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  1. With the topic of shaking hands with a peado, that was masionic handshake. So in all likely hood, he fked someones kid.
  2. This thread has proper cheered me up today. Also outed a few people as well
  3. Theres someone who should be fearing what gods about todo to him
  4. It's a good idea. Whether or not it will work is another thing tho
  5. If you was to take world war 2 for example, didn't most of the world put differences aside to fight back. Agree everyone is divided most of the time, and covid is not going to unite many in all honesty. Only when the nwo shows themselves will people unite. Same as in WW2, Germany took over alot before anyone did anything to try to stop them, history shows that people leave it to the last minute to fight a common cause. The point I was making was you don't believe in covid, Avoiceinthecrowd doesn't believe in covid so no real need to argue between eachother (didn't realise you 2 had previous). Religion, politics have only ever served to divide and force people into there way of thinking. Barring the usual fight back at last minute a voice that can resonate with the masses is the only otherway but very few can actually get voice heard currently so not sure how successful that would be. But the people who disagree with covid are probably going to be the starting people fighting nwo. So rather than fighting amongst selves it would be wiser to try to work more together. I never said uniting all human kind, that's impossible with the numbers involved in secret societies (they have most of the religions under there control) it's more uniting against those groups which of course is not all of mankind. For as long as humans have been around there's been secret societies, so you'd have a better chance of having harmony without all them causing divisions in the first place. When Muhammed formed Muslims they lived in peace with Christian counterparts, so society can, when it wants to be, be tolerant with one and other.
  6. I've been trying to work it out but cant (maybe a bit dim) what's a bcu?
  7. I love the word It wasn't your age, it was the people like you line. The tone is gonna get a response and that isn't helping anyone on hear
  8. Your never win a battle with that attitude. The NWO, along with all there subsidery groups of occult, masons,churches etc are not divided. So everyone that's not in that group would have to put differences aside to beat them or everyone is just going to be to busy arguing over smaller things not paying attention to what is going to happen probably in the near future. It would be like lambs to the slaughter. The guy don't buy into covid so why get shirty over his decision on the mask. If you think it's just seeing a compliance issue from the powers that be, I think you would be wrong on that assumption. There doing what they always planned weather you wear a face nappy or not.
  9. From the start of this I have seen people who objected to lockdowns, mask wearing but then went and got the jab. But I've seen people wearing masks, complying with lockdown and object the idea of jab. There's people that have completely reject everything, and there's those have have complied with everything. If Avoiceinthecrowd had a choice I guess he would not. My face is already in there database as well as my DNA so I was fucked long before this all started. They can kiss my arse to be honest. I choose not to wear mask and will cross the maniacs when the time comes to that. I'll play nicely by leaving a shop if required, not go places if it comes to that, but it's different if they come for me, prison would be a holiday to outside world at that point
  10. If you notice what is a slippery slope is arguing between yourselves is dividing numbers again.
  11. I think most already know there embracing the beast. Just been reading a mind control illuminate pdf file and there's not really many of them that ain't worshipping lucifer. Even the other religions are doing the same. Tbh there's some thread on this site talking about crowleys A.A. group. Someone on this site is right up the top of it. Crowley's other group is O.T.O and what I'm reading is part of a network that helps monarch mind control programming. I needed to get that off my chest sorry I know it's not covid related. I can't upload file, but search for Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier illuminate mind controll formular.
  12. Just timing was remarkable, I think done for premise of most just seeing headline then oh well I'll let them vac me and my kids as it's a legal requirement without any real thought on the matter. Same with the soundbite of having all people vaccinated by July 31. Just leads to more people going OK then, everyone else is obviously going to do it so shall I.
