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  1. Hmmm wonder how they're gonna make this happen. Or maybe the public are gullible enough to accept whoever they see as being the actual KM.
  2. Let the cons out and build new tower blocks (sorry, affordable luxury apartments) for them. Going great so far....
  3. "For the people". Sure. Depends what "people" we're talking about of course.
  4. You mean he isn't what he's being portrayed as by the MSM, or who he tries to pretend to be. As far back as the Savile cover-up hitting the fan, it was clear where his allegiances were and what his motives are.
  5. I suspect the honeymoon period with Starmer's crew will be very short-lived. Clown time!
  6. Sir Starmer will be right onto it.
  7. But how many spouses of exiting PMs have stood that close, to stay in shot for the TV and cameras. Why would she be dressed like My Fair Lady? The husbands/wives normally stay to the side, out of shot.
  8. Yeah the sty;e/pattern of Mrs Sunak's outfit also rang a few bells with the My Fair Lady/Kate thing.
  9. Umbrellas can signify protection, so one way of looking at the deliberate placement of his wife just behind him, holding an umbrella, is that she is his handler and will be protected despite this humiliation. In fact the humiliation is probably part of it.
  10. Cheers, I was wondering what the figures were and what that can imply. You nailed it. Just saw on news earlier that Corbyn got 7% more of the vote when he lost in 2019. This is so fucked up, but TPTB have got what they wanted. Good, in some ways, to know that most the country still didn't fall for it. Even if they were stupid enough to give votes to Reform.
  11. Media: Labour Landslide! Actual details: LAB got 34% of votes in a 59% turnout. So they were the choice for only a third of the half of the population that voted. I'm crap at sums but that doesn't seem like as many people as the MSM coverage wants us to think. Starmer's been given carte blanche because that's how it was always gonna be. The timing was key, and Nigel Facade did his bit too.
  12. England are stinking out the tournament, even worse than Belgium. Pity the FA didn't have the guts to sack him after the first 2 games. Southgate should have gone when we lost 4-0 at home to Hungary and got relegated from the Nations League A.
  13. WTF is "sunlight of hope" anyway? Never heard the phrase.
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