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  1. Well the story of Christ was from the middle east region right? He couldn't have been nordic...i guess.
  2. I am reporting all your threads to the mods. You are inciting division on grounds of race and colour. All your threads are about Jewish agenda, white supremacy, nazi fascism and now feminism. You are trying to bring the focus back to the old divisions which David Icke has been trying to say are merely self identities being used to divide us. Karan Tonk/c--Sikh name? Stop talking about women's history and how feminism came about when you know nothing about it. Either it is defending white guilt or how te family was broken or this or that----what did you do when the family was being broken up? How did the evil Juws take the wome out of you rcontrol? Were you sitting on your arse? Or did it happen because the women had been abused for so long tha freedom was welcome. You cannot blame everything on others and everything to be a conspiracy against white males. What have you done but point fingers?
  3. Completely agree with this. This is turning into a white male christian forum..like Texas backwaters....where only if you hate the other---Jew, the woman , the non christian, the non white, the non european, then you need to be saved from the cabal's agenda. Talk about being on a highhorse---as if the cabal does their planning around a white christian male sitting in his flat somewhere...LOL. And boy-- the words I have seen used about females here----I will sh*g her, she is so f** etc and such...as if the world revolves around them and their pathetic little lives. And on top of that they have the audacity to wonder a few posts down on the same thread, why they are not being saved and how the cabal is so evil to do this to them? Oh..the irony...and the blind narcissism
  4. I have sent a PM with this request.
  5. Thank you BC for the response. I would very much appreciate if you could delete or block my profile because I cannot see anything in the settings to do so.
  6. No. Today is International Women's Day, and as the lone? female voice on this rapidly degrading forum, here are my thoughts why this is wrong. It reminds me of something very funny that a very funny woman said somewhere in response to a man who was angrily asking the following rhetorical questions about Jews--’Who did this…? Who did that…? Who gave women the vote? Who told them to leave the home and go and work outside?’...The woman's reply was priceless--’Uhh....that would be the women themselves...maybe because they got tired of being used as brood mares and personal chef and cleaner… So you see, no conspiracy behind this. Women loved the freedom..A Handmaiden’s Tale and such depictions is not what women fantasize about as they go to sleep, it is men’s w*t dream, not the women’s.. As for women's role as men see it...LOL.. Let me burst your bubble—women can do without men but not vice versa. Even a man who to all appearances is living alone is being served in some way by a woman trying to keep his body and soul together. Why do you think rich divorced women look happy as a bunny? While widowed or divorced men either lurk in dark corners of the web or around the corner of girls’ schools and their health goes to pieces with all the beer and the canned food? The woman in the house and balance of society spiel was to keep women enslaved and the unspoken promise of the patriarchy to its members through the ages, that men felt was their birthright.. I personally know many women quite happy to be women and non-feminists and single ( no-- not LGBTQSRT single, just alone single). The social balance of the idyllic family life of a protective husband and a chirpy wife was a myth. There was and is horrendous atrocity being done in the name of this myth. Women are broken to the point that they become toxic and depressed and then that is labelled as their own fault. We are happy we do not have the biceps to overturn the throne of the supreme consciousness or god, (insert your god’s name here), we are very very happy with our 'tiny brains' that cannot figure out the GPS coordinates for the Map of Hell, maybe we don’t really mind having ‘poor driving skills’ so we cannot parallel park in Hell’s parking lot, where y’all might be going. The relationship was never equal. Men are cribbing about losing the house slave. Now they have to become very wealthy before they can afford one. They want to decide woman's place. The story of men’s superiority revolves around the neanderthal premise of needing brawn to club various stuff to death and feeding the frail women who are cowering inside the cave, even that was false. The neanderthal woman was equally capable of all the clubbing to death and who knows maybe she did that after having pick up the bones for the umpteenth time once the guy had finished chomping on the hunted animal’s meat. Here’s another bubble popper, women were not the weaklings as depicted that couldn’t live without men, nor were they created out of the side of Adam’s rib. They were not equal but more powerful than men. They were the carriers of the ‘feminine’ source of energy that was exploited by ‘masculine’ masonic priests to control the matrix structure. Hence all evil demonic things were falsely labelled feminine witches, black goddesses, etc. to shun and overpower them. In India, the ancient scriptures handle the feminine energy with kid gloves, you do not mess with the goddess. And quite contrary to what I have seen about satanic rituals in movies such as Eyes Wide Shut (with no personal exposure to this), the female played the Catalyst role in sacred spiritual esoteric ceremonies and ‘yagnas’ and was revered- until the patriarchal division was created by the male masons who inverted this female capacity into something evil and instead of the high priestess she was made the harlot in inverted satanism ceremonies---eg. In Nepal—there are kanyakumaris, and it is a country following the inverted goddess worship under the guise of the ‘holy’ form of worship. And is a country with abysmally low respect for women in real life but much loved by perverted male tourists because of the inverted energy field of female form---from reverence to exploitation... And that’s why females are kept as mind controlled slaves by the cabal stooges to serve the man. Why all the mind boggling focus on establishing women’s place on earth---home, office, wh**rehouse, temple,,, what’s with this obsession... The fall of man is due to this abuse of the energy of creation that we conceptualize as feminine because we are neanderthal shitheads. Those energies have no gender for crying out loud. Without these divisions and identity labels we could not be controlled for so long. This is a very ancient game. What we were is none of these stories. Why are we not remembering the beauty of our true ‘pasts’? We were ethereal beings experiencing love and harmony in beautiful ways and not in these violent neanderthal ways of who should be at home doing the dishes, raising the kids, and who deserves to go out for a few drinks in the meanwhile, all in the name of 'ideal' family life.