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  1. I've read a lot about the Faul/Paul Is Dead thing, and I tend to agree it's fanciful. But that guy having the jab doesn't look like the current McCartney, whoever he is.
  2. Check out that clinic's website. It's full of woke language. Happy clappy heaven.
  3. Apparently there's a parallel universe on here, where wearing masks and using a smartphone are absolutely harmless.
  4. Today's world and the planned future is basically Revenge Of The Deviants And Subversives.
  5. Can you imagine the shit he'd get from people? There would be attacks from all sides. I think he's sensible not to engage in any discussion here. A lot of it is wasted energy. But there is good info to be found (especially DannyUK's posts), and being aware of all the MSM /Social Media shit is helpful too in many cases. Know thine enemy.
  6. Probably booked originally for the Euro2020 football team....can't let a good symbolic event go to waste.
  7. How convenient to be wearing a woolly hat that comes right down almost over his eyes, so the mask/hat combo makes it impossible to see who it really is.
  8. This is sadly true. If people can't see, or won't accept. what the smart tech is already doing to us, and has been doing for a decade or so, then so be it. Ego doesn't come into it. Love to "go into the woods" but sadly they don't have wheelchair access and they've all got massive phone towers in them around here. Every piece of natural space has them. So yes, we can post memes and incriminating videos and tweets till kingdom come, but unless the phones and the smart tech are ditched/rejected, we're fucked.
  9. I don't want anything out of it. I want it out of my world. As far the fuck away from me as is possible. Permanently.
  10. The covid scam would not have worked without widespread (almost total) smartphone take-up. Test & Trace. Policing via Twitter on "hate speech" and all the other thought police crap. The media monoploy on the narrative, being enabled by the 77th and compliant goons.
  11. Smartphone use, wireless tech use, harms the user, others nearby, communities with large phone towers, and the environment. There's not an awful lot going for it.
  12. I am sure that is one (if not the primary) goal of this nonsense. And why TPTB had to wait until almost 2020 to pull this scam. It took a decade or almost a generation of phones and masts and smart tech to get the public into this zombie-like state where they've become so detached from their natural instincts and character, and so hooked into the TV/internet "world" that they are prime for being victims of the ultimate con. To surrender their own bodies to experimental tech.
  13. @Macnamarais right....when I see footage of protests, and people are waving their smartphones around, I mentally tick them off as part of the problem (even if they are doing so through ignorance of the issue). You don't need them to talk (cell phones do less harm if it's really necessary), don't need them to film (cameras exist), and so on.
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