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  1. Croydon is a hell-hole. A man made one. Absolutely soaked in 4G/5G and subjected to the usual "demographic alterations" seen in much of London and its outliers. Anyone I've spoken to who's been there comments on how oppressive and bad the atmosphere and vibe feels.
  2. "an undiagnosed, pre-existing heart condition." And we've heard that before....when athletes drop dead, footballers collapse on the pitch and lay motionless, when children have a football/rugby ball hit their chest and die instantly....yes, those "undiagnosed, pre-existing heart conditions" which are so strangely common these days.
  3. Well there have to be some pretty good reasons why the West (mostly UK, US and Canada) keep sending so much dosh into the Ukraine, and deify their leader and other high-profile peeps connected to the country.
  4. Lovely people, these nature types. Pity he didn't try it on with a croc.
  5. Good spot....probably because they didn't buy into Birmingham FC for the football in the first place.
  6. Dunno....she wasn't high profile enough...Sheff weren't in the top WSL divison, and Maddy wasn't in the Lionesses squads (though did, I think, appear at junior levels). Some of the England team looked shocked about it during the minutes silence, and had to be reminded to take the knee before kick-off (not joking, Stanway had to gesture to her knee to the others when the ref blew the whsitle).
  7. Wonder how many "roadworks" were in place to continually hold up traffic. The number of these I see around, where no actual work in taking place....great long stretches of road with bollards and one-way signalled traffic, and there is nothing there. This will "slow down" journey times and they can fiddle the numbers to make it look like speeds are coming down and it's necessary.
  8. Does sound like way too much of a coincidence. The outcome, and way the match went, seems to be more ritualistic than just an ordinary result.
  9. From what little I have heard and see about this twisted woman, she would probably enjoy that!
  10. Her "work" is featured tonight on BBC4. I thought it was bad enough Sky Arts glorifying her.... Agenda? What do you mean....no agenda, no sir, not at all.
  11. Um, how do you have a non-Covid control group, and it's precise and reliable enough to form these definitive conclusions. I call bollocks.
  12. Batman? Wasn't there some sort of link to scenes in one of those films and the Sandy Hook "event"? I remember seeing stuff about grids and maps on here that were in the film(s)...
  13. Football presentation across the main terrestrial channels has become appalling. The woman on C4 with the screeching, patronising tone. BBC with their woke agendas and infantile format. ITV used to be better but as sincere as Laura Woods is about women's football, her "hey guys, I'm so excited and isn't this all just amazing" gee whizz soft-spoken schtick is grating as well. ITV do at least have the pick of the pundits with Aluko, Carney and Emma Hayes when it comes to womens football. And don't get me started on the BBC cricket coverage.
  14. Yes, that was partly what I was alluding to when I talked about something going on that isn't a conflict that we (ie the little people) need to get involved with, and invest our energies in.
  15. And this is why it is fruitless, and not productive or very wise, really, to devote time and energy into digesting all these displayed-for-public-consumption grisly details about all sorts of deviant, manipulative behaviour. That ain't the same as not discussing it. Because the fact this is happening in the MSM, online every-fucking-where you want to look, needs to be recognised. But not blindly, obediently swallowed in the docs and mags they are putting out for us,with "facts" carefully organised and presented in a loaded way that will - they hope - produce the desired effect in the watcher and the reader. While the real agenda goes unnoticed in the onslaught of all this "information" on RB and whatever might have been going on for 20 odd years. This "outrage" and "scandal" is being put forward for a reason. It's been allegedly held back for years. So the time is right. For someone. Who? Do we know, for sure? Does it actually matter to us, the intended viewer and the reader, how much we are told of dicks going here and 16 year olds being humiliated and damaged. When what is more likely going on is the planning of laws like the Online Harms Bill, and plenty else I bet. Don't get bogged by the details and the emotive language. That applies as much now as to the Ukraine, Convid or any other psy-op. Look and think beyond that.
  16. They're trolling us. How dumb do they think people are? Wait, don't answer that.
  17. No, a diff Anders. Real name was Andrew. He was a published writer too, saw his books on amazon.
  18. It just so happened, of course, that the Online Harms Bill was passed (pending Royal assent) this very week. In the words of Anders (RIP), once of this parish, there are no coincidences.
  19. Oh was just gonna post this. It's all perfectly normal. 27 year old footballers have always dropped dead.
  20. Well I'm "concerned" that MPs have profitted from the Scamdemic and jab rollout, but does anyone give a shit about that in Parliament? Andrew Bridgen's letter to Sunak still causing tumbleweed.....
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