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  1. MOD NOTE - remember this is the Covid Megathread so please keep the posts on topic. Thanks!
  2. We're still in the timeframe for jibby-jabby people to drop dead. Everything is normal. Proceed as usual!
  3. Today it could be a bloke identifying as an LGBT woman with the pram, and the copper would be a paedo/rapist.
  4. MOD NOTE: Can we dial back on the personal insults please.
  5. Those of us who were here at the time won't forget the absolute shit-show that TPV became. Mainly because hundreds (maybe thousands) of us were banned from the forum.
  6. Yeah, someone I spoke to not long after mum went into care said to me, I blame a lot of it on the pandemic and covid fearmongering and general fucking up of society. Older people didn't know or understand what the fuck was happening, it was inescapable on TV or when they tried to pop down to the shops.
  7. My theory is dementia (and the rising cases of it) are more to do with the toxic environment (especially EMR/EMF). My poor mum avoided the jabs but was subjected to too much EMR/EMF damage from what I have found out, and is now lost in a tormented nightmare of advanced dementia.
  8. Is that actually him? If so I must have missed him aging about 20 years since 2022.
  9. That's where wireless/remote charging and connection becomes a real problem. If the tech can generate the power by itself via those means, the good ol' "unplug the bastard" won't have any effect.
  10. One "interview" in particular from Sky News (IIRC) done a couple of years ago was definitely a stand-in.
  11. Chaz got his lifelong wish to be King. As some predicted, the actual reign could be very brief.
  12. The IoT already exists, the smart grid does too (albeit still some way from being as complex and thorough as they desire). And who is processing all this info...well it ain't Darren and his team in an office near Milton Keynes. Same as amazon's customer service bots....automated and handled by AI.
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