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  1. I see a few people who prepare for themselves with food, water, bush craft skills etc. But how do they expect to survive in a split society ?. On their own they struggle with bushcraft and survival.. but as a group, you can build buildings, have a power / education structure, farm food, and live a reasonable life. If we do not get a group of like minded people to start again if needed... we will fall one by one
  2. People are not serious. Even the "woke", "conspiracy theorist" just sits there scrolling through facebook sharing posts while keeping their fingers crossed that it will all go away. Every now and again you get people who prepare for themselves, but they are just as bad as the rest. They think that their supplies and skills would save them... when a group of 15 hungry people would leave them hanging from a tree for a days worth of food. Our selfishness is what will bring us to our knees.. there are people out there who really try to prepare, to help others, and we get kicked in the teeth.
  3. YES !! We are starting to gather information on all subjects . Knowledge is power !, and if a group needs to walk away from society then they will have all necessary informatiin to start again.
  4. I think they have no need to replace one race with another. Just have a mixed race, no sex , lab born, organic computer
  5. Hi guy's. With already being here on di.com, i'm sure that you do not need telling what we are facing or the level of fascism lingering over our heads. There are whispers of seperating society & while i'm sure this will be an eventuality, we will fizzle out like even the brightest of embers.. because we can not sustain ourselves once independent from the cult. To ensure that we have a realistic chance of fighting back against fascism we need a "Plan B". I would like to propose to everyone here on di.com, that we create a group of team leaders under the instruction of David Icke himself. The purpose of these team leaders would be to prepare for a societal split. The team leader's would use logistics to create secure communication networks, identify habitable and defendable land, gather knowledge on bushcraft,farming,metal working etc, and will guide any people in their local area to the meet up spot (in the event that the team leaders are needed). David has been roaring like a lion awoke from his slumber for 30 years ! , and while he has opened the eyes of millions of people, i kindly ask David to be the driving force towards a facist free society. Would you be willing to start a new society ? If we fail to prepare.. we prepare to fail.
  6. Hi Guy's !


    It is a bittersweet moment joining Davidicke.com as we have always been huge fans of David's but have been spreading the word ourselves on Social media.

    I'm sure that i do not need to tell you that all of the media giant's censorship has become tyrannical,  We quickly found ourselves using virtual machines to access Facebook and losing many other like minded people so decided a radical solution was required.


    Understanding the dire situation that we are all in, we propose creating a group who will meet up in the event that tyranny can not be defeated (a plan B) .

    We will share news wherever possible and help anyone who may want to prepare to "Walk away from society" if the time comes.


    You can find out about the new proposed group below:





    Capture 2.JPG

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    2. W.O.L.F


      Yes there have been threads like that on other forums. if you are really lucky, the thread does well and you ask the admin extra politely you may even be able to have the thread pinned (but every forum is different and not all admin pin threads).


      We have some great ideas / concepts to share with the D.I community and having Basket Case on guard  gives us good vibes !

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