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  1. Genuine increase in deaths from those who received the vaccine which will be blamed on the unvaccinated causing these new variants. Strict Lockdowns which will further affect food shortages. Calls for mandatory vaccination and the complete shunning of society for the unvaccinated. If you refuse the vaccine then say goodbye to everything, including your job. Other insane laws brought in ie the wearing of masks outside at all times. The sheep will be baying for our blood.
  2. There is no light at the end of this tunnel. There is nothing in life to look forward to. Utterly depressing.
  3. The smart dust technology makes me ask myself, “Why even bother anymore?”. it is game over.
  4. Here: From now on do your own research before spreading harmful fake news instead of asking someone to do the quick search for you. As I said earlier, it gives the normies easy ammunition. As for sharing stuff in good faith... Well that’s the same for the aforementioned normies believing everything the government tells them. Both are as bad as each other. Too much fake info gets spread in the alternative media. it’s not an attack on you. We need to do our due diligence in regards to researching facts/breaking stories.
  5. Why should i have to do the secretary work for you? It takes literally 30 seconds to do a quick search and see the radio stations has dismissed it. Wee tip: Never share anything in good faith. Now dont be upset. As Max Igan once said, "always put information above ego". For the record, i think it's very possible he has had the vaccine.
  6. With all due respect, what makes you, and others, see this and assume it's true? Radio Sportiva confirmed this interview never happened. Easy to say the normies believe everything the mainstream media and government feeds them... well the same can be said for the majority of "troofers". If they see anything they WANT to be true, then they instantly share it without checking out the facts for themselves. This does far more harm than good, and gives the normies easy ammunition.
  7. Fake, as confirmed by that radio channel's twitter. The troofers are running with it though, even when it's been shown to be fake. Anything for 'likes' i guess. Just as bad as the normies. I knew it was nonsense straight away. Anyone in that kind of high profile medical position is going to be pro vaccine, and would never be allowed by the club to discuss it, especially so soon.
  8. If there was video that existed like this, that soooo many claim to have seen, then it would be backed up on thousands of computers and would have spread like wildfire way before now. This is just common sense. Seriously. This frazzledrip myth comes from the same qanon lovers who claimed covid was smoke and mirrors while Trump had the elite arrested for pedophilia lololol.
  9. With all due respect, what has that got to do with me saying there is no evidence of this frazzledrip video existing? I know all about the satanic rituals and sacrificing of children by the elite. Heck, i even alluded to it in my post. But there is simply no evidence of this video existing. Nada. Zilch. This is a perfect example of confirmation bias which so many self proclaimed "awake" people suffer from. You want to believe it, thus it must be true. I was at a protest last year and some woman brought frazzledrip up in conversation saying she had seen it just days ago and had it on her phone. Me, knowing it was nonsense as there has never been such a video, asked her to show me it. She started panicking going through her phone and predictably was like, "i can't find it now". LOL.
  10. Nonsense. Funny how no one has ever provided a link to this or had it backed up on their computers.
  11. There has never been any evidence of this frazzledrip video existing. Nada. I don't doubt this is what Clinton gets up to but still.
  12. Jesus Christ, why do you continuously fall for stuff like this? First Qanon, now this.
  13. There was a viral video going about recently in an Indian village where the residents were supposedly kicking out Covid testers. The context turned out to be completely fake, just as i expected. Indian's are no more street wise than the brain dead pillocks here in the west. People are the same worldwide. Brainwashed and thick as pig shit. I've listened to informed people in India describe how the majority of the public see Bill Gates as a hero sent from God.
  14. I never get pulled up for not wearing a mask but when i do, the conversation is going to go something like this. Fascist: "excuse me, you need to wear a mask here" Me: "Funny you mention masks, i was in a coma until 4 months ago and now i keep seeing people wearing masks and talk about vaccines. What is going on?" Fascist: "there is a global pandemic." Me: (laughs) "Nah, you are pulling my leg. Seriously, what's going on?" Fascist: "There is a deadly virus going around. Have you been living under a rock?" Me: (Laughs again) "Where's all the dead people? Nice try, but i'm not that gullible. I ask again, what's going on?" I would love to see their face.
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