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  1. Subhumans - Subvert City ( Lyrics Video ) from The Day The Country Died PLAY LOUD!! ENJOY!! I ALWAYS DO!!
  2. Subhumans - Waste of Breath (Lyrics) PLAY LOUD!! ENJOY!!
  3. No by Subhumans (with lyrics) PLAY LOUD!! ENJOY!
  4. No More Gigs by Subhumans is very poignant to today. Play LOUD & ENJOY!! I ALWAYS DO!!
  5. Back in the 80s we had the duel nastiness of Thatcher & Reagan & we were on the verge of nuclear war with Russia. I was heavily into the new anarcho punk scene & some of the bands at that time were excellent. They made proper protest songs, very anti-establishment & anti-war (who in their right mind wouldn't be?) as should be from true anarcho punks. My fave bands were Crass; Conflict; Dirt & the absolutely excellent Subhumans whose lyricist & vocalist Dick Lucas was an absolute lyrical poet & genius. My two fave albums by them are The Day The Country Died & Fro
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