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  1. Does it works for bad colds and flue them mate??
  2. Well as from today with bill and Melinda announcing a divorce this post becomes more intriguing
  3. Twaddle .....carbon is a form of matter ..and you may have read then repeated that we are in an entropy training ground but we are not ..... I'm not interested in your supercilious communication skills where you are a legend in your own mind constantly harping on about the depth of your knowledge compared to all the begginers on the is forum .. you just come out with non sequiturs ( look up the meaning on wikepideia)all the time and then back it up with some idiot who channeled this or that ... I'm sure you are going to link a YouTube video of someone channeling benevolent ETs where they expla
  4. 666 is matter not life or source energy ...and it's the shackle we should break from ...
  5. Didn't I remember that Eddie Vedder along with Johnny Depp campaigned to get three kids who murdered someone in a satanic ritual aquited and were successful???? Also the Grohl guy held some charity gig for some woman and it was all a bit strange but I can't remember and CBA to look it up lol.. Paying their dues for the Great Work
  6. I think the key word is discernment ...you see theosophy as being conceived purely for one evil intention .. but to me it's just a hotch potch of eastern religions mixed with a bit of Rosicrucianism etc and like anything it's long strayed from its initial intent . Alister Crowley was an extremely talented mathematician but does that mean maths is evil and is part of a satanic agenda .. there are lots of truths but also lots of bullshit that the theosophists spout as with any esoteric philosophy . To me it's just he THING and it permiates everything and to zone in on one of its t
  7. Anthraposophy certainly isn't the same shit and just because you say it is doesn't make it so ..why do you thinksteiner broke away from theosophy ..look mate I'm not really interested in your panic ...if your that bothered about having your life forced trapped in a transhumanist virtual reality then I wouldn't be spending so much time on the internet ( the biggest transhumanist tool there has ever been) vicariously turning your thoughts into ones and zeros ...what was it you said ???everyone is playing their small part ... I would have thought the thing has infultrated every religion and
  8. Well yeh ???Steiner warns of transhumanism in his lectures on the eighth sphere and the new Jupiter which is why I said anthroposophy is preferred to theosophy ...but apart from that i think your spouting nonsense imo and we shall just leave at that ...
  9. I think anthroposophy is worth more precious time studying than theosophy but that's just me ... I used to go to the Leeds theosophical lodge twice a week for a few years and they had some good talks with people coming from all over the country to talk ..definitely a mixed bunch who attended regularly and the usual highs and lows of human psyche representing itself in the group setting . never felt any nefarious plan was being hatched but then you just don't know ?? they had a rather nice stained glass window with Blavatsky smoking a spliff and the library was amazing
  10. Some interesting points on covid in this ....
  11. Nope nope and definitely nope ....
  12. And he was also mentored by Annie Beasant of the theosophical society ..make of that what you will ..
  13. Yeh. I think putting it in writing via email and letters is the way to deal with the NHS on this matter .. I mean ... I see it as it's the local GP surgery with over zealous practice managers like a dog with a bone ( who do we think we are not having the jab) and tbh If I need them for anything like I've just had a minor operation on my hand then I can see me telling anyone Thier that gives attitude how much I'm not going to take the attitude if you get me I mean once they start coming out with shit like it's to save everyone else and the sooner we all have it the sooner we can
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