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  1. unfortunately you have to initiate an investigation in your region by classifying the victims of these dyspnea, which is to know what they have in common. Common point. I know of such local plagues and the common point may be that they are all "heads of families" or "owners", but in your region the common point can be just as overwhelming. It's usually about money! Take care of yourself, don't get killed.
  2. No! but because respirators are now weapons! - they did not switch to another industry - the world has changed. At God's command! ! they did not switch to another industry ! they still deal in arms / weapons
  3. oh no no! don't reject the Bible with them, that's what they mean! Their job is to alienate you from God and the Bible. That is why I wrote that they do not know what is written in the Bible and they do not know God and do not want to know him. Jesus himself warned against them. Jesus marked this threat. I will not explain on the forum how fantastic the Bible is and what it was actually written for. For this you need a course like in higher education where you learn another lecture every day. Only this causes a gradual change that gradually opens the Spirit Eyes and only then do you see the enormity of meanness.
  4. Corona is hoax, but what about respiratory problems?- there is no connection here humans are strangling biological weapons, and the crown is supposed to hide it like Tactical Fog which can be blamed for all the various strange deaths. Have you noticed that there are no other deaths but only Corona deaths? arms dealers now trade respirators - sounds logical?
  5. The Mask (1994 film) do you know what a golem is? it is something of clay built to fight it and in this fight you lose your life force which you can use for something better. So the dumber the Golem the better. And that's the 24/7 mask feature - watch the movie - where they using masks 24/7 ? this is a global mental contagion
  6. I have the same thing with the old rat in the garden, he clearly wants to talk, but he's disgusting. We react to certain things like a cat to a cucumber. But I guess it's just that something in us reacts this way. Because it is a reaction not dependent on us, but we can probably control it since there are people who take rats in their hands, etc. But it's strange that this image scares you. But I know what you mean (I think), a similar reaction in me is caused by shadow entities, but they kind of threaten us this way, and that's why we feel it this way. It's like a warning: we know you can see, but don't disturb what we're doing. And in fact, there is not much you can do in their actions during which they contribute to the end of someone's life. I tried to save such people a few times, but it's like fighting windmills, so they have a completely fixed mind. And most of the time it is about money, so if someone does not pay me, I do not interfere in such events. Except that it is not allowed without a Permit. So that someone has to ask for help and pay for it "for the time spent" - not for saving lives. But how is he supposed to ask for help if he doesn't know that he is about to die?
  7. originally Illuminati and Masons are persons inspired by God. And I believe that these honorable titles must not be ascribed to destructive groups. They don't have the ability to go higher, so they try to steal titles and assign to themselves and want to be called that. Meanwhile, in the Teaching of the Heavenly Academy: a thief is a thief, and a murderer is a murderer. And these are their titles which they earned by their deeds. // they do not receive any Illumination, nor can they build or create anything, and what they have is brutally stolen anyway, and that's what they do.
  8. You have a grudge against the world today, and you don't see when those pigs started their job. They took the Bible and called it the old and new testaments. And this is how a hellishly malicious person behaves. I have no words to describe what a hellish whore you should be to do something like this.
  9. It is the church that teaches about the Holy Spirit, having no clue what the Holy Spirit is teaching? What world of hypocrisy we live in!
  10. I wonder how the Church could claim that the Earth is flat when the Bible shows exactly the rotation of the Earth, including precession. But going further, why doesn't the church know what the Bible says? Why doesn't the church know what the Holy Spirit teaches? What the f-ck is this!
  11. Help me please: how can I see your profile on the forum? I am asking because I wrote something on my own and I don't know how to see it. :)
  12. do you know intelligence is destructive? Put Wisdom on the other scale and judge what it looks like.
  13. Dear Truthspoon, Thanks for the reply. How do you know that? Have you experienced it personally?
  14. Do you know any methods or program to achieve such abilities?
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