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  1. So nearly half are trans.....? I can think of one in particular who fits that bill.....
  2. Yeah, remember seeing that document on here too.
  3. Apols if posted somewhere already, but the UK is apparently in the grip of a "mystery lurgy" that nobody knows the cause of. It's possibly everything except the you-know-whats.... https://www.gbnews.uk/health/mystery-lurgy-sweeps-across-britain-as-people-complain-theyve-never-been-so-ill-do-not-get-this-bug/435622
  4. Yeah the sheer hatred - motivated by fear, and ignorant trust in "the science" - sure as hell showed who is going to bow to the PTB whenever the shit hits the fan. We saw who had genuine kindness in them, and who were little more than NPCs. Far far more than I ever imagined. But look at them now. Either dead, disfigured, disabled or ridden with regret and a new kind of fear. Fear that they fucked themselves up for nothing.
  5. Depends. Anyone who outright called for the demonisation of the "un-vaxxed" or the "anti-vaxxers" has nothing but my contempt. Those who were stupid enough to fall for this fear porn and had it so "life could return to normal" have my pity. I don't wanna be around them. For me, it really isn't a case of being better than others. It never was. It was simply a case of doing the right or wrong thing for your body, and your soul. Take the jab and fuck yourself up...for what? Or have some smarts and think it through and keep yourself intact. It was a con and I wanted as many people to see through it as possible.
  6. Poor Esther Rancid. Couldn't have happened to a more evil and repulsive individual. Nevermind, eh. (If you were on the old forum during the Savile expose, led by Anders (RIP), you will have read more than enough about Rancid and her many links to all sorts of very dodgy goings-on).
  7. Exactly. If the "army" were "spying" on him, it would only have to been to make sure Hitchens was pushing the fake narrative like the seasoned controlled-opposition he is.
  8. Should be 33 million lights, surely. More symbolic bollocks from the "do as we say, not as we do" overlords.
  9. Attention-seeking nobodies. Back in the day, they'd have shown some overweight, gender-confused bloke that craved publicity, quietly towards the funny farm. Harsh but arguably a better result for everyone who has to put up with this tedious shit on their screens and in the media.
  10. Drakeford. Yes I remember his "contribution" to the Convid nazi state all too well. No abuse of powers too small for him.
  11. Fucking hell. But all perfectly normal. It's climate change or too much gardening. Timeless is one of the very few modern(ish) shows I watch.
  12. NZ and Australia.....don't they have an absolute shitload of tech based on their coasts? Bound to fuck with the weather (by design or otherwise).
  13. Yeah saw this a few days ago and thought "one more step towards globalization....just the same cartel of "charities" and organisations in on it". The agenda is quite obvious.
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