  13. Considering that case started in I think 2013 and doesn't apply to covid would that infer you would have several years of arguing that it's against your rights before it reaches verdict. I imagine that may get special fast tracked as fakedemic may have gone away by then
  14. The problem would be finding a judge not in on it. More chance of catching covid I think
  15. One thing that got me the other day was why was they saying the rare bloodcots kill 4 in a million? Wouldn't it been 1 in 250,000. It was bugging me as when school teach maths they tell you to reduce it down to the lowest denominations. Anyone got an idea on that. Was it a million sounds more unlikely? 1 in 250,000 still sounds rare and wouldnt amount to much in uk population
  16. I'm not sure if I can see this working on compulsory vaccination for covid. The stuff this related to is for once in a lifetime jab but this Covid is a multi jab per year scenario. I can't see how long people would put up with it as not many of the population go for the flu jab. In logical terms the side effects have more chance of killing the kids supposedly do of dying from covid. I'm not sure how that scenario would stand up in court. I think homeschooling will be on the cards as the get out as I can only see them saying to go school you would have to it. Ironically when schools were reopening it was all talk of they can go back because it doesn't spread around kids and they don't suffer from it, couple of weeks later there playing the compulsory jabs scenario.
  17. I see that the European Court of human spite has ruled on the checks. The cases it was ruling on was pre covid about people that had been refused schooling for children that wasn't having previously school jabs. Does the ruling mean you won't be able to take part in society or they will hold you down and jab you. Cos so far I can't see the clear text. I see that they just say the government is right with the way they handled it. Have I miss understood the ruling or is there some catchy headline makers. Cos if it's not being aloud to participate in society well I'm a hermit loner in the making.
  18. OK on reading on I now have a better understanding of the moon children rituals which kind of lays out the type of things crowley was doing at the butterfly net. Did he ever acheive trapping a fourth dimension being in a embryo or was it a work in progress? I suppose it depends as what you define to be superman. Even a slight improvement would theoretically be a superhuman. I must ask Oz as you stated your rank in this area is this something you take part in. You said you was second/known as red beast, is that top dog so to say or second in command. I don't mind pm this stuff if your not comfortable on open forum. Or hear if you are comfortable.
  19. Those in favour or just paid stooges.
  20. I think the fearlessness would apply to death as well hence you wouldn't need to run from the grizzly as you wouldnt be fearing for your life, It would mean you would stand your ground, a punch on the nose has been said to ward off bears. But like with dogs, if an animal smells fear it will generally attack.
  21. I'm reading one from Cisco wheeler and springmeier Im only in 44 pages but that's where the table of there networks are. I'm not trying to judge organisations helping out, so please dont think im trying to have a dig. Im more trying to gain a better understanding of the topic. It's logical that by sorting people into what there good at will benefit the field they end up doing, thus saves a lot of time wasting finding what suits you. But if that's all they did it wouldn't seem so bad, it's the other side of what they do which is concerning. I always had a theory that magic is more played a out by a group. For instance if someone curses you on there own it most likely wouldn't have effect, but if someone curses you and then a secret group helps ruin your life then a curse would work. I also think if you constantly think of wanting something then you will be drawn to what it is you want, but you would still have to put the work in to get what you want, you don't get anything for free. About 6 years ago I noticed things going on around me, I don't think it was gangstalking and only suffered pushback when I was publicly asking questions, that wasn't physical just more shutting me up. I remember when a women probably in her 50s said to the person next to her he can see us. She was right cos I was already filming at that point trying to prove it. That evidence was wiped somehow but I learnt eventually the more I pushed back the more trouble I was getting so had to reset my focus and learn to let it go and get back to living life. The magical world interests me of late and I was curious as to the difference between magic and magick, is it one is more casting by person individually and the other is a group played out agenda (weather you want someone eventually be priminister for example)
  22. I've just been reading a illuminate mind control file/book and within it it lists of groups they use to help with the techniques of trauma and it lists OTO as one of its networks. Is that something you have knowledge about? And secondly if Crowley had two groups associated with him I'm guessing the AA would also be in the same field. Is this something you would have knowledge of? Or is the book simply slandering the organisations that crowley was involved with? I just linked you in to see if you had much insight into the matter.
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