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  1. Is it just me or there is a new phrase emerging when reporting news on Covid - “road map”? Boris’s plan to unlock us is called a road map and I heard other people using this on a radio and the news. Maybe I am just paranoid about mind control and try to find something suspicious in a completely innocent thing.
  2. These are links from a website I have been exploring a lot recently. There is a wealth of publications and videos covering a wide area of subjects. Today I was looking at the Global Elite section and came across these two articles. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_globalelite278.htm https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica2/sociopol_win-micro-gates76.htm The first one was written in 2017 summing up the 2017 Davos meeting and the way how the real problem agenda was ignored and the focus went to climate change.
  3. I just started watching this documentary and I thought I will share it here. The article makes a good intro for the documentary. appologies if I might be duplicating any previous post About it . https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica2/sociopol_globalelite386.htm
  4. What is going on? As an animal lover I think this is disgraceful. The charity is making a good point about supermarkets being one of not many businesses making profits at the moment. By stopping the donation boxes they are really limiting the charities survival. Will they soon stop the donation boxes for the people who struggle financially ? It feels more and more real like we are the little Lego people in a Lego city in hands of spoiled brats who toss us right left and centre depending on their psycho imagination and desires.
  5. This experiment and other psychological tricks Brown used came to my mind When the first lock down was announced. One thing I do not understand is that despite of the popularity of the shows and the proof how susceptible we can be, there is no more people waking up to the global hypnosis. https://derrenbrown.co.uk/shows/apocalypse/
  6. I am such a newbee here. I always acted on my gut instincts , unfortunately it has not been until now that the real matrix has been revealing itself in front of my eyes. As more I read and research as more I can see the manipulation and conditioning of humanity which probably has roots in even ancient times. the worse thing is I was a subject of the conditioning too, living my live to the accepted norms and trying to fit the profile. There is one thing I can be grateful to COVId 19 , it allowed me to open my eyes to the reality we live in and to start rejecting the matrix and learning we
  7. Unbelievable how they trying to control people and very subcontiously suggest how we should feel, think and act. I just noticed the small print on this poster “friendship isn’t a vaccine. please keep your distance” this is a pure manipulation of masses making them believe that some cocktail of harmful chemicals is more important and trustworthy than friends and loved ones. Just for the collection I attached another poster I really dislike -“ act like you ve got it “ - I know for sure that All I have is a healthy body , sane and critical mind and will never be a product of mass hypnosis f
  8. Just came accross these articles https://www.lightreading.com/security/apple-google-start-working-on-6g/d/d-id/765394? https://www.lightreading.com/security/ericssons-6g-story-centers-on-internet-of-senses/d/d-id/764446 I used to enjoy hearing about new technologies but this is scary. It looks like the unaware humanity is gradually being prepared to accept living in a holographic realm. interestingly enough if you Refer to this link https://nextgalliance.org/ and see who are some of the members behind sponsoring and rolling out 6G. the current lock dow
  9. Why are so many blinded by the Covid 19 fear where in fact all this is going on behind our backs. Following the relieve of surviving the “pandemic” People will accept anything . Such as this post Covid world. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia3/ciencia_coronavirus278.htm
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