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  1. NZ and Australia.....don't they have an absolute shitload of tech based on their coasts? Bound to fuck with the weather (by design or otherwise).
  2. Yeah saw this a few days ago and thought "one more step towards globalization....just the same cartel of "charities" and organisations in on it". The agenda is quite obvious.
  3. Isn't that sort of what happened in the match with Williams and Ding last week? The one where Ding had to hit a long black on the baulk cushion and managed to miss it. Foul. Frame (and thus match) over. Everyone said it was bizarre at the time.
  4. I feel like I'm watching an episode of Monty Python....what the hell exactly is a "telescopic urinal"? And how the feck do you get killed by one?! What a way to go.
  5. My old man STILL tells me "you've got some strange ideas". He blames it on the internet. Not the fact he's been too fucking stupid to pick up on any of this bollocks.
  6. Surfer Boy sitting on his tossed-off boy meat is also making the classic devil-horns sign with his hand. Isn't it all just so tedious?!
  7. Exactly. And yet all the time they were just hoping we'd talk to them and warn of the dangers taking these jabs would cause....who knew.
  8. I mean, where do you start with that? Why didn't we do more....um....lemme see....think we were banned from social media, censored for our opinions, thrown out of jobs and threatened with a second-tier existence with no freedoms. But yeah of course we could have done more to help the pro-vaxxers.
  9. Just in, it's official...first high-profile case of Kawasaki disease in the UK..... a 33 yr old male called Harley Davidson.
  10. Bloody hell yeah that was embarrassing to see on the front of the Daily Heil.
  11. MSM too busy fawning over WEF at Davos and pushing the warmongering Ukraine bollocks. Oh and a bit of fearmongering from China. My nan used to love a bit of china too.
  12. Thought it suspicious at the time. How convenient indeed that all those particular men were killed.
  13. They wouldn't be cloning them for their special talents, in fact quite the opposite. The public would be far more easily led by the "famous" celebs and people in the media, and listen/relate to what they're saying, than by anyone else. So, gain control of the mouthpieces and people who the public have created these shallow bonds with from familiarity on the tee vee, and you're sorted. Which is why daytime TV and the rolling news is so insidious. The PTB have their outlets, directly into the homes and minds of the gullible.
  14. "Leafy" london suburb? Gotta be that climate change then.
  15. Abigail needs a little top up, darling!
  16. Careful what you're sucking there Adam. You dunno where it's been.
  17. He sure as hell don't look 36. He was quite a bulky lad in the past, and he's clearly shed some pounds, but it's more than that I agree. Same with Higgins (who doesn't seem to be anywhere at the moment) - says he was on some magic weight loss/get fit programme but just looks decades older.
  18. I'm sure this is why MSM have pushed the "talking heads from a spare broom cupboard" method of discussing topics (ie pushing agendas). Many times I've thought, that person on the screen ain't real. Even allowing for broadband pixellation and blurring. It's a godsend for MSM because you couldn't pull this off in a studio.
  19. To be fair, it must be very tiring to be a complete and utterly evil bitch all the time.
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