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  1. I didn't say every newbie did I Im not on Meds thanks I don't have petty prejudices And I never meant or said you was a shill
  2. I mentioned no names and I wasn't alluding to you so cheers for that message
  3. I know the pet theory has been around since the begining, it started with zoo animals testing positive at the begining of this Covid. I honestly believe this has been set up decades ago if not more. Everything they do is for something in the future. They control everything so whatever happens is what they planned for no matter how much you may think your voice matters and what changes you helped bring about its only there agenda that gets pushed. These lot seem to have been around controlling what goes on since the dawn of man.
  4. I was saying some people on here are part of the powers that be and are using stuff from this site to help there agenda. They see what's being said and combat it early. If they notice something like your pet theory and think they can use it they will. I'm not mentioning names of profiles but there is certain things you notice about the posts being put out that ain't seeming right, like there not really buying into the anti covid. Those same people then seem to have identical constructed posts coming from newbies I could be wrong but it's like people are setting up multiple accounts but are the same person behind it.
  5. Think there use to the time off and want more of it. Same as the teachers my kids been back full time for 2 weeks, next week is may day and then a teachers training day. It beggars belief that with the amount of school missed it takes 2 weeks for them to want a day off on top of bank holiday. They do fk all on those teachers training days and I know that cos I know a couple of former teachers
  6. Ah.. good old bbc programing eh.
  7. There's a massive chance people on here are part of them. If you look carefully at peoples posts your start noticing a few of them. I'm not talking off topic issue posts but certain ones that are covid related, there is a pattern on there posts. And to that some new people speak in the exact language as existing people so I think they have multi profiles to help there effect. They take what is effective anti vax/covid messaging then go out there way to ridicule it and come up with ways to get more sheep's to the flock
  8. There words it's time people know who we are! To think my family tried to get me sectioned over this lot.
  9. Off topic I know but just watching sky news, coming up after the break is the freemasons inaugural annual report. WTF!!!
  10. Is that the BBC program teaching you that
  11. How did you get into this magic buisness then. Was it something you was always interested in or was you groomed for the role somehow? I know these organisations say you have to ask to join but was thinking do they mould you into what they want you to be.
  12. Could it be a case of trying to put 2 and 2 together to get 5. With the amount of people that have been vaccinated your never going to be far from one, but women have been having menstrual problems for a long time and plenty of women do have miscarriages, is it a case of trying to say it's shedding that's the problem as opposed to whatever was causing it in the past. I've not paid to much attention lately are these menstral (not miscarriages) started all of a sudden when they've previously never had an issue or is it something they've had for a while. My partner, mum, my sister and daughter have always had bad cycles of clumping so was wondering if shedding was a bit of a red herring and it's something else that's causing this phenom. Chemical trails, stuff in water, pesticides or whatever. Maybe even hand sanitizer I'm not sure.
  13. Just for the fact the pic of him wearing the green t shirt with the masionic design he deserved to go
  14. When people do magic, does it come at a cost, ie action and reaction. I thought I herd that if you try to do a spell to cause harm it will have a effect on you as well as the target. Equally if you do a spell to say give someone wealth it would also have an impact on the person casting the spell.
  15. I think the whole thing was a type of op because why would they have done it if as I read one of the 6 clubs had a meeting with government officials, they would have known the stance and likely hood of success from it. I can't put my finger on it but there was something else at play. The timing of it, the 2 to 3 days it lasted for and no real messaging from the proposal says something else to me.
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