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  1. Could you please elaborate a little, and give some background info or idea what this about, please? Just posting up videos off the internet without any accompanying info isn't helpful.
  2. Making something a law don't make it right. And the illusion of progressive, elected governments can take a hike as well. Censorship and cancel culture do their best to remove all signs of whatever is deemed to be against the elite agenda. Can't have people speaking their minds anymore. Shame doesn't come into it. There are plenty who still think those ways, but they aren't allowed to say it (and if they do, it gets deleted and/or they get in trouble with the authorities). You're not seeing the picture clearly.
  3. Give me fucking strength. I await the inevitable crackdowns on June 7th.
  4. Today - France in drought, Germany hurricanes, Spain extreme heatwave.... not great.
  5. ....and STILL the public won't see the penny drop....
  6. "Experts", "Fear", "Vaccine", "Cases", "Spreading", "Virus", "Infections". Have I got a full house yet?
  7. Rodders, fire up the van! We're gonna be millionaires, my son.
  8. I'm not sure that would have been his thing!
  9. Can't see/open the links mate....what's the gist? This is a brand new, large home built for the Dovers in the middle of nowhere?
  10. Wow, that makes zero sense, I thought they were all about purity of blood and not messing/changing it?
  11. Oh they're back to this again? Back at the start of the scamdemic, we had stories about covid sniffer dogs and how they were training up a crack team of them. I suppose you can teach new dogs old bollocks.
  12. The clouds they flew into were too hot.
  13. Declaring this information-led "war" as fake doesn't mean that anyone is saying nobody is being killed. It is phoney in the way it is being shown to the world, phoney in its true agenda (displacement of Ukranians for some ulterior reason, repatriation of the Israelis under attack in their current homeland, some sort of NATO psy-op, a money-laundering transfer of wealth from West to East for some reason, etc). Suspicious in the footage being shown, the narrative being framed, the actors taking part (Bono, Biden, Macron, western celebs).
  14. Paving the way for time-delayed footage that can be edited and manipulated at will. Can't have the plebs seeing things for themselves. Classic PRS.
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