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  1. Wow ..... I mean Wow !! That makes so much sense and explains things that no theory I've heard of does. WOW! Thanx for posting this. I try to keep an open mind, but I always leaned towards the thermite theory because it seemed to provided the best explanation .... until now. I started out watching this sitting back in my chair, rolling my eyes; and by the end, I was sitting on the edge of my seat with my mouth hanging open ....... An ah-ha moment fer shure. I gotta get the book
  2. I would advise against drinking "scrubbed" water on a regular basis, be it distilled or RO water, because it is devoid of the needed minerals; however there is an alternative if you want clean mineral water. You can re-mineralize scrubbed or pure water by adding Himalayan salt through a sole (pronounced “so-lay”). It provides all 84 minerals and trace elements. I drink 1 teaspoon of sole mixed in a glass of RO water as soon as I wake every morning. What opened my eyes about the need for salt was the book "Water and Salt, The Essence of Life" by Barbara Hendel https://www.amazon.com/Water-Salt-Essence-Barbara-Hendel/dp/0974451517/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2PZEAB31KD59V&keywords=water+%26+salt+the+essence+of+life&qid=1657131163&sprefix=water+%26+salt+%2Caps%2C111&sr=8-1 White table salt is the by-product of salt, after they've stripped all of the minerals from it for making supplements. It is 100% sodium chloride. In order for the human body to process sodium chloride, the rest of the minerals and trace elements are needed and work in synergy to eliminate the SC. Without the minerals, white salt is a poison. In ancient times, pure salt was even used as partial payment for workers .... it's that important to life. It's not by accident that all life, plants, animals, insects, marine life, etc, contain not just the same minerals, but also the same proportions and percentages as the oceans from whence we came. Himalayan salt hydrates the body and aids in detoxification. White salt dehydrates the body and without the minerals, cannot eliminate the sodium chloride. Himalayan salt doesn't taste as salty either due to it's lower sodium chloride, and high mineral content. The sole gives me a mild boost of energy when I wake. It's not a dramatic boost, but I can feel it. I also use it as a nasal rinse. I use a Neilmed sinus rinse bottle, and mix .4 (note point 4) teaspoons fine grain Himalayan salt with 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda to cleanse my sinuses. I specifically rinse after going to the store or being around people that have been vaxxed. If I get a headache, I always try rinsing my sinuses first and more times than not, it usually helps. And yes, I use it as a gargle when needed, with a detox bath, in lamps and an inhaler. When you make a sole, the salt will dissolve until the solution is supersaturated to a percentage of 26% salt, when it will stop dissolving. You want to make sure there is always salt remaining in the bottom to make sure it maintains the 26% level. That way you know what dosage you are consuming. The hysteria about white salt is true and leads to health problems, but they never tell us about the benefits of natural salt. They tend to lump all salts into one category and mislead us that all salts are bad for us. Even when I consume processed foods, I add a little Himalayan salt to help process the white salt it contains. This may sound silly to most, but I also bless anything I put in my body that contains water by telling it "I Love You". Water is imprint-able and benefits from positive vibrations. “All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea - whether it is to sail or to watch it - we are going back from whence we came.” ― John F. Kennedy
  3. Zelensky Dancing in Heels This explains why the entire woke world is running around in blue and yellow
  4. I had never seen these before, but once I looked them up, I do remember hearing about them. They are claimed to have an uncanny ability to predict the staged events of the NWO. They are out of print now, are very collectable and pricey. Some of them even predicted the CV Plandemic, Jan 6th, and the rise of censorship. The ones below show 9/11 and were created 25 yrs ago; so the ones you posted very well may have some validity. Thanx
  5. He's a confused clone ....... lost without his handler
  6. It would be hard to bet against my own suspicions. Project Blue Beam will be the last card. Serge Monast’s Project Blue Beam Makes Today’s Conspiracy Theories Look Sane https://allthatsinteresting.com/project-blue-beam-serge-monast
  7. You are right, and I'm sure it was put out there to generate fear. There will most likely be more false warnings to follow until we no longer pay attention to them .......... That's when SHTF. I think most people on this form are expecting another shoe to drop sooner or later, but TPTB probably want to squeeze as much loosh from us before the grand finale. They're not done yet.
  8. I have a strong suspicion that the United States is still a British colony (or Commonwealth Realm), albeit cloaked and hidden. I've been reading about this for some years now, and there is a lot of evidence that points to this conclusion. Much of this evidence is buried in legal-ease language, but if you take the time, it can be discovered how they achieved this and how they kept it hidden. This is why his statements might seem ambiguous. UNITED STATES IS STILL A CROWN COLONY https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/63498-2/ I don't know why this video starts in the middle, so you will have to manually start it from the begining America A British Colony Under The Roman Empire There are many links on this page if anyone wants to dig deeper: http://landrightsnfarming-landrightnfarming.blogspot.com/2011/04/informer-and-james-montgomery-links-to.html
  9. It was written by Jackson Browne when he was about 16. When you listen to the lyrics, I can't imagine anyone at that age having those thoughts and putting them to words. I know I certainly wasn't thinking that way at that age.
