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  1. Kelly's murder, coming only a year or so after 9.11, really woke me up to realising the extent of what goes on.
  2. We may eventually find out. It's impossible to believe that nobody was aware of what was going on. So they were all fooled? I call bullshit. Remember, Holliby's hubby is a TV producer...who is going to put their own career at risk by blowing the whistle on Schofe?
  3. Yep, fully complicit...take this particular gem: https://www.itv.com/news/2021-07-14/never-been-this-ill-in-my-life-inside-a-covid-hospital-ward-where-patient-urges-others-to-get-jab Was this the guy who was exposed as a crisis actor? Also the irony in the 2nd part of this amazing piece of journalism, where she meets a woman in her 50s with lung cancer who got double jabbed and "it saved her life". Fast forward less than 3 years and now the journalist is said to have died from lung cancer.
  4. Yeah was on the TV news as well. I wonder why this should be. Shall we say we are....baffled?
  5. Unless all of this is just a front, he takes the fall publicly and puts up with all this dirt being finally dished on him, but behind the scenes maybe it's different. Maybe there are other plans for him in some way, I dunno. Look at how he got the This Morning gig in the first place - John Leslie was stitched up and sacked in disgrace as well, for various sexual offences. Round and round it goes. Guess we will know more when we see what follows next for the show, ghastly Holliby, and also where Schofe ends up (another channel, another show, or dead).
  6. The irony of course is that she was ITV's Health and Science editor. So she was full in on the whole pushing of the convid scam narrative. Soon as I saw her pic I recognised her. Follow the science! (And end up dead).
  7. I know they've been around for a few years, but OCTOPUS is an interesting name to have chosen. Seeing as the aim is to get as many people trapped in heavily-monitored energy use and price it accordingly.
  8. Cheeky beggars. I didn't even know there was a Windows 11, which shows you how up to date I am with this crap. I'm noticing it with electronic equipment, things seem to try and go into standby mode every 5 minutes or decide to switch themselves off because "no activity has been detected for X amount of time". Which can be a right pain in the arse if it's the HD recorded connected to the telly.
  9. Christ, I bet Schofe was shitting himself at what the regression might have revealed and I am sure he would have had control over what was allowed to be said/shown. 2004 was more than 15 years before he was forced out of the closet, and the longer the deception went on (and succeeded) like the lady says, you wonder how much more he risked and got into.
  10. They're being very obvious, even calling it bloody Tracker!
  11. We (ie my folks) are still getting stuff from Kantar in the post, trying to bribe them with shopping vouchers to take part in more nosey business. Were Kantar the ones who the gov hired to do the census?
  12. Plus he's Emily Lloyd's dad and I had the biggest crush on her as an impressionable teenage lad.
  13. I pulled the Trigger! Well technically I pulled Del Boy and replaced him with Trig. It's the one that's driving me berserk.....
  14. Nah not yet, but too many things are coming to my notice to be comfy with the sight of him next to every post I make. I could of course just post a lot less!
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