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  1. Work And The JibJab


    Just finished watching the video by retired professor Sucharit Bhakdi and Del Bigtree. Some excellent information on the immune system and how the Jibjab may cause auto immune conditions and worse down the line.


    I am no expert but it would seem logical to me that given what he says on the subject of EFFICACY and the Jibjab this could be tantamount to medical malpractice and that anyone should request any requirement/rule/recommendation/advice for someone to have the Jibjab to be made in writing and the name of the person requiring this.


    Given that average recovery rate for someone under 70 contracting Covid 19 without underlying medical conditions or a compromised immune system is 99.9 % and that there is a large number of adverse reactions from the US VAERS system (including death). It would therefore appear that the Jibjab cannot demonstrate EFFICACY.


    In would be the equivalent of prescribing a dangerous cancer drug to some one who clearly does not have cancer.


    Im guessing that in a workplace environment that any request or order to have the Jibjab (a medical procedure) should be backed up in writing from some responsible medical authority either within or from outside the organisation. This request can then be challenged on the grounds of EFFICACY and potentially Malpractice.


    To insist on people receiving the Jibjab for a less than 0.1% improvement in outcomes against a rate of 3% adverse reactions (potentially including death) is criminal.


    Efficacy definition: “efficacy refers to the ability of a product or treatment to provide a beneficial effect.”


    To quote Sucharit Bhakdi “ the world is being used as one big animal experiment and we are the animals”



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