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  1. Didn't I remember that Eddie Vedder along with Johnny Depp campaigned to get three kids who murdered someone in a satanic ritual aquited and were successful???? Also the Grohl guy held some charity gig for some woman and it was all a bit strange but I can't remember and CBA to look it up lol.. Paying their dues for the Great Work
  2. I think the key word is discernment ...you see theosophy as being conceived purely for one evil intention .. but to me it's just a hotch potch of eastern religions mixed with a bit of Rosicrucianism etc and like anything it's long strayed from its initial intent . Alister Crowley was an extremely talented mathematician but does that mean maths is evil and is part of a satanic agenda .. there are lots of truths but also lots of bullshit that the theosophists spout as with any esoteric philosophy . To me it's just he THING and it permiates everything and to zone in on one of its t
  3. Anthraposophy certainly isn't the same shit and just because you say it is doesn't make it so ..why do you thinksteiner broke away from theosophy ..look mate I'm not really interested in your panic ...if your that bothered about having your life forced trapped in a transhumanist virtual reality then I wouldn't be spending so much time on the internet ( the biggest transhumanist tool there has ever been) vicariously turning your thoughts into ones and zeros ...what was it you said ???everyone is playing their small part ... I would have thought the thing has infultrated every religion and
  4. Well yeh ???Steiner warns of transhumanism in his lectures on the eighth sphere and the new Jupiter which is why I said anthroposophy is preferred to theosophy ...but apart from that i think your spouting nonsense imo and we shall just leave at that ...
  5. I think anthroposophy is worth more precious time studying than theosophy but that's just me ... I used to go to the Leeds theosophical lodge twice a week for a few years and they had some good talks with people coming from all over the country to talk ..definitely a mixed bunch who attended regularly and the usual highs and lows of human psyche representing itself in the group setting . never felt any nefarious plan was being hatched but then you just don't know ?? they had a rather nice stained glass window with Blavatsky smoking a spliff and the library was amazing
  6. Some interesting points on covid in this ....
  7. Nope nope and definitely nope ....
  8. And he was also mentored by Annie Beasant of the theosophical society ..make of that what you will ..
  9. Yeh. I think putting it in writing via email and letters is the way to deal with the NHS on this matter .. I mean ... I see it as it's the local GP surgery with over zealous practice managers like a dog with a bone ( who do we think we are not having the jab) and tbh If I need them for anything like I've just had a minor operation on my hand then I can see me telling anyone Thier that gives attitude how much I'm not going to take the attitude if you get me I mean once they start coming out with shit like it's to save everyone else and the sooner we all have it the sooner we can
  10. I've received texts daily from GP surgery and now NHS then yesterday I had a voicemail message asking me to them know if I'm a refusing the jab ... I'm just ignoring everything but I do feel harrased .. surely we don't have to let them know for any legal reason do we ????
  11. Oh yes we are in a trap and I would use the term trap as a prison infers we deserve the punishment . BUT is there a way to escape the trap ?? The first step to answer that is to find out how we became trapped and from where we were taken .. The whole universe plays below the belt but when talking about how things work in our neck of the woods you have to take into consideration that our solar system is entirely artificial ( paradoxically within an artificial Universe ) and so designed to play with source . If you look into what creates colour for example ( Goethe purple ray ) it's
  12. I got a load of shit on facebook from a Howard Lipman who was the admin for the thunderbolts page .. i was bringing up Heisenberg's pixelated spacetime theory in relation to something and he kept harrasing me saying I had mental problems and I believed in Scientism .. all the men on there that obviously spent hours and hours a day finding stuff and posting seemed very dogmatic almost in a flat earthers kind of way.. It put me off for a while but there's lots of stuff from The Electric Universe theory that resonates and contributes to understanding just wtf is going on .. As I am convinced we
  13. Yeh I think it's an over zealous employee at the doctors practice lol
  14. Yeh they sort out the chiff from the chaff that way No in fact you're dead wrong the 33rd degree of freemasonry is where the true mystery schools teachings of Egypt are revealed to the iniate ..Everything below is pure bullshit and used for business networking .
  15. No in fact you're dead wrong the 33rd degree of freemasonry is where the true mystery schools teachings of Egypt are revealed to the iniate ..Everything below is pure bullshit and used for business networking .
  16. 33 is steganography a very simple yet effective form of communication between secret societies ....
  17. surely if the establishment was genuine about this then rapists would get 20 to 30 years instead of six months .. Yet if you are found guilty of fraud against the establishment you looking at ten years plus ... it's all disengenuos as always and tbh there is no way they can pull off a 6pm curfew unless there's some kind of Marshall law shit going down ... they want us treading on eggshells and taking our medicine
  18. Have been reading about " the direct reset " Catherine Austin Fitts among others have been researching it .. in a nutshell it's funded by the globalist banking cabal and the vaccine is a multipurpose weapon covering depopulation as well as injecting the ones left with a mRNA digital operating system ..
  19. Because of the ask my GP online service (which I have to book appointments and request repeat prescription on as you now cannot phone for any of this ) I have been bombarded with at least three texts a day offering and now reminding me I have an appointment for a vaccine . After replying asking them to stop reminding me and take it that I have been informed and no further communication on the matter is needed now I am getting texts from what comes up on my phone as NHS where as before it was my local surgery . The new texts are saying " because of your underlying condition you are eligible for
  20. There's that steganography again There's that steganography again
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