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  1. A mate of someone i work with also lost their leg after the vaccine. This was in Scotland.
  2. I see 3 options: 1. It will kill off loads of people 2. The vaccine is to protect the normies from a real bioweapon that they intend to release to kill off people like us. 3. A slow means of transforming the human body via booster shots.
  3. The fight is long over mate. We lost a long time ago. If this was a boxing match, we were knocked out inside 20 seconds and left in a vegetative state. The only chance we would have had is if the normies were empathetic, well spirited individuals who were just blissfully unaware of the horrific agenda for humanity. At least then, if they came across all of this information then they would be outraged and then transfer over, so to speak, on to our side. Alas... the normies are not like that. Half of them love the tyranny. They love the compliance. Deep down they are lit
  4. They are going to make it illegal for us peasants to own a bit of land - they will repossess all of it. They will make fishing (even sea fishing) illegal to "protect" the sea, or some other nonsense about fish carrying a deadly disease. Camp fires will also be illegal. Drones will watch and report your activities so the authorities arrive. There will be no fuel for the Camper Van as all cars will become driverless. We are fucked. There is no where to escape when this Orwellian nightmare comes into fruition within the next decade or so.
  5. Hearing people in work discussing the latest outrage over Boris Johnson apparently saying he'd rather see bodies piling high on the street than impose a third lockdown. Of course, that is all bullshit, and is just feeding into the psyop that we should be locking down quicker and even more. It's like taking candy from a baby for the cabal. They don't even have to try. They are playing us like a cat plays with a bit of string. Too easy.
  6. There is defo something more to this. Gtiboy makes some good points in an earlier post. These billionaire owners and their market research/PR teams aren't stupid. They would have known there would have been too much backlash for this to initially go through.
  7. Predictably, i've already seen a few "troofers" sharing protest pictures with captions such as, "We are winning". The problem is, they are using pics from other protests such as a brexit one in Manchester. When this is pointed out to them, they ignore it and keep the post up because they are getting lots of "likes". Richie Allen has it spot on... Most of these goons are just into this information so they can be little fake heroes in their little troofer echo chamber - An absolute ego drip.
  8. I keep seeing people claiming that the NHS use a 45 cycle threshold with their PCR tests. Can anyone show me any documents proving this?
  9. I lost the plot again at work today with two little, fascist, boot lickers. They were moaning about someone in the local bakers not wearing a mask bla bla bla, then ten minutes later one of the little bootlickers went to pay his weekly work gambling money. He had his mask under his chin when in the queue. I pulled him up for being a hypocrite and was met with silence. Then i lost the plot and started to call them little fascists and how they are ruining the future of our children. I implode with utter anger with these people. Maybe it's a problem on my side. I can't he
  10. Several people on this thread have now outed themselves as mask wearers, and i bet many more are too ashamed to admit it. They say the truth hurts. Well here goes... You are all happy to come on your internet forums and go to your little protests. You talk, or should i say, type a good game but when push comes to shove you are sniffling, little pussies that are complicit in destroying the future for us all and the psychological damage imposed on the children of this country. Can't even go into the shop without donning the muzzle incase there is confrontation. Awww diddu
  11. Don't get me wrong, there is a Rockefeller document from 2010 called Lockstep which is what many people point to. I think most don't bother to read it and just parrot whatever they hear from others. In the document it talks about a scenario where a virus develops from geese and spreads worldwide. It does talk about face masks, and getting your temperature checked before entering shops. It also mentions how China dealt with it efficiently with their authoritarian control over their population, and how the West valued their democracy too much. So it does bring up several
  12. You clearly haven't read the Lockstep document. This is fake/inaccurate. Seriously, the confirmation bias from so many "troofers" is ridiculous. Too many fake images, statements and quotes that get banded about yet they have the audacity to say the "normies" believe everything they read. This sharing of fake info does more harm than good. Hands up, when i first entered the rabbit hole i was constantly sharing fake Rothchild central bank memes. You know the one...Rothschild own all central banks apart from North Korea, Iran, Syria etc. I've noticed this tends to happen w
  13. Jesus Christ, put your mask away man. Burn it. You are complicit in this shitshow.
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