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  1. Hmm..May've misread your point looking back. Apologies if so
  2. Single post to a single comment. fwiw i respect the point you've been making regarding the other member. im just questioning the idea ive seen here before that this bs is about putting a target on us. It is a way to make the general public put a target on us
  3. Just reading through someones browsing history would tell them who was undesirable. Even if they never said anything controversial.
  4. For anyone who still needs evidence we are at war. Not seen the like since it started
  5. Watched a video of his a few years ago. His parting message was to leave it to the experts to lobby against 5g. They didnt strike me as the words of a shill, perhaps he was worried people might take things into their own hands and start burning down towers. But i did think it was a typical response from someone who had worked their whole life in a structured govt/military position. The idea there were checks and balances and that proper science would win out. This was evidently not the case long before covid. That kind of mindset is why many smart people give the benefit of the doubt to the efforts of authorities now. If you ask where these checks and balances are exactly, you are moved into lunatic fringe in their eyes. Would recommend his videos having said that
  6. Great rubbed into pizza crusts before cooking
  7. I remember buying a load of material thinking i could do it on the cheap. Im no seamstress however, so tried glueing then good old gaffa tape. Would wake up with a bed that looked like one of Tracy Emins pieces, so i gave up. Managed to make a couple of phone wallets so far. The rest of it sits on the shelf quietly mocking me
  8. You do meet some great people. It was like breathing out again i remember with the first one. Its worth it i think
  9. Im a bit ambivalent to these protests. Especially when they are provoked into violence. However my French friend tells me some have never stopped protesting yellow jacket stuff, every week, ignoring the covid. So I'll be there
  10. Remember reading about a 90yr olds cornea being used, not sure about main organs though
  11. Shall we concentrate on our knife crime targets today or go for equal brownie points visiting the old lady. lets have a cuppa in the canteen and decide
  12. Someone offers to take away your responsibilities, ease your burden. When this benefactor is nameless and faceless. He outlives you and performs the same kindness towards your children, grandchildren. Human nature. You know its wrong but why did god make those fingers fit so neatly in the ears. Yeah we are all to blame, easy life is not a happy life. Great awakening here we come. I wouldnt write it off. I couldnt
  13. Ive found its anathema to suggest anything like this amongst family. They will wax lyrical about the traitors who exacerbated the situation, but any suggestion it wasnt a natural event is not up for discussion
  14. F'k me how deep does it go. but makes sense
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