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  1. We are all made out of the same energy - I recognized that fact from a very young age (by feeling), so I always have felt connected to spirituality, esotericism etc.., the experiences only confirmed the existence of something greater than us. I have experienced spirits of my beloved family members before, yes. Usually happened in places that was special to them. Can agree on the 3 (A, B, C) points you made! Does make me wonder if some people's awareness exists at a lower frequency (if possible). Thank you for the contribution, xx
  2. A good way to go if you want a huge buildup of bad karma for your next existence, stuck in the pattern forever. It's impossible anyway, and in time you will realize what your purpose is.
  3. Some time ago people believed in Mithras and worshipped Zeus lol...and Jesus and his word were warped by organized religion beyond recognition.
  4. No, I do not believe this to be possible. You will get sucked in eventually. xx Also, do not focus too much on the failure to exit the 'body', the very essence of us is limitless so just go for it.
  5. I don't care, let them try and come at me lol. A sure fail
  6. Nicely said, and I agree, especially the last sentence. Our "sciences" cannot even begin to phantom the complexity and nature of our existence.
  7. Great summary Seeker, thank you. I wonder, is there really no friendly race of aliens, one that we could trust? And please tell more about what were the Annunaki doing on our planet in ancient history? I imagine either stealing gold or slave labour, based on what you wrote..
  8. You did it correctly, just exit your physical body (imagine floating up) and don't panic. Perhaps try some meditation or breathing exercises in the days prior to your planned journey, I like to also place orgonites and crystals around my place of rest, just to raise your state a bit more. Much luck to you xx
  9. Could be, the important thing during sleep paralysis is to be at a high enough vibrational state,,,nothing can harm you unless you perceive it so. The woman seemed more like a lost soul, stuck in this plane of existence, I got a very confused and panicked feelings from her, I don't even think she knew she was dead .
  10. Many times, first few ones scared me, now I just fall back asleep or go out lol. Had a woman try to tell me something once, but I was so terrified I woke back up,...now of course i banished her or whatever it was. Your mindset makes up your surroundings.
  11. Everything feels hyper-real to me too, entelechy. Astral projection is an out of body experience, I guess it could be an extension of dreaming, I think of it a bit like projecting (or expanding) your consciousness outside our vessels limitations. Like the sleep paralysis you mentioned, your "physical" body is asleep, while you go somewhere else.
  12. Perfectly said rideforever, if you are in synchronicity with the nature, the moon will have only positive effects on you.
  13. In every astral experience I had, I was never under the influence of any substance. I posted this thread for discussion of the astral realm exploration. xx
  14. Which are your favourite places to visit 'up there'? First time I astral projected, all I could see was my bedroom full of blue electrical beams that I was floating in, like a sea. Has anybody had a similar experience? Other times I simply had fun flying around and talking to my Grandpa etc..,,but when I even think of visiting the Moon I get goosebumps! Very weird, so I wonder if any of You have been to the moon before, or is it best to avoid it due to shadowy stuff that goes on up there..., Greetings
  15. But just how do the Jesuit freemasons benefit from this, bflat?
  16. The servants of evil are scared, this pathetic attack accomplished nothing lol. Also MANY thanks to our exceptional administrators and moderators, for being able to fix this n*zi mess so quickly!
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