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  1. The way her name is presented also evokes an ECG....so is she saying "I am still alive".....ie they haven't got to me yet.
  2. Yeah, fuck all that for a game of soldiers! But I saw signs of this even back at school when I was 8 or 9. No doubt many of those kids turned into lovely sociopaths. I instinctively felt repelled by it.
  3. Probably used to get blamed on too many pints, back in the old days.
  4. They're still prosecuting Convid rule-breakers, behind closed doors.
  5. Well there's an element of that, the whole debased celeb culture and who's doing what to who or to themselves, but with that particular situation it's also shining a light again into the absolute swamp of dark shit and deceit which is controlling the media and the government. Couldn't give a fuck about the individuals, but the machinations and the reasons behind them are far from frivolous.
  6. Hadn't given it any thought until now, but she was involved with Michael Hutchence, very high profile relationship or whatever it was, and I've always thought his unfortunate end was a result of crossing Geldof and being involved with his wife, but if Kylie is also some part of the machine maybe there's something in that. The head injury which changed him was not long after Kylie. Wasn't he punched by the paparazzi and hit his head on the pavement....who knows how "accidental" that was, thinking about it. Then there's the whole Kylie and Jason weird thing, when he is obviously you-know.....
  7. Yeah and not just grown older....there's something about her now which gives off a vibe I don't like. Becoming an "icon" comes at a cost.
  8. Somewhat catastrophic. Right. Climate change strikes again.
  9. Yeah but doesn't the devil have all the best tunes? (Or is God more of an albums artist).
  10. Pretty sure we've had fake scariants announced in the UK since that 2022 date. There was some new BS "variant of concern" only a few weeks ago.
  11. GIVE YOUR LIFE FOR THE GREATER GOOD...YOUR DEATH WILL HELP SAVE THE PLANET I can see this in the not-too-distant future. It's all a bit Soylent Green.
  12. Well we've also gone from... "an undiagnosed underlying health condition" to "after a long illness" to "after a short illness"....
  13. May 1994 was grim. Freezing cold, lots of rain. That one always sticks in my mind.
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