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  1. Correct. There will be no nuclear bombs being dropped as this will destroy their smart grid/5g infrastructure that they have ALL been working hard to create. We are moving into the staged era of Cyber Terrorism and Bioterrorism, so i expect cyber attacks blamed on Russia (who are also in on the act), and at worst, the spread of a real created disease - the one Gates gleefully likes to remind us of.
  2. Here comes the scripted cyber attacks that we all knew were coming in our near future, all to be blamed on Russia. Russia, Ukraine, China, The West... everyone. They are all in on it.
  3. Apologies, i meant to quote the previous tweet about the tennis player collapsing. I am sure you knew this. That tennis player collaped two years ago.
  4. No, it did not. It was two years ago. Why is that so hard to grasp. The date is right there. Stop giving the normies easy ammo ffs.
  5. Cmon man. This was January 2020, before any vaccines.
  6. Jesus Wept, do you lot not have the discernment to realise it is obviously a parody account? I knew without even looking on her page, where it indeed confirms it is a parody. A lot of people on this forum need to wise up, and stop spreading around fake images and quotes without doing your due diligence to check if what you are sharing has any truth to it. I see it all the time with those who claim to be 'awake' LOL. No discernment. No research. No critical thought. "Oh look, there's a fellow troofer who has shared an image of a million people in the streets of Paris protesting lockdowns. I must share so my normie friends can see it." - In reality: Photo of Paris after 2018 world cup victory. I have seen this one example a million times.
  7. Out of interest, did you bother to research if this was accurate? I've been down this rabbit hole long enough and i can assure this has been doctored. Otherwise, send me the links. Happy to be wrong. Need to be careful with just sharing random crap on the internet. Does us all more harm than good. Eady ammo for the fact checkers.
  8. Charlie Wyke's, the Wigan Athletic footballer has collapsed today in training and been taken to hospital.
  9. is 80% the official vaccination number in the uk? I am surprised it is not higher. Just about everyone i know, and people i work with have all took the jabs. Many of them who previously said they would never take it. All working class folk. Those on here who believe it's lower than 50% must be unemployed and spending too much time on social media in their echo chambers.
  10. I find it strange how someone can be down the proverbial rabbit hole, yet find a way out of it when there is so much information out there that evidently shows there is a nefarious, globalist agenda at play here. Granted, there is plenty of unintelligent people out there in this 'sphere', so to speak. Their research skills are severely lacking, they are gullible, and they suffer from terrible confirmation bias. In essence, they are just as bad as the normies they criticise. I have lost count the amount of times I've seen so called truther's share pictures of Paris after France won the world cup in 2018 but they present it as if it is anti lockdown protests. When you point out the facts, they ignore you and keep the post up because it has got tons of 'likes'. Then we have fake quotes from Kissenger, etc. Fake claims about the Rothschild's owning every central bank apart from N.Korea, Syria, etc etc Bla Bla Bla.
  11. Well go and take the vaccine then. Get it over and done with.
  12. Justify it all you like, wearing a face covering is cowardly and as a result, you are actively taking part in the scam. Give it a short time and you lot will be saying, "It's only a pcr test. We need to pick our battles". It's the harsh truth.
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