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  1. Subhumans - Subvert City ( Lyrics Video ) from The Day The Country Died PLAY LOUD!! ENJOY!! I ALWAYS DO!!
  2. Subhumans - Waste of Breath (Lyrics) PLAY LOUD!! ENJOY!!
  3. No by Subhumans (with lyrics) PLAY LOUD!! ENJOY!
  4. No More Gigs by Subhumans is very poignant to today. Play LOUD & ENJOY!! I ALWAYS DO!!
  5. Back in the 80s we had the duel nastiness of Thatcher & Reagan & we were on the verge of nuclear war with Russia. I was heavily into the new anarcho punk scene & some of the bands at that time were excellent. They made proper protest songs, very anti-establishment & anti-war (who in their right mind wouldn't be?) as should be from true anarcho punks. My fave bands were Crass; Conflict; Dirt & the absolutely excellent Subhumans whose lyricist & vocalist Dick Lucas was an absolute lyrical poet & genius. My two fave albums by them are The Day The Country Died & From the Cradle to the Grave. I think that some of the songs on those albums are STILL poignant to today. The words are just fantastic. They really make you think & even act to try to make a positive change in the world: REVOLUTION!! These are the kind of bands & songs that we truly need today to WAKE UP the zombie youth & adult zombies too. But back then they weren't commercial chart topping (or even entering for that matter, except maybe the indie or alternative chart) bands or songs (thank fuck for that. I wouldn't have ever heard them if they were, hated the chart rubbish, still do), so they wouldn't be today either & so as back then they wouldn't even be heard by the zombies & they wouldn't even be aware of their existence. They truly didn't know what they were missing. But being ignorant zombies they didn't care, EXACTLY as they are today!! My fave song from From the Cradle to the Grave is the title song which closes the album. It's an epic 16.55 long and is an absolute masterpiece from the pen of Dick. So I've posted it here, lyrics included for your delectation & pleasure. PLEASE, PLEASE listen to it several times to fully appreciate it's sheer brilliance & follow the words in full. I promise you it will rile you, as INTENDED by Dick. I will post some of the other songs too from Subhumans in this topic. And also from Crass & Conflict if I can find some. PLAY LOUD! ENJOY!! I ALWAYS DO!!
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