  10. While realizing the controversy about The Beatles (and all music for that matter) and the industry's manipulation, I still enjoy JL's work. Two other songs I like from him is "Working Class Hero" and "Watching the Wheels". The first I can relate to from doing it all my life and working for the man, and the second from what I'm doing in today's world. I just had to let it go. Good choice Ethel
  11. Some telltale signs you're talking to a bot: Watch out for clunky phrasing Even the best conversational AI often has trouble with the weird complexities and contradictions of language. English is especially difficult for anyone to learn because it’s less a language than a collection of stolen words and contradictory grammatical rules pronounced in a fanciful way that dispenses with logic, and AI struggles as much as human beings. While AI can usually pull off pretty decent results (especially if its scripting has been augmented by a human being), there are often telltale garbled sentences that simply make no sense, or strange substitutions. If you feel like you’re chatting or speaking with an alien who learned English by watching Japanese television, you may be dealing with a bot. Look for repetition Bots also tend to be extremely single-minded. Human conversation tends to be fluid—subjects are introduced, dropped, and then picked up again later. But bots are usually constructed for specific purposes, and they will doggedly pursue those purposes no matter what you do. If you notice that the “person” you’re speaking to or chatting with keeps returning to the same recommendation or solution no matter what you say, you might be dealing with a bot. If they literally repeat the precise phrasing each time, that’s an even stronger indication, because humans tend to change how they phrase things—especially if they sense they’re not getting through to you. Note the response speed Another sign that you’re dealing with AI is the speed of their responses. Whether in a chat or on the phone, bots can usually generate responses much faster than humans. If the chats are coming back to you instantaneously, or if the voice on the phone is able to instantly give you information that a human should reasonably have to look up in a resource of some sort, you’re either dealing with a bot or the most talented customer service rep in the universe. Pay attention to vagueness Bots are often programmed to offer vague, meaningless responses when they don’t understand, often repeating what you just said in order to give the illusion of paying attention. This is an old trick. The “chatbot therapist” ELIZA, developed in the 1960s, uses it constantly. If you tell her, “I’m sad,” she responds “How long have you been sad?” It’s a simple algorithmic construction, but it offers the illusion of sentience. If the “person” you’re chatting with constantly turns your statements around for clarification you might be dealing with an AI that uses this trick to get around sentences it can’t parse easily. Another aspect of vagueness is responses that superficially make sense but add nothing to the conversation. That’s because AI is usually programmed to produce language that resembles real communication but actually adds nothing. Pull a “Crazy Ivan” If you suspect you’re dealing with a bot but you’re not sure, there’s a test you can try. In the movie The Hunt for Red October, the Russian submarine captain played by Sean Connery is known for pulling “Crazy Ivans” while sailing underwater—suddenly turning his boar to see if an enemy sub is hiding in his wake. This kind of surprise move can disrupt an AI as well. While conversational AI has become extremely sophisticated and it can be difficult to tell from a brief interaction that you’re not talking to a human being, bots still have one major weakness: Difficulty with non sequiturs. This is especially true with emotions and human relationships. In the middle of the conversation, ask your suspected bot about their family, or tell them you’re feeling depressed, just to see the reaction. Bots typically won’t be prepared for this and will either stay doggedly on message, ignoring your outburst, or offer a generic “Sorry, I don’t understand” kind of message. That’s because AIs are ultimately programs, and thus have what’s known as error handling. If it can’t process what you’re saying, it will drop into the same subroutine over and over again. In some cases, the bot won’t respond at all to a Crazy Ivan question—whereas a real-live human will probably laugh nervously and at least make some kind of effort at a response.
  12. Another thought is that if we all toed the line and were super careful with what we wrote, that they could use AI Chat Bots to create false accounts and post statements that break the rules to give reason to shut us down. There are many claims on the net that over 60% of comments made on chat sites and social media are AI generated. I was going to create a topic about this, but never did. There are plenty of advertisements for AI chat bots online if you do a search. Many of them are used for customer support, however a lot of them are being used for a more nefarious agenda and to sway public opinion. I think I have encountered some on this form, but I can't be sure so I won't mention them. One in particular was so obvious that I had to ask if they were a bot, and they never made another post since. If they were human, I sincerely apologize; but if they were a bot, I'm sure they will return under another alias and learn from that experience.
  13. I would suspect that it has nothing to do with racism, but more about the content that exposes the truth they hide. Racism is only the excuse, and if they want to shut it down, they can always find a reason. Personally I will avoid any discussion about race, but I doubt it will make a difference.
  14. That's very interesting because the pic I posted was supposed to come from Virginia and Dr Lucatorto is in New Jersey and uses the exact same words. Dr Lucatorto has this posted directly on his website which makes me wonder if other doctors are copying it, or if there's something else going on here. I did look at his reviews and he has an unusually high number of reviews (almost 60) that are super positive. Could this be controlled opposition? I don't know but something is very strange. Most doctors reviews I've seen average 3 or 4 posts with both positive and negative reviews. BTW - Good research and thanx for making me aware of this. Dr Lucatorto also has a corona virus information page that gives ways to prevent catching CV, giving the normal CDC blather along with taking vitamins, but never mentions the vax as a preventative measure. Very odd and people might want to take this letter with a grain of salt. https://www.morrissussexfamilypractice.com/coronavirus-information I only saved it because it showed me that at least some doctors were being honest with their patients, but maybe it's just propaganda.
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