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  1. He's properly kitted out for that urgent surgery to be performed underwater.
  2. The first bolded section is just an in-joke/barb at the record label, who insisted on cutting the length of their previous single Shout. It was over 6 and half minutes long, but they wanted it under 5 for radio play. The second is possibly another reference to the troubles they had making the album. Expectation was high, and the pressures of trying to make a hit album were getting to them. They struggled to write enough songs, and make decisions...it took their producer to focus on a couple of the stronger tracks and finally get the project moving in one direction.
  3. And the award for stupidest post of the year goes to... Nearly back to some form of normality? Interesting that one of the papers' headlines today had Boris referring to "OUR NEW FREEDOMS". That's a telling piece of language. New Freedoms. ie. not like the freedoms we used to have. This is a different kind of "freedom". Well they can shove it where the sun don't shine. Fucking masks, sanitising, social distancing, fear propaganda, ticker-tape fake infection and death numbers, every other local new story about the fake virus, GPs still refusing to see people
  4. God bless "fact checkers". There I was thinking something, but they put me straight again.
  5. Nah, just let them hang themselves with their own rope eventually.
  6. It might not necessarily be 5G frequencies. You can be next to someone who's using their smartphone in your face and get a nice dose of that all the time. And whatever might be transmitted/given off by the jabbed is not necessarily fatal to those who haven't had something injected into their bodies. Yet there is something taking place between some jabbed and some unjabbed individuals. It might need a DNA link (ie they are related), or something similar that opens the door for a reaction to occur. Not simply a delivery guy, or the girl at the checkout till. Nobody here can really sa
  7. Six Million Dollar Man hasn't aged as well as some of those 60s/70s shows. Still great nostalgia.
  8. If the chance arises, I will do this.
  9. The one where he goes back to the era of slavery and colonialism should be interesting too.
  10. This was my gut feeling in Feb 2020. They needed a "cover story" for what they needed to do in order to bring about the Great Reset. That said, I didn't imagine the lengths they'd go to, or how completely (and swiftly) society would be dismantled. Part of that is down to the public being too compliant, of course.
  11. Which suggests that all my current problems could simply be due to the EMF being turned up in March 2021. And many of the reported vaccine "reactions" could also be triggered by the same.
  12. Some of this is very plausible....and looking back, may explain why they were they so determined to get smart meters into every home (it didn't happen, of course, but still enough of a take-up). We don't have a smart meter, and the vaxxed person who I may have been exposed to does not share the same house. But there is enough 4G (and possible undeclared 5G-type EMF) hitting our property for something like this to be happening. They didn't call the Smart Grid the Kill Grid for nothing.
  13. Seen a few google street-view type cars with the mounted cameras on them going around this month.
  14. Social distancing and masks won't be necessary at these new events, they say, because everyone there will be vaccinated (which offers somewhere between 50 and 70 per cent "protection" against the "virus" of course) and everyone will also be subject to the usual track and trace program (you visit here at the risk of future self-isolation according to our say-so). Yeah, some freedom that.
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