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  1. I am a new member. Hello! I was born in America and I am in pursuit of truth.
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    I have seen articles that 200 million children have returned to school in China, night clubs and bars have re-opened in August and they lifted the mask mandate for outdoors, virus vanished there?
  3. So now would be a good time for a prequel to the Matrix?
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    I was watching your series “Escape the Matrix” and you were talking about 5G and how it could cause health issues. I immediately thought COVID 19! This was before I knew or heard you addressed COVID 19. I went straight to the internet to see if you had, and you had, and I already knew if you had, you had been banned from social media outlets, and you had. Censorship is an admission of truth/guilt otherwise, why would they be concerned?? There is a “comedy” show on Netflix called “Death to 2020” and the only mention “5G conspiracy theory” in is through a character of a white racist, lunatic, trump supporter, soccer mom. There is nowhere to run to, what can one individual do?
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