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  1. You can’t really engage this order upon a normal citizen... This whole circus shows the depth of how unjust the system really is. It’s now used as a revenge tool which begs to ask the question: why does a selected few get to make this call vs We the People, who should really be consulted. we need roll back the clock to “The day W.Wilson sold out the USA”, everything changed the way man would conduct money, information and create secret agendas. The birth of mass corruption, which would penetrate every aspect of controlled ideology of what normal would look like. And, here we all stand at the foot of the 21st century, looking into the future these few have moulded for us. What a fine mess the human has created, what a great example, what a footprint we leave behind. Let’s all celebrate brothers and sisters.
  2. Is just me or is Simon Parkes part of the Q puppets? Just can’t believe anything this man says.... what you guys think?
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