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  1. Just catching up....


    Couple of things. Pimlico has an online booking system. It is possible that they may have received a few fake callout requests in the recent past as you only need a postcode and address to setup a callout. Must cost them a bit in time and money. Such a shame.



    And also, that nurse Tiffany hasn't been on her Instagram since the week before her jab faint episode. Can't find any sign of her online since. Dubious factcheck websites are trying to call it all a conspiracy as usual but this stinks. 

  2. So 2 things have annoyed me today. Went to Waitrose, waited outside (1 at a time) wife went to get some bananas. An old couple went in with plastic shields on. Trolley man accosted them demanding proof of an exemption as Waitrose don't allow shields, only masks. I stuck up for them. He was trying to tell me that they need proof. I asked where from.....he was talking nonsense about lanyards and cards. I demanded he go and get me some paperwork proving this. or maybe a yellow star for them He then walked off to water the plants just to get away from me. I've emailed Waitrose suggesting retraining. The old couple went in....didn't even thank me. Lol.


    And my 93 yr old grandad just had his pfizer vaccine. My mum is happy, he's happy. I'm not but biting my tongue. 

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