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  1. I would re-iterate to anyone reading this thread, Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer found "laws" (not theories) regarding the cause of most "diseases" (actually, you can't really call them diseases when you understand his discoveries and the science behind them) - and this is in agreement with other real medical scientists such as Dr Stefan Lanka. I also find it interesting is that Dr Hamer was ridiculed by media, and was chased down and threatened by the same forces / families which sit behind governments and control them - also prominent topics of discussion on this site. On the positive side, German New Medicine offers the possibility of being free from fear of illness, starting with "cancer" and, unlike other health modalities (including much of what could be termed "alternative"), actually explains why your body responds the way it does. It fits every time (hence the term "law" not "hypothesis"). No wonder "they" don't want you to know about it. The truth stands up for itself, and does not need constant promotion (which is why German New Medicine has been actively surpressed all these years) It is absolutely true, provable, makes sense, and is even beautiful when you look into it. Utterly astounding, and fully recommended from personal experience.
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