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  1. It started out as a good idea then it was all down hill from there ....
  2. Tbh that was a light hearted link and not to be taken seriously .... but I am interested in the question I asked though on a serious level.. And sorry Oz but I'm not taking you as an authority on the subject and I don't concur with your opinion . Please don't take this personally or feel the need to reply again .
  3. Tbh that was a light hearted link and not to be taken seriously .... but I am interested in the question I asked though on a serious level..
  4. Imo the whole solar system is artificial ..for want of a better term ...once you start going down that track if the only real thing is source energy then material bodies are artificial etc etc but to bring it back a bit or to zoom in to our neck of the woods the maths don't add up to anything random ... Synchronicity Syn = moon Chron = Kronos or Saturn
  5. Have seen lots of stuff on TV while watching that left me gobsmacked and unable to debunk . the jury is still out for me though as I have only seen these things on TV and never in real life . Could anyone explain to me how this works .. Is it that there is something in the technology of cameras that catches the shapeshift ? Is it possible to see in real life so to speak ? I kind of understand the liquid crystal tech bit but apart from that I'm confused . genuine question by the way
  6. Seeing lots of posts about meteors and fire balls from January this year ....plus lots of CEOs standing down they definitely know something is coming ? ... Perhaps Niburu ??
  7. The king James Bible modern English is suppose to be a new language created by Francis Bacon ..no not the painter lol ...its creation is for many magic applications but what interests me is the etymological clues to what's going on with reality. my favourite is Entrance and Exit Entrance means in French that some thing is so beautiful you give it your full attention . Exit ... Ex comes from Hex which along with Six is used as a term for curse.... Hex it is Curse it .. Source energy is entranced to give attention only to this place and hexed to remain.
  8. Lastnights Winter watch on BBC 2 Thurs 28th Jan was weird as fk .....basically trying to convince us to access nature virtually through tech promoting it's health benefits ...lots of obvious underlying sinister stuff going on with it ....even at one point that autistic one jabbering on about an energy vibration connection .. yeh an artificial electromagnetic connection Chris ....
  9. Head on over to UK Column Brian Gerrish has been exposing Common Purpose for nearly 20 years now plus they do three news broadcasts per week which are always spot on ...
  10. Q is just hope porn designed for inaction and this kind of applied psychology has been used since the beginning of time .. Interesting to me that lots of so called channelers have jumped on the bandwagon predicting the q narrative .. Dr Joseph Farrell said correctly that these kind of operations are used like putting different coloured die in a water system to see where it comes out .. All roads lead to Rome Q anon = Canon And Simon Parks ..come on guys ffs it's like someone out of Dads Army trying to be a New Age spy ...I live not far from Scarborough and it'
  11. etymologically Sin = moon Sin is also used to represent time as sine and cosine . Those responsible for the formation of the modern King James Bible version of English have on purpose left esoteric clues everywhere . Demons De = god Mon = moon So it looks like David is correct that the moon is in some way a piece of tech in collaboration with Saturn with the purpose of time perception . Probably the Torah and other ancient so called religious texts are more likely an instruction manual or user guide that quantum physics has only just got a grasp on ..
  12. man being born into sin refers to being born into time ..Etymology is a useful tool to understand the hidden meanings .. the root meaning of sin is actually the moon and time ( sine/cosine ) .. Just a side note I was following Andrew bartzis on Facebook and had to unfollow him due to his diatribe against Trump and Veneration for Biden . Now don't get me wrong I don't believe in any political process and know for a fact that the truth is they are all tentacles of the octopuses head , but it proves to me without a doubt that Bartzis is deceptive. I like following lots of differe
  13. Remember the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony . The focus of the virus was definitely on children .Well I'm sure people can go and look at it on pootube ..
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