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  1. While putin took one but won't say which one and did it away from cameras in a private setting, just trust us he had one
  2. Completely agree. Imagine how much dirt Epstein did have on all those as it seemed to be funneled through his network, obviously I'd guess there's others providing the same stuff. Like the rumours of the Clinton's pizza shop, where differentry pizzas equals different kids
  3. I just think it was all part off the plan, say your not overly bothered by it, getting support of your country, then oh look I've had it, very nasty bug, we need to do this now, trust me I've had it I know what I'm talking about. That way more people likely to go along with it. The who was just waiting for enough mask wearing calls to come out of the woodwork so they didn't get burned. On jeffery epstien I just don't trust it, no one allowed to see his body, suicide risk that they stopped watching, more likely let out the back door back to peado island under new name.
  4. Hi there I have little knowledge on this topic and am just being inquisitive so sorry if it seems trivial. Does it solely concentrate on magic, or is there prophacies or other aspects involved. Also I see you mentioned lodges and order of orient templars, am I right in thinking there's a link to knights templars and free masonary. Although I think freemasons are the templars rebranded but I could be wrong on that.
  5. I don't think there dropping there religion for corona, there just doing what the news feeds supply them as truth on the matter. All I was saying was if there religion makes them happy then why not be OK with them following it. It's up to the individual to decide what they follow and if it suits them that's all I meant. Whether or not they believe in heaven and what not is for them to decide. Me personally, I dont buy into any of the religions but that's me. They do work off the same texts, so point to something in past happending but I think it covers a previous reset of humanity, hiding our true history.
  6. Do you think that will just end the same way as France did with sending people back to there countries where the court deemed it illegal but they choose to do it anyway and payed the fines. I get the feeling these lot would just print the money and give it to the courts. Or do a deal where they pay a pound (or equivalent) a week
  7. The stuff your seeing today will be out again tomorrow, sometimes it's good to just disconnect from it all. If you had a day of not watching it on net or TV and did something unrelated to it all you'd feel refreshed to the point of it not mattering at all. If it walks like a sheep, talks like a sheep it's just a sheep. And in 5years time it will still be a sheep following whoever is its sheppard. Unless your wanting lamb chops spend your time on other things.
  8. Unfortunately you can't fight this lot until they reveal themselves. So no point in getting to down yet. The sun will still rise and set tomorow. As for the immediate future it will be no holiday and possibly no fun, the supermarkets are away off and home delivery will sort that for a year or so. Use the time to enjoy your own company and those that still want to be close and the rest is all indulgence. Think that by not doing that your not making them richer
  9. I have a belief in a god type thing but none of them fit with what I think. I don't begrudge anyone with worshipping those religions just not for me. If it makes them happy then why not. I've never liked the the idea of not allowing your own ideas to fund your belief rather than a structure of this is it, now follow. It is shocking the way they dropped there beliefs butility on the other hand what was they to do. They did however have the money to cover fines I'd imagine, but that's there look out not mine.
  10. The bible is no different to the rest, they all have the same stories just told in different versions relying on what has been written before. The only sad thing is how they've abandoned in God we trust message during corona. Dropped morals for the sake of it. Could you imagine jesus saying sorry I can't touch you to heal you because a 2 meter rule or I'm scared I'll catch something. I believe the faith healers do tap into one thing, if the person truly believes that faith in god or individual will heal them then it's possible that the brain will enact it. That's why I think they stress you have to truly believe. I on the other hand believe it would happen if you thought it would happen, without the need of faith etc. But if that's what it takes for some people then why not if it works.
  11. I would add it sends wages down in the labour market sending a few more into poverty but the rest is spot on
  12. How true it is I don't know but I see some articles about the quality of meat they use in America where it was testing positive for traces of human meat.
  13. I believe it was a more staged scenario with him going along with the order. Convenient that the Jews got Israel out of it. Irony that the rest of the world didn't like him taking over land that wasn't his to then give someone else land that doesn't belong to any of them. Also amazing how the amount of Ancient sites have been ransacked since then in that region. Me thinks people are looking for some ancient artifacts. Remember no one is actually certain he died, if he lived then they helped him because they was in it together.
  14. I don't generally follow weather forecasts as there usually wrong. Just judge what's in front of me. When I lived in margate it was normally the opposite to what was meant to be.
  15. I think it's just more todo with the author of poster not the postee.
  16. Fight lie with truth anything else puts you on the same level as them
  17. Don't know why it linked you in ros, sorry dude. In the highlands it's gust/gales raining cold but yesterday was t shirt weather. Tonight/tomorrow it's snow. All seasons in 48 hours.
  18. Just watching the BBC and there reporting easter celebrations in churches. They said that one of the rules was that the adults have to socially distance from the children (they had a picture on the choir at that point). All I could think was the collective sigh of relief that must have went through the children's mind on hearing that
  19. I see even reuters and polifacts are saying it's a false statement. (I don't generally pay any attention to fact checkers imo)
  20. Chill out,save the arguing for real life. No need to get narky in house.
  21. The big boys have always been in control
  22. I love the term checks and balances, it has Fuck all to do with anything. The best example I think is Mr Blair and he's chums take us into a illegal war in the middle east murdering horrendous amounts of people. They check it, then balance it out with making him middle east peace envoy. You've gotta luv those checks and balances.
  23. I drop all mine 5 years back when I found out the groups they belonged to and what they were actually playing at rather than just being mates so had plenty of time getting used to it. Since then never let anyone in that close, don't trust anyone know more. Its not so bad if you enjoy your own company. You also get time to learn more about yourself, the meaning of life, purpose, you become more philosophical about all things.
  24. Looks like I have 3 to say no to.
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