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  1. 3 cases in England. 3 cases in Scotland. Oh and what does that give us....two 3s.....jesus fucking christ.
  2. He denies this, of course, but it is obviously the intended effect. And why it was done now. He must either be too stupid to realise it, or else he knows full well and wants to demoralise and put it in his followers' minds that compliance is now the only option. To frame it, as he is doing, as a private matter wholly related to family visiting, is disingenuous. He, and/or the Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday, know damn well what it is meant to signal to readers. Not so long ago he was banging on about how he is perfectly healthy and does not need masks, or shielding, or anythi
  3. Ooh but you can't bring this to the attention of celebrity Jews like Martin lewis or Baddiel. They'll get you thrown off the internet for daring to compare what Israel are doing to the vaxxed/unvaxxed and the Hollowcaust.
  4. It's like the ghastly column in the Daily Fail the other day, equating the "vaccine" with "freedom". As if the first will naturally (!) lead to the second. It won't. They know damn well it won't. But they need to keep the pretence up long enough to snare enough people into the illusion.
  5. Indeed. And I fail to believe he really thinks it's a vaccine. It isn't. Anyone injected with this experimental shit is playing russian roulette with their bodies.
  6. Absolutely bang on. His "reason" is a cop-out. Only a fool would trade his future health for anything like that. If you're dead within a few years, Peter old chum, or too incapacitated to be of much use to your family, what good then was it surrendering to the "new normal". No, this was always the intention. Get everyone submitting, even "reluctantly". The man is a fool. A well paid one, too, I imagine.
  7. So glad I cottoned on to just what a piece of controlled opposition Hitchens was, before this coup de grace. Anyone who takes this stuff is part of the problem.
  8. That might have been a part of it, but the fact the guy's name was William Shakespeare, and it was blatantly all some sort of symbolic in-joke, was another reason Hand-cock couldn't contain himself.
  9. Sorry didn't know about the reference to an old lost ID. Just some of the comments in the post got my antenna tweaking.
  10. I remember seeing/reading his name a lot back in the day. Damn. Cancer. I wonder who gave him that....
  11. I notice that despite raising more like 38 million (if we even believe that), the MSM continue to report the 33 million figure. Wonder why, eh.
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