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  1. Which is why it was so important not to fall for the BS in the early days. Detach from the nonsense, and you can continue to see it for what it is. But so many just fell right into the trap.
  2. I hope so. Certainly not enough round my part of the world.
  3. Real men wouldn't so willingly mask themselves up and allow their children to be vaccinated. Smart tech, social media, fear of being cancelled, fear of being made jobless, fear fear fear fear...no wonder they've lost their balls.
  4. ...and most of them are coming out into the open at the moment. Where did these "women" in powerful positions all come from? They're all the same fucking type.
  5. Feminising men, putting stuff in the enviroment to make them less masculine, while also encouraging the breakdown of the "traditional family unit" is also a key part of the goal. Men are like adult feminised children, women are more narcissistic and less in tune with their nuturing instincts. How else could they inject so many children with the jabs while their social media-addicted mothers go around on instagram taking selfies in their underwear.
  6. And didn't the Queen Mother just love her deviant pederasts.
  7. As Anders used to say, "there are no coincidences". They made sure to close the door on any progress being made to blow open the whole VIP abuse ring. Created "Nick", discredited the police in charge, suicided all the main players...etc etc.
  8. It goes deep, for sure. OK, so some of the info and debate here is dipping into areas beyond the OP, but it all has validity in the end. There is a homosexual/gay/deviancy agenda. The media, govts are key to pushing it. Most of the people in those positions are either deviants themselves, victims of abuse or compromised in some way to furthering the agenda. Or are as dumb as fuck to think it's all about equality and being nice to gays. The majority of (historic) deviancy has been men buggering boys. That may be changing, with the further twisting of moralities and the changing of human behaviour as a result of our changing environment. Mac is right to point out the endocrine disruption aspect.
  9. Homosexuality is so last decade. It's all about gender fluidity now. Or that's what they want the young kids to be preoccupied with. "Body autonomy". Then they go and have these vaccines injected into them, without question. I don't know if there are that many more gay people now compared to the 60s/70s/80s. People are encouraged to come out these days, and TV/media are actively promoting the presence of gay culture in everyday life. A disproportionate amount of gay people on our screens, just as there are a much greater %age of Black/BAME people visible in the media and on TV than in the actual population.
  10. Savile wasn't gay. He was a fucking monster. Boys, girls, women, men, even the dead.
  11. I'll dig the letter out later and quote the bit about being chased up if you don't do it. My poor mother doesn't need to be worrying about some tw*t hassling us at the door.
  12. The letter they send out states that you will be contacted by their team if you don't take part. Which is nice.
  13. And on it goes... Now we have a "Shape Tomorrow" survey. Again it appears to be compulsory...with a "visit" from the team if you don't (or can't) take part. https://www.ons.gov.uk/surveys/informationforhouseholdsandindividuals/householdandindividualsurveys/findingyourstudy/shapetomorrow They will be hearing from me, but not in the way they perhaps wanted.
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