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  1. Also should mention the capitalist lie that adults only need 8 hours of sleep per day,, which is the cause of many modern-day illnesses !!
  2. l always get very excited seeing this thread's title (as I am very interested in discussing our HOLOGRAPHIC reality), only to remember it's a flat earth thread lol!!!
  3. For me, any pose with a completely straight back to encouruage the flow of life force is nice. I find it helps with back pain, with some cbd ointments and sometimes laying on a bed made out of nails.
  4. Don't really care about abortion either way, it's just another made-up problem to further divide us.
  5. We should create a group to astrally project together on moon and mars, explore them a bit. I feel it is not safe to go alone, aliens living there can apparently spot you right away.
  6. megatron3


    I remember from somewhere, that PIG is a ancient hybrid of human and some beast, that's why pigs are so similar to us and we can use their hearts etc...,now that would explain why eating pig is so bad for us, basically a form of 'energetic cannibalism'. I would be very grateful if anyone can offer up more information on this fascinating topic. Also, should not take simon cowell seriously at all, seems a broken back wasn't the only thing he was recovering from !!! lol (his latest face)
  7. The earth isn't flat, it's actually a donut (look at the picture for proof).
  8. I seem to have had a situation similar to this...once walking in a forest I felt my reality shift somehow, and for about a brief minute I found myself in the same forest yet from a different time ! The air was phenomenally clean, the forest plantlife not yet destroyed by modern techology and full of life,...I suddenly found myself very drawn to a pair of old reading glasses with thick round frames on the forest floor, everything became so focused and then it was gone. I looked and looked around in the place and never found those glasses sadly.
  9. Does this really matter when we live in a holographic simulation of reality,,, lol !! so silly yet I find it too amusing
  10. I think I know the difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming, thank you Jason.
  11. They could also cause you pain, if not compliant enough!
  12. Very interesting experience, rooey. It seems like a great ability. When I exit, my perceived body looks exactly the same, and I have walked around in my astral body without even realizing it. Of course it is also possible that our astral body is just another false perception (I would very much like to hear other members opinions on this too), and perhaps a way to access your true form is with the help of hallucinogens, the ones freely provided by mother nature. Of course nothing comes close to Mr. Icke's description of his experience with ayahuasca, I found it captivating, and I hope
  13. We are all made out of the same energy - I recognized that fact from a very young age (by feeling), so I always have felt connected to spirituality, esotericism etc.., the experiences only confirmed the existence of something greater than us. I have experienced spirits of my beloved family members before, yes. Usually happened in places that was special to them. Can agree on the 3 (A, B, C) points you made! Does make me wonder if some people's awareness exists at a lower frequency (if possible). Thank you for the contribution, xx
  14. A good way to go if you want a huge buildup of bad karma for your next existence, stuck in the pattern forever. It's impossible anyway, and in time you will realize what your purpose is.
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