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  1. Law 7: Get Others to Do the Work for You, but Always Take the Credit: Get others to do your work for you. Use their skill, time, and energy to further your ambitions while taking full credit. You’ll be admired for your efficiency. Getting a bit sus here. And TBH it starts to get a bit talmudic. Feeling a bit premature here in praising it. I prefer the old 'kill them all' policy opposed to tricking them into killing themselves gradually by immigration.
  2. Whoa baby, I'm only a dozen laws in and feeling like a pig in shit. The only redemption I claim is that knowing these things is very different to using them.
  3. I've not read any de Sade and it's got to be thirty years since I read Mac. My abiding impression was of the utter ruthlessness required to secure lasting victory.
  4. And it's another rambling, new agey load of tosh. Good to see it die. Let's get back to the matters in hand.
  5. If I remember correctly one should eliminate ALL the other princes progeny as well, even down to the pets. You never know. That pet hamster may remember what you did and shit in your food. But seriously, kill them all.
  6. Don't watch telly indiscriminately. In fact, don't watch telly. It's pure shite. I'm not bothered about a funeral plan for me. I'll be dead. Shove me in a ditch and spend the money on a piss up.
  7. https://s3.wasabisys.com/billgateswantstokillus.com/index.html#/videos/Truth Spreader/To_The_Canadian_Truckers_In_The_Convoy_The_Canadian_Supporters_-_THANK_YOU_Aussies_It_s_Time_STAND_UP-9eff8a9587f95153b207bed4c1bc922802661acd This is awe inspiring!
  8. As if you need filtration at all! As David and many others state - germ theory is bollocks. The only reason you'd need something like that that is for a chemical attack. So.... maybe not a bad idea after all.
  9. I had a friend return from Thailand a few weeks ago AFAIK He was able to self isolate at home because he lives alone. Any help?
  10. From the same site: https://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=244372 Subtitled but very interesting.
  11. Don't worry the BBC are on the job. Just heard a bit on the radio, talk about skirting round the issue, instead of mentioning even once that the problem was 'hesitancy' they just said NHS staff would be unable to work.
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