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  1. As far as i know, Greece are pushing hard for vaccine proof. This has been reported in the mainstream media for the past couple of days/
  2. You know someone is fresh down the rabbit hole when they share Rothschild memes and fake quotes of Kissinger.
  3. Stop trusting people in the mainstream. Peter was always a gatekeeper. Anyone who puts this scamdemic down as "incompetence" is a certified gatekeeper. Mike Graham is another. I remember years ago when forum member Steppewar went on his radio station talking about the Bilderberg group and Mike was an utter, patronising bellend. He started the segment by claiming he had never heard of the Bilderberg group yet later on he said to Steppe, "If it's so secretive then how do you know about them?", to which Steppe replied "Well, you are a mainstream journalist and haven't heard of them" to which Mike Graham replied " of course i have" before going on another abusive rant. Well and truly rumbled.
  4. Good luck with that, that's when the Climate Lockdowns will be in full swing.
  5. My anger towards the brainwashed is at absolute breaking point. It's getting to the stage where i'm going to end up asking every single person who stops to talk to me "Are you for or against Vaccine Passports?". if they are 'for' then i'll just walk on. I have no time for these fascists. They are bringing us down with them and are complicit in destroying the future for all the children out there. If i wasn't concerned with potential repercussion's in the afterlife, i'd take some of these fools with me.
  6. The next few years and beyond are going to be so miserable. Is there any point in "living" anymore, seriously? If the globalist's decide to throw us some crumbs and ease restrictions in the summer, all of us here know that will come to a swift end in autumn when there's suddenly a "new variant". Then we have upcoming false flag cyber attacks to look forward to, alongside our savings getting wiped from our bank accounts. Then we will see climate lockdowns to "save the planet". Then more and more orchestrated Bird flu/mad cow disease/foot & mouth etc outbreaks so they can end the livestock industry, forcing us into eating lab grown poison. Driverless vehicles will fill the roads, telling us where we can go and where we can't go. All of this while trying to duck whatever mass genocide event they perpetrate, ie the vaccines or a real bio weapon. *sigh*
  7. Because if it's as bad as many on here fear, then bodies will be lining up on the streets - a far cry from the hoax we are living through now. Maybe it's because i live in a relatively small town, where everyone knows each other, but it would be pretty quick and easy to determine that all those who are dying have had the vaccine, and those who didn't are fine and dandy.
  8. It will be a completely different ball game if millions start dropping dead and everyone realises the victims have all been vaccinated, whereas the vast majority of the unvaccinated are walking around fine. As said many times too, why would the elites want us unvaxxed folk still around? after all, we are the ones who will strongly oppose their technocratic control grid.
  9. How would they manage this when those who weren't vaxxed aren't dying? It would be too obvious, even for them.
  10. As James says himself, stop using Youtube and use his website. You will get it there.
  11. Yup, Bird Flu seems to be breaking out in many places, conveniently. India had a "massive outbreak" recently, and i know they were going to chicken owner's properties in certain parts of the UK to kill their chickens. Bird Flu will be used as one of many reasons to help kill off people's livestock. Can't be eating those tasty chicken's when uncle Bill and his cronies have lab grown meat on the agenda.
  12. Because the cult behind this agenda have their grubby mitts controlling all countries, minus a couple of insignificant exceptions. They are all in this together. Don't fall for the good guy/bad guy narratives (Chinese and Russia viewing the west as baddies, vice versa). They need this so the populace always have fear to some external threat.
  13. As i'm sure has been mentioned before, there has got to be more to this. Why would the Cabal use vaccines to kill off all those who happily comply to their insanity, and leave behind all of us who would rather die than be complicit in bringing in their long planned agenda for humanity? There is a pretty decent chance they release a real bioweapon which kills virtually all the unvaccinated, leaving behind those who were 'protected' by their vaccines but those same people are now technologically, modified humans. I fear we can't win.
  14. We all need to come to terms with the fact that the game is OVER. There is nothing we can do to wake the normies up. Unfortunately, they are dragging us down with them. You can show them all the info/evidence needed, even from mainstream sources. They don't want to know. You can show them the horrendous medical experiments done on the people by western governments ie Operation Sea Spray, Tuskagee Syphilis Scandal, MK ultra etc etc etc. They don't want to know. Even when you are proved right, you are 'wrong' to these morons. They will come up with a justification to explain it away. I don't really stray towards the 'its a spiritual battle' idea. But i'm beginning to be convinced that it is. I refuse to believe people can be this dumb. It really is bewildering.
  15. I agree. Couple this with Bill and Melinda Gates smirking on live TV saying along the lines of, "If they don't take this one serious, then they will take the next one serious." We know they certainly have the classified biological warfare tech to do it - and more importantly, they are evil enough to do it.
  16. Sorry but Bullshit. No way this happened. 99.999% are following the rules. Out of hundreds, possibly thousands of people that i've seen while shopping in tesco, i've only ever seen one or two not wearing a mask. This is the same for everywhere. It's impossible to believe you were in a shop where 25% of shoppers never wore a mask, let alone all of them.
  17. That article is from November and i remember it well. Like Qanon, it was a load of bollocks, and was always gonna be. Why, oh why is there so many gullible people who claim to be 'awake'?.
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