppers, especially chilies, but I also have tomatoes, courgette and some kind of squash growing from food seeds. I've got about a hundred butternut squash seeds from one squash - now eaten. Think about it. If I was to grow all of those seeds on successfully I'd have at least a hundred squashes from the one I bought. I use a Berky water filter and have the 'sport' version too.
  11. They're not all old men. Only an idiot would assemble a group of one demographic. I don't recall either of the posters you mention, but there was a very strong 77 presence on the old board. They tend to do things like dismiss themselves as 'dad's army' so you don't realise the extent of their arsenal. And they use tavistock terms like 'boomer' to subtly divide us even more. Demonstrate how the younger ones are more critical please when so many are bought into BLM, Greta and all that shit.
  12. This is an excellent read https://archive.org/details/whiteslaveryin00sumn
  13. I'll do a leaflet. Here's one I did earlier...
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