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  1. Thank you. But in all honestly I'll let him take the credit in how he's turned out. We can guide them but it's up to them to take the steps they take during life.
  2. I get your point Palestinians are in the same boat aswell but they still don't change anything as much as ours don't. Tianamin square only changed when tanks rolled over peaceful protests finally making everyone go enough of this. And to be fair to that point it's usually when months if not years of protest make the state look to bad to be able to continue doing what they do. America had Martin L king and Malcomy X both polar opposites in the way they handled protest and both died before change (if you could actually call it change).
  3. I know people lied about there age to fight in the war but that kids taken the piss out of them.
  4. One small success out of this madness, my 13 year olds school phoned yesterday for consent to test him to which I said no. Driving him to school this morning was talking that the school said if I change my mind they would glady test him, his response was I don't get why the school said if you change your mind, it's my decision and I'm not being tested at all. Proud of him being dead set against it and he said if they try to force him into it hes walking out of school (which has my full consent). Such a wise head on young shoulders.
  5. Im not in the buisness of seeking retribution like that yet. I've made it crystal clear to them the damage they done in taking that route to our relationship to which I may add is irreversible, it broke all levels of trust and love i once held for them. They didn't succeed in anything the threw my way even while being made homeless I managed to keep hold of my kids and partner, I prefer the fact I know I'm better than them on every level. I always said I could handle the dicks I didn't know getting involved, it was like water off a ducks back with them, but the family was different, people your meant to trust shouldn't be doing that, they can suffer with the fact they wont be seeing grandchildren or me. I managed to get back on my own two feet now with the added bonus of growing my food supply far away from any of them. I suffered no physical harm just mental, violence should only meet violence and the rest didn't phase me enough to stop me in my tracks just rolled with it, seemingly found a way round everything they could try.
  6. Not bothered about it really, my dad, brother in the masons, mum, sister, mum in law, step mum ex sister in law all tried to have my kids removed, have me sectioned, and when that failed cos I wasn't registered with doctors they went to the police to have me arrested for being a danger to my kids. Funny thing though, they all admitted to masons existing and knowing them, even being involved with them, told me to shut up about them and let it go when all I asked was what was going on around me. Rest of family cut me off. So i see it as everything has a silver lining.
  7. He won't be the last one that deserves to go to that place, you'll probably find they'll all start spouting that shit to see which way the winds blowing on it. Like Boris with vaccinated passports to get in pub, then the next day it was not sure how feesable that will be
  8. Na those Wankers would have still got us here, if orwell wouldnt have wrote it some other front would have.
  9. Why is it when your growing up (and I think this applies to most if not all) parents and family tell you one thing you can rely on is never trust a politician, so why does everyone go wilfully and blindly along with everything that comes out there mouth evenue saying they have our best interest at heart. Another thing that gets me is all the polls they go by, I still haven't met one person who has been offered to take part in one.
  10. I know that, you know that, but they've wanted I'd cards for a long time and smell this as there chance to get it by rebranding them as vaccination passports
  11. After watching the news over the last couple of days two things have struck me 1. Covid passports will be here (I'd cards renamed) 2.There going to push mandatory vaccines as all they've been saying is no one's safe until everyone's vaccinated. I will not have a passport and not willing to be jabbed so will resist for as long as possible.
  12. I think the best way to move forward is your view is acceptable to you and the the way I think is my opinion I may disagree with yours as you may disagree with mine, but there's no need to get wound up by it.
  13. Also TS It's like the stinging ants that contain poison. If I was to go to the jungle and get stung I would probably end up dying. But those who live there get there kids to put a glove on containing hundreds of them and deliberately sting them from a young age to get a immunity from them resulting in them being fine with them.
  14. But living in filth and squaller with poor water supply, poor sewage probably made those times much much worse. If as you said it was made in a lab in Asia, do you think they would have spent as long perfecting it to be stopped by masks at the first hurdle?
  15. Money and religion(Inc cults) the two biggest fuck ups ever invented. Take them out and watch the peace time roll in. Both are greedy orientated cunts
  16. They've mainly died of pnemonia, most deaths are just said they tested positive in last 60 odd days, heart attack, snake bites, stabbed, gunshot, fall off roof, tb, murdered, aids, cancer, as long as someone says you tested for something they all count. But pnemonia strikes in flu and other issues.
  17. But there is the choice, you do it for the want of money. Your willing to go along with things as long as it suits you financially. I don't indulge in sjw you won't change the way things are run, they just keep coming back. I think they covered the bases, 5g, bats, chemical lab, just flu rebranded, there was something for everyone to believe in. Then show the brain what the cell looks like, which is why it's on TV all the time so you brain knows what to make up, tell people what the symptoms are so it can start to act it out. As long as you believe it's real the brain will be able to cook it up so to say. Like indigenous americans that never suffered a cold or flu's until England turned up. They lived by the water, went on the water, wore next to no clothes, had animals migrating all around them but never had a cold till a red coats started to cough. Since I thought like that my colds stopped.
  18. That's cool I don't wear a mask and not had a cold since 2015. Exactly at the point I stopped believing in them.
  19. I don't believe covid exsists or colds and flu's either. Why would you then restrict your breathing anymore than needs be. If you was to believe it's real why would everyone need to shield wear masks have themselves vacc for the 0.2 to 0.5 percent of infected that will die. They need to shield not everyone else.
  20. Or covid spokesman in disguise
  21. Was the glue the school stuff in the big bottles had a mate that used to eat it after putting it on his finger like a line of tooth paste.
  22. Weed Skunk Speed Alcohol Cocaine Skunk the only one I enjoyed Your list all good till mustard, hate the stuff. Even recently tried a mustard ball (little green pea looking thing) cos someone dared me. There vile I also remember day dreaming alot just standing there looking blank until my mum would snap me out of it telling me i shouldn't be doing it. (Before the drugs) tell you what tho, the day dreams were more interesting thand real life. I still do it now it's great letting your mind wander around, thing is I can't help it, it just happens. But there's always someone there ready to snap you out of it.
  23. I don't think you should pin hope on sheep's waking up, they won't. Too many of them take there directions from the church and other cult groups, there to used submitting to orders given without questioning it in the belief they will benefit out of it. Would you really want that, they wake up this time to get led again, that's all they do. Your better off planing without them. Don't worry about them cos they don't worry about us.
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