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  1. Your source has been flagged as unverified
  2. I must admit ive felt more alive than anytime in my life, except for the early 90s, which is another story. It seems like the whole population has devolved into the morose, woe is me state that has always been the vibe ive been accused of giving off. I cant say any of this has affected me other than family concerns. I might have to start telling everyone to smile and read the secret as payback. i do think we'll break this, there is enough of a maturity in the human race, largely by 20 years of talking to the other over the internet. May seem a laughable comment. Perhaps the collective sub conscious has grown maybe more accurate. Maybe some new agey stuff also. All i know is this is proper LIFE ive not felt for too long. hows it go When the going gets wierd,thr wierd turn pro..
  3. Those "dark forces" Shes just another lackey when it comes to it. I find it hard to dislike her. I respect professionalism The stories though.. who knows
  4. This has been my jaw drop of the whole shebang.
  5. Speaking to someone who had the jab today. Hes never had one before but isconvinced there are many extra deaths this year. He sited Brazil as an example and promised to show me total death figures. Hes the type who would've questioned the reliability of figures coming from hong kong last year showing 8 deaths. I've given up with showing people figures, people will believe where their bias lies. spoke to another older lady today who'd had it, she was coming from a political standpoint saying the tories would take credit for reducing deaths by their decisive handling. i shared with her the graphs showing how vaccines had 'taken the credit' for irradicating disease someone shared on here. I think personally i'll be getting Socratic on their arses from now on,rather than the ping pong of figures. Tiring though
  6. I.e it makes not a blind bit of difference what you show them
  7. Makes you wonder about that quote all intelligent people use. Lies damn lies and statistics. another seed?
  8. When we agree it'll be 'right you wont be needing your kids then'
  9. Can just see the adverts "Dean from Manchester, you've got this..work it!"
  10. Im suprised we havent seen wall to wall adverts for VR headsets. theres the pelaton one with the mind worm tune but youd think theyd be pushing it to fuck now they've killed off any entertainment outside
  11. My family will listen and did seem to be responding over last year. Id send videos on the Whatsapp making the point i wasnt expecting or needing a reply. It was a way to put the other side across after the latest crap the govt were coming out with, without interrupting the happy clappy bull shit people usually send. It mayve been you who asked the question earlier are people increasingly finding it harder to wake people up. Well its just like theyve forgotten everything we talked about and worse still are adopting a kind placating tolerance towards me which is fucking annoying. I have pretty much given up, will not volunteer anything. I think its not just the constant repetition in the media, its things like the Uk Eu argument about vaccine supplies (must admit havent really followed it) or Israel being criticised for not supplying them to Palestinians that make the lazy mind think they must be desirable.
  12. Mine has just had it after stating in a semi joking manner over Christmas she thought they were trying to kill off the elderly. As a last ditch i told her to watch 5 min of the Uk Column where they showed 4x the deaths in care homes since the jabs. I doubt she even watched it. Ive noticed nobody ever watches uk column links i send. i wonder if the name makes it seem far right? so ingrained to avoid anything like that as the general public are.
  13. To face it maybe Had the same thought
  14. Like watching a slow motion car wreck
  15. Does anyone know of any health protocols you can use to mitigate the effects of the vaccine. I realise this may be futile in the long term but i'd like to give some advice to my parents. They're booked in next week. My mum does not want it but has fallen for the emotional blackmail, my dads a lost cause unfortunately.
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