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  1. 13 hours ago, Deca said:
    I started reading the research article from your link and when I came across this chapter :
    There are other vaccine risks. Spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins. Syncytin-1 is necessary for placental attachment in pregnancy. Antibodies against the spike protein could trigger an immune response against syncytin-1, causing an auto-immune rejection of the placenta. and permanently interfere with a woman’s ability to maintain a pregnancy. A syncytin-homologous protein in the brain could cause multiple sclerosis.
    I remembered reading something similar in relation to cancer research:

    I will now share with you some observations about cancer cells and a classic experiment in which they are compared to normal cells, which suggests a simple answer to how cells infected with the BX cancer virus become cancerous.


    It has long been noted that cancer cells act and appear somewhat like undifferentiated embryonic cells. Furthermore, cancer cells apparently have mostly an anaerobic (without oxygen) metabolism.


    Note that the only time in the normal life cycle of mammalian cells in which they are of a undifferentiated embryonic nature and also have an apparent appreciable anaerobic metabolism is the period between the time the female egg, the ovum, has been fertilized in the fallopian tube and just before a viable placenta has developed in the uterus.


    Geneticists and embryologists have shown that the entire development of the fetus from just-fertilized ovum to the fully developed fetus is governed completely by sequentially read and expressed genetic information.


    There is an exceedingly complex genetic interchange and feedback control system in operation. Some of this genetic code is used only for a short period of time and is then sealed away not to be read or opened up again in the individuals existence, except during chromosome copying prior to cell division. Cancer cells act as though they have had some set of embryonic gene sequences reactivated.


    However, in the now mature differentiated mammalian cells from which this cancer cell has been derived, the control system that normally would have deactivated this embryonic gene sequence(s) is itself long since deactivated. The cancer cell is in a run away catch 22 situation.

    It has been found that many genes occur in sequenced sets in which none of the genes in the sequence can be read and expressed unless the first gene in the sequence has been opened to be read. Just in front of that first gene there is a DNA code sequence which has to have a promoter protein bound to it so that the DNA code sequence reading enzyme can temporarily attach to this promoter protein and then begin reading/translating the DNA code of the gene sequences into messenger RNA for protein synthesis by ribosomes.



    It looks like the Covid19 vaxcine is more of an anti cancer jab than a flu immunity. 



  2. 1 hour ago, oz93666 said:


    From what I gather from this email "if your child gets symptoms then you are "required " to get a PCR test from a government website " 


    What at the symptoms? from Search ....



    Most common symptoms:
    dry cough
    Less common symptoms:
    aches and pains
    sore throat
    loss of taste or smell
    a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes
    Serious symptoms:
    difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    chest pain or pressure
    loss of speech or movement
    If your child has NO symptoms you MAY want to have an "Asymptomatic test at an asymptomatic testing site"  
    Best advice is to ignore the whole email

    Thank you for the response. I was going to ignore it ;) 

    I still do not understand though why there are two different tests to be taken if there is only one virus causing the illness.

    Why there is not just a one test for visible symptoms or no symptoms? 


    Couple of days ago I learned that COVID19 is the symptoms and Sars 2 Cov is the virus causing the symptoms. this is where it gets confusing because you can have the symptoms but not the virus, which means you probably have another type of flu or cold or something completely different.

    so if the statistics shows COVID19 cases,  are they the people confirmed having COVID19 caused by SARS 2 COV or they are just people with COVID19 symptoms? 


    Below is an extract from an article explaining the COVID19 and SARS 2 COV difference, it also compares it to the way how HIV causes  AIDS, interestingly enough many scientists argues whether HIV causes AIDS as there is no scientific evidence of it (even KARY Mullis mentions it in his book.  House of Numbers is a good documentary about the AIDS scam - since watching it I can not stop thinking how similar both outbreaks has been played out). 


    Anyway this is the extract with a link attached:


    'Just as the general public has become familiar with this terminology, officials have also begun using SARS-CoV-2 in connection with the recent outbreak. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, shortened to SARS-CoV-2, is actually the virus that causes COVID-19 (the disease). As the name indicates, this virus is genetically related to the SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) that caused an outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002-2003, however it is not the same virus.

    How do all these terms fit together? "Coronavirus" is a generic term that includes a large family of viruses, similar to saying someone has the flu. SARS-CoV-2 is a specific virus that can cause COVID-19, a disease. As WHO explains, this is similar to differentiating HIV and AIDS — HIV is a virus that causes AIDS. Outlined on their website, "People often know the name of a disease, such as measles, but not the name of the virus that causes it (rubeola)."


  3. I just got an email from the school my kids go to. 
    Can anyone enlighten me please what is the difference between asymptomatic testing and PCR for people with symptoms ? They make it so confusing and no explanation. 
     Also what currently accounts as the Covid symptoms ? 
    It makes me lough that educated and learned people take part in this Covid circus without even questioning it.

    Please note that if you or your child develop symptoms of COVID 19, then you are required to get an official PCR COVID test from the Government website. People with symptoms cannot use the asymptomatic lateral flow rapid testing, as these do not work for people with symptoms!
    I appreciate there is some confusion with regards to the different sort of testing, please see details below: 
    1) Asymptomatic testing - these can be ordered or done at asymptomatic testing sites, and are purely for people without symptoms (ie household bubbles of school children) or staff, these are not for people with symptoms. 
    2) PCR testing - these are for anyone with symptoms of COVID and are sent off to a lab. Even if you have a lateral flow rapid test kit at home, these should not be used for people with symptoms, and a PCR test is required.
    If your child develops any COVID symptom, then you are required to get them a PCR test, by visiting the below link:


  4. The ones of you who red Kary Mullins book, what is your view on the chapter ‘Case Not Closed’?


    I do consider Mullins as a very honest and true scientist.

    I actually got excited reading the chapter as it reveals exactly how the pharma / disease sience mafia works. Just pure greed, full of lies, manipulation and self drive for recognition to accelerate own carrier.

    All I can say everybody should read it. it shows everything pharma related should be questioned and scrutinised first before accepting it as a mere true.


  5. 1 minute ago, Dotty said:

    I noticed this advert appearing more and more in the UK tv and thought this is interesting since one of the side effects of the jab is a stroke. I did a little search and found this:



    How people can not connect the dots to see how we are being manipulated and mind controlled. The reality becomes more and more surreal. 

    https://www.gov.uk/government/news/relaunch-of-the-act-fast-campaign-to-improve-stroke-outcomes - this is the current one

  6. I noticed this advert appearing more and more in the UK tv and thought this is interesting since one of the side effects of the jab is a stroke. I did a little search and found this:



    How people can not connect the dots to see how we are being manipulated and mind controlled. The reality becomes more and more surreal. 

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  7. Is it just me or there is a new phrase emerging when reporting news on Covid - “road map”?

    Boris’s plan to unlock us is called a road map and I heard other people using this on a radio and the news. Maybe I am just paranoid about mind control and try to find something suspicious in a completely innocent thing.😀


    These are links from a website I have been exploring a lot recently. There is a wealth of publications and videos covering a wide area of subjects.

    Today I was looking at the Global Elite section and came across these two articles.






    The first one was written in 2017 summing up the 2017 Davos meeting and the way how the real problem agenda was ignored and the focus went to climate change. 


    The second link is an article about the current situation including Gates's blog notes (which are confusingly shocking ) comparing the effects on excess mortality from Covid 19 and from the effect of climate change long term. I think he is trying to say that Covid 19 is not all that bad comparing to the effect of climate change will have. ( I think there is a hidden point he is making but it is aimed at the other members of the elite rather than the average person).


    As more I research on the world affairs as more I get into conclusion we are not going back to things as they were pre CoVid. I just worry about people who accept everything as they go along and obediently follow. Some of these people are my friends, family members, loved ones and generally people I rely on to exist within a community hence I am limited with discussing my finding with them. 


    What are your thoughts and ideas guys about what is coming up, what would be the best approach towards it so we can keep our freedom from manipulation and personal choices?


    I do not want to adhere to the new rules and life styles being currently imposed on us. 

    Are we facing a massive societal split up between the Covid believers and non believers etc?


    I need some light at the end of the tunnel please  ;)






  9. What is going on? As an animal lover I think this is disgraceful. The charity is making a good point about supermarkets being one of not many businesses making profits at the moment. By stopping the donation boxes they are really limiting the charities survival. Will they soon stop the donation boxes for the people who struggle financially ? It feels more and more real like we are the little Lego people in a Lego city in hands of spoiled brats who toss us right left and centre depending on their psycho imagination and desires. E5CAEFF9-EE62-41DC-9516-4CC1DF451593.jpeg.a733d060d1524b820a05cf2f3c89416c.jpeg

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  10. On 2/13/2021 at 5:03 PM, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Out of likes for today, but thanks for posting these links. Been keeping a close eye on this tech for 15 years, and how they have been slowly immersing it into the public domain and altering society (and people) in the process.

    I am such a newbee here. I always acted on my gut instincts , unfortunately it has not been until now that the real matrix has been revealing itself in front of my eyes. As more I read and research as more I can see the manipulation and conditioning of humanity which probably has roots in even ancient times. the worse thing is I was a subject of the conditioning too,  living my live to the accepted norms and trying to fit the profile.

    There is one thing I can be grateful to COVId 19 , it allowed me to open my eyes to the reality we live in and to start rejecting the matrix and learning we have so much to choose from to expand and fulfill our individual and collective existence. 

    I am so glad I found this forum 🙂

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  11. 2 hours ago, SimonTV said:


    Unbelievable how they trying to control people and very subcontiously suggest how we should feel, think and act.

     I just noticed the small print on this poster “friendship isn’t a vaccine. please keep your distance” this is a pure manipulation of masses making them believe that some cocktail of harmful chemicals is more important and trustworthy than friends and loved ones. Just for the collection I attached another poster I really dislike -“ act like you ve got it “ - I know for sure that All I have is a healthy body , sane and critical mind and will never be a product of mass hypnosis for the purpose of inducing fear and total obiedience.


    Just finished reading this interview https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/breaking-covid-trance-how-irish-people-were-psychologically-manipulated . They are talking about Neurolonguistic programming and narssitic relationships , in this case on a macro level such as government with society.

    Seeing these posters and advert messages about staying at home etc on the radio or tv corroborates the observations and conclusions made during the interview.


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  12. Just came accross these articles    





     I used to enjoy hearing about new technologies but this is scary. It looks like the unaware humanity is gradually being prepared to accept living in a holographic realm.

    interestingly enough if you Refer to this link  https://nextgalliance.org/  and see who are some of the members behind sponsoring and rolling out 6G. the current lock downs, forcing people to virtually interact with another human being and accepting vaccines based on unknown modern  technology....it all makes sense.


  13. Hello everybody,


    I recently discovered this website https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_novedades.htm 

    and it is brilliant for source of uncensored information about everything. Just choose the latest news tab for Covid and vaccinations related subjects. 

    Happy readings


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