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  1. The dam will burst when they want it to burst
  2. I'd say it's more likely there's no cracks appearing. Your hoping for the cracks to believe it might come to an end but I believe it's more likely going just as they had always planned to go. They will control allsides of it. People you think are speaking sound truths on the subject are drawing you in still. People who ain't part of it are silenced. This isn't something they've thought about recently and just released in the hope enough people will buy into it. This would have been planned decades if not more, subliminal messaging setting up humanity to go along with it and specific laws being passed to help get us here. What your seeing now is just prep for next stage and you shouldn't fall for people who's voices you hear thinking there showing signs of cracking or waking up or have been aloud to object to covid because all its for is to carry you on down the path if plan A fails. Plan B Is plan A with different leaders, they'll wrap it up as something else but they will still get humanity to where they want wheather we want to or not. Imagine if covid has not much to do with the master plan but it's just phase one of something much bigger. There may even be many phases we will have to play objection to that wouldn't seem to have much to do with the overall agenda, just one big misdirection occupying our time so we wouldn't see something else happening or coming our way
  3. If they didn't work in politics, they would have been trying as hard as Fuck to be priests.
  4. There all twisted fucks, you'd be naive to think otherwise
  5. You tell me who in government isnt then?
  6. Must add it's one of the toughest things you will ever face up to.
  7. Unfortunately I came to that conclusion long before Covid. I dunno if you've ever heard the saying you can't choose your family, but you can pick your friends. So do that wisely. Although you can only really count on yourself.
  8. Maybe once a week so we're not deemed as taking the piss
  9. Do you think if we've been good enough he'll let us a have a full day of sunlight.
  10. She should have threatened to have an abortion, they'd have kept her in to talk her out of it
  11. I don't believe they've had it. On the who's left around if they control all the food, and there's laws saying you can't have animals bred at home, Bill Gates dims the sun light so you can't grow anything, your going to pretty much do whatever they say regardless of who is left around because there holding all the cards that you need to live
  12. Because you would be taking a healthy dog to be put down because you wanted to, not because the dog had asked to be put down
  13. My mum always said if I had a brain I would be dangerous
  14. I'll get my facts in order next time. Sorry bc
  15. sorry basket case just rechecked it was frank vitalI who mentioned the lorry protest. Got confused there, I had been reading your post previous where you was talking to some one about protests. My bad just been a bit dumb on remembering names to post.
  16. Different era but you never know. If someone evil does it your have tyranny, if good people do it different result. Depends on what angle your at, if ex elite writes history it's remembered from there prospective. Say you over throw, then war rages between ex elite wanting power back, if they retake power in future and write history from there prospective they will be portrayed as freedom fighters while the other side will be remembered as evil satanic tyrants. Friday 13 is remembered as a bad omen day but thats only because the templars were rounded up and killed on that date. There now freemasons so should that day be remembered as a bad type day or celebrated for someone standing against them? Columbus is remembered as finder of countries, but in reality he's a murderous despot that fucked the lives of many and ruined there land
  17. I'm not so sure about the majority of next gen are up for having it, they flew through the older lot and at risk group cos of threat to health, and threat of access to care. It will be interesting to see how many next gen will actually have it as opposed to paid up followers trying to influence the rest. I think vast numbers will remember it won't affect them and they don't get flu jab. But will be worth keeping an eye on
  18. Anyhow I think this topic is for another thread so ill give it a rest now
  19. I wasn't suggesting you take the military on. But do accept you may have to. There alliegance is to the Queen, remove the head and you may not need fight them
  20. Wasn't advocating it, just basket case said about lorry protest on motorways so I put what I would do with them. Problem is I don't know any houlage people. It wouldn't have been a military coup just said use lorrys to block all military bases entrances, so it take to long for them to get out, large protests around parliment square and around Buckingham palace so all the roads are blocked off for police responding. Then a large enough group brakes away and storms said buildings. Ask the Queen nicely to abdicate, i think there is a rule about if your in possession of a certain item your king or queen, so grab ahold of that and if not relay to the head of royals that the benefits of breathing out weigh not breathing (you made need to do away with her but last resort). 1st act abolish parliment cos they would want power if left, set decrees on way to moverify the country forward, then abolish monarchy system. As I said wasn't advocating it but it's just what I would use the lorrys for rather than a pointless protest that all.
  21. I doubt it would be bloodless those royal guards are bound to fire some shots off before being overrun. Same as what went down at white house where a few got shot. I can just imagine the red flag and target I may have just put on myself but Fk em, useless cunts. Just remembered it wasn't white house, meant Congress.
  22. I think theres some rule about sceptre or crown but not sure. Youd have to get rid of parliment cos they'd sniff a power grab once the royal family is out before any reform could be done
  23. Maybe unrelated but that was second attempt on that piece, the device I was using went haywire while trying to add emojis the first attempt.
  24. The lorries are not a bad idea, but instead of the motorway I would use them to block all access to every military complex accross the country while simultaneously have large protests blocking all roads around parliment and whichever ever building the royals are in at that time. At the same time as that you'd have more people storming said buildings (you'd need big numbers) to achieve coup. Obviously for any snoopers watching I'm only joking and would never advocate such a thing.
  25. You could have the same problem on a street protest tho. And most dispatches don't result in going on the motorway
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