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  1. Yes I had thought of him, how would you find out,
  2. Thank you I've just seen this but they did last Sunday. Need one I can trust
  3. Yes I realize I was being bit careless there, 1. I dont understand how to work with this tech & 2. I`ve been feeling so useless & desperate, I dont like to think what I would be like if this nightmare happens. Thanks for advice
  4. Hi I`m in desperate need for help please. My child in care & their going to jab him. I`m not allowed to mention vaccines at all to him. I`ve had 2 meetings with him since this bs started, totaling to 2 hours & little time spent in phone conversations that are often interrupted by SS, as I`m not to discuss virtually all the things I would want to discuss. They stopped contact for 7 wks & within that time brainwashed my boy to the point that he now thinks I`m an incompetent mother not allowing him to have vaccines, which theyve since loaded him with & the LAC nurse visited him & used coercion, its destroyed our relationship.Really finding it difficult to cope. tel : <REDACTED BY MODERATOR> Please PM / Private Message for contact
  5. howdy earthlings. I`m trying to find Janet Shines magic mantra music, was wiped off my playlist year back. Also Iam wanting to find any thing by Janet or Betty on how to raise vibration as that is what we ought to be doing isnt it.

    Much LOVE


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