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  1. Can't see/open the links mate....what's the gist? This is a brand new, large home built for the Dovers in the middle of nowhere?
  2. Wow, that makes zero sense, I thought they were all about purity of blood and not messing/changing it?
  3. Today's culture. Off the fucking rails.
  4. Oh they're back to this again? Back at the start of the scamdemic, we had stories about covid sniffer dogs and how they were training up a crack team of them. I suppose you can teach new dogs old bollocks.
  5. The clouds they flew into were too hot.
  6. Declaring this information-led "war" as fake doesn't mean that anyone is saying nobody is being killed. It is phoney in the way it is being shown to the world, phoney in its true agenda (displacement of Ukranians for some ulterior reason, repatriation of the Israelis under attack in their current homeland, some sort of NATO psy-op, a money-laundering transfer of wealth from West to East for some reason, etc). Suspicious in the footage being shown, the narrative being framed, the actors taking part (Bono, Biden, Macron, western celebs).
  7. Paving the way for time-delayed footage that can be edited and manipulated at will. Can't have the plebs seeing things for themselves. Classic PRS.
  8. If the bible quote is true, then the photo is confirming what we (or rather I) have been saying for ages. And maybe the fact she will only show herself when horses are involved is another clue. Or the clone queenie is as obsessed with her bleeding horsies as the original.
  9. "White horse symbolism is present in the Bible as a sign of death." (Some site off the internet).
  10. Two beautiful white horses. There was talk of it being symbolic. As well as shopped to buggery.
  11. Either.... 1. Her onscreen reaction to the jab caused enough anxiety in the PTB to have her hidden away in a witness protection type scenario, to avoid any more embarassment. 2. She has been permanently injured/harmed by the jab and they don't want this to be seen. So she's been disappeared for same reasons as (1). 3. She is dead from the jab. 4. She was killed because her reaction to the jab showed there are problems with it. Which raised awkward questions at the start of the vaccine push. 5. She never existed. Tiffany Dover was a creation from various sources and photos and real-life info. (Then there is the person pretending to be her in that 2nd video). My guess is....any of the 5.
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