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  1. Well go and take the vaccine then. Get it over and done with.
  2. Justify it all you like, wearing a face covering is cowardly and as a result, you are actively taking part in the scam. Give it a short time and you lot will be saying, "It's only a pcr test. We need to pick our battles". It's the harsh truth.
  3. Manufactured crisis to further push the need for electric cars, which of course will transition into driverless vehicles which will decide where you can go and can't go. Classic problem-reaction-solution. The attack on good ol' petrol vehicles has been building up for quite some time now. Demonising it for "damaging the environment", the introduction of E10 petrol which damages older vehicles, and many relatively new ones as well. Now manufactured fuel shortages which will introduce small petrol limits as the norm, making it a nuisance and seriously restricting the freedom for petrol and diesel drivers. The clowns that are the normies can never see the forest for the trees.
  4. Big Brother Watch is funded by George Soros' Open Society Foundation. They are not to be trusted. Proof is here: Funding — Big Brother Watch
  5. No, i don't. I think there is no escaping this Great Reset agenda. This is an absolute best case scenario. I mean, the World Economic Forum put out an article months back talking about people like us breaking off from society and living in small, off the grid communities "when the technology gets too much". That gave me a glimmer of hope. But if you put a gun to my head then no. Trying to escape in the hills will be futile as the drones above will pick us out and we will be herded like cattle.
  6. Being delusional doesn’t help either. We need to be realistic and accept that too many people have happily bought into this nonsense, and nothing can be done to change their stubborn mind. The only solution to this is when they make it mandatory to have the jab to earn a living and buy food. Then many of us will be forced into meeting up and creating our own communities instead of talking about it.
  7. The only people who have any chance of being hung, is us, the refuseniks. You are living in fantasy land if you think the criminals are going to be brought to justice. We are in the very, very small minority.
  8. You can always rely on the troofer industrial complex to upload photo's pretending to be anti lockdown protests when they are actually from other protests several years ago. As Abraham Lincoln said, "don't believe everything you see on the tinternet". We don't have that many people on our side.
  9. Richie is the real deal. The future is sadly doom and gloom. However, There is no way he gets 2 million unique viewers a month, and 200,000 listeners during a live show. No way!
  10. A 9/11 20th year anniversary false flag on the cards? All bets are off.
  11. I am well and truly black pilled. Anyone else?
  12. This does not appear to be a false flag, rather a legit event which of course they will take advantage of. When you read his reddit history, it's quite mundane compared to what it would have been in a false flag. He would have been painted as an anti-vax, conspiracy theorist to further demonise those who are against the unfolding tyranny.
  13. Can see it already. They will paint it as some delusional, emotionless, crazed, anti vaxxer conspiracy theorist. Something like this was always gonna happen in the run up to winter. Further demonisation. We shall see, if it isn't this incident, then one is defo coming.
  14. This Plymouth Shooter will be an "anti-vaxxer". Guaranteed.
  15. Here, Here. Don't get me wrong, Icke is brilliant. He has indeed been correct on so many things, and he is a man of integrity. He would never succumb to the vaccine unlike these numpties that so many people fall for like Hartley-Brewer, Hitchens, Lord Sumption etc. I can spot shills like those a mile away. Icke, along with a few others ala Gareth, Richie Allen, Whitney Webb, James Corbett, Ryan Christian, Spiro Skouros, Ice Age Farmer and the late, great Alan Watt are the real deal. However, it's obvious to me he has shifted from the reptilian notion, and he is extremely bad for avoiding questions during interviews instead of holding his hands up and admitting he doesn't know much about whatever is asked. He just goes back to whatever he was discussing prior. A bit of an ego thing.
  16. Icke has went from reptilians, to archons, and now always goes on about Wetiko. He clearly has changed his mind on reptilians. The problem with Icke, is his ego is too big that he never admits he was wrong on something, or that he has changed his mind on previous research.
  17. This is what i mean. Why do you care what it's worth in dollars, when the idea of crypto is to get away from fiat?
  18. If crypto is to get away from FIAT currency, then why do people always mention it's worth in dollars? Explain to a noob.
  19. @Bee is completely right, and i'm sure you know it deep down. Wearing an exemption is just as bad as wearing a mask. You might as well just wear the mask, as it won't harm you doing a 15 minute shop or whatever. Both the mask and exemption show you are playing along, thus justifying this psy-op.
  20. So realrawnews is the new YourNewsWire? The amount of numpties that fall for this nonsense. Worse than the normies they criticise.
  21. Genuine increase in deaths from those who received the vaccine which will be blamed on the unvaccinated causing these new variants. Strict Lockdowns which will further affect food shortages. Calls for mandatory vaccination and the complete shunning of society for the unvaccinated. If you refuse the vaccine then say goodbye to everything, including your job. Other insane laws brought in ie the wearing of masks outside at all times. The sheep will be baying for our blood.
  22. There is no light at the end of this tunnel. There is nothing in life to look forward to. Utterly depressing.
  23. The smart dust technology makes me ask myself, “Why even bother anymore?”. it is game over.
  24. Here: From now on do your own research before spreading harmful fake news instead of asking someone to do the quick search for you. As I said earlier, it gives the normies easy ammunition. As for sharing stuff in good faith... Well that’s the same for the aforementioned normies believing everything the government tells them. Both are as bad as each other. Too much fake info gets spread in the alternative media. it’s not an attack on you. We need to do our due diligence in regards to researching facts/breaking stories.
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