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  1. My work have basically lied by sending us each a letter stating that for now the HSE has directed them ....but on the HSE website they don't even count facemasks as Ppe ...... I think this is where your common purpose and such the like come into play .....the interconnectivity from government to private sector ... Basically top managers and directors making us still wear masks at work
  2. No one's gonna pay my way for me ....what about you
  3. That's a very tenuous link ....but I see your point ...I don't think we will be driving around in white transit vans attacking innocent young teenagers for a laugh or burglarizing the local area week in week out ...
  4. What like like the time me and my workmates kicked fuck out of a few of them on the bike ride home after we were threatened over fuck all ....they just scum nowt to be scared of ....there pissy little bare Knuckle fights are fuck all ....someone at my work used to fight them for money ....easy money ....get out your mum's box room boy...I'm not grading one to ten FFS they scum end of
  5. I know it sounds harsh mate ...but I live in a small market town with a major Irish travellers settlement funded by the council.. and mate they are a major major problem ...trust me they couldn't give a fu.. about nature ..other life or anything ...
  6. They don't follow any rules of the Countryman ...they are not informed just base thick cunts ....tbh they will seen as a vermin infestation a dealt with at the appropriate time accordingly.
  7. They don't give a duck about anything ..police too scared to enter the sites to arrest them for whatever ...Irish travellers or diddycoys are scum of the earth and they hate us and are taught to be as obnoxious as possible.
  8. No one on here can possibly know either way ....lots of supporting evidence from other areas like geology where iron oxide layers found every 2600 years plus other research into large meteor strikes finding evidence of earth's weather and plant life being effected ... I wouldn't worry as there's nothing can be done either way unless you have a ticket to a DUMB .. I personally don't know but wouldn't be surprised
  9. My work has just sent a letter out saying that the HSE are directing our company to carry on wearing masks after July 19th.... Does anyone know if this is lawful Irfan they do it?
  10. It's soooooo f ing obvious .... And just like Israel are doing right now it will convince the prolls to jab the under twelves
  11. It's hard now mate ....you have to get the school to agree with your request and they have to inform local authority ...and if you just pull your kid out it want be long before the SS are beating on your door... The only way is to drop out completely and live off grid ...
  12. Also he lectures on the eighth sphere which sounds a lot like neural link and other transhumanist projects
  13. As a father of a six yr old son ...I can tell you it's all fucked ...kids TV ,,,toys ,,Nintendo games ..where to start
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