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  1. Thanks, I am not afraid anymore, I also lost my job for speaking openly ... And it is clear now that we all have to fight and stop this madness. We have no other options. Many people are protesting and trying to fight for the truth, and censorship is stronger every minute, but we have to fight back... Thanks!
  2. Dear Daniel, I share your concerns and I also have same questions, and here is what I concluded after using common sense and basic medical /scientific background that I have: Most likely, there is a virus from Corona family named Covid-19 that is causing common cold and respiratory problems, similarly to all Corona family viruses. We do not know if this is a lab-designed virus or "natural" virus, there are simply not enough reliable data about that. Some patients diagnosed with Covid-19 and tested positive by Covid-19 PCR tests* are suffering from more severe symptoms. These severe respiratory problems (if those patients indeed have Covid-19 infection) could be result of the virus itself ** and based on the information available so far we can suggest that this is an unknown and unusual respiratory disease caused by Covid-19 virus, with very low infection and low mortality rate. Thus, there is no need for catastrophic news, for the lock downs and face masks etc. But there is a need for serious research. These severe respiratory problems are caused by something else, and not the virus itself (environment, stress, toxic materials in the air, water, food etc. ). But there are no reliable data about this. Finally, these severe respiratory problems, as well as other unusual symptoms reported for Covid-19-positive patients including problems with coagulation (if they are really positive for this virus) could be explained by the possibility that this virus is not only from "Corona" family, but it has other regions in its nucleic acid sequence (some data suggest presence of HIV or lentiviral sequences). Thus, if the virus was generated in Wuhan, maybe it "escaped" before the research was done, and maybe all this pandemic hysteria is due to the fact that creators of the virus have no clue what are the possible effects at this stage. I hope this can help and we can maybe think together about this pandemic hoax... Best wishes from Boba * As Mr David Icke already told us many times, the PCR tests used for Corona-19 detection are very bad, with huge probability of false positive results. I did PCR so many times in the lab and I can explain in detail if needed, but in short: every PCR reaction with more than 30-35 cycles of amplification is wrong. And WHO-recomended PCR for testing of Covid-10 has 45 to 50 cycles. **but we have no sequence, we have no proper reliable test for virus, we have no proper reliable clinical features and autopsy results etc.
  3. Thanks for the news! The article in "Time" is trying to convince us about great breakthrough of RNA vaccines versus DNA vaccines. But this is what is driving me insane (as a scientist): The major point of vaccination is not to enter DNA or RNA of the virus into the organism, but to enter that part of the virus that will be recognized by our immune system and used by our immune system to create (and remember forever) the antibodies, e.g. protein molecules. Those antibodies will "fight" e.g. bind viral particles in the future, whenever the enter our body. Immune system functions on the basis of protein-protein interactions, and all the story about DNA and RNA vaccines is so stupid and confusing for ordinary people. Sorry if I went too far, but they are driving me crazy. Thanks so much for your work and selection of news!
  4. Hello! My name is Boba and I am from former Yugoslavia, now living in Germany. I was a scientist all my life (molecular biology), but in latest years I lost my confidence in official science, published scientific papers etc. and I am really worried about the future of the human kind. My thoughts about this "pandemic" are very dark, and my fears of RNA-based vaccines are terrifying. After working in the labs all over the world, doing PCR routinely for 20 years almost daily, working experimentally with RNA viruses as a "delivery" tools for various purposes, I am really scared and also disgusted with the intensity and number of lies presented in all official media. This world has gone completely crazy. Thus, I am very thankful to Mr David Icke and all of you, and thanks for allowing me to be part of this "banned" family!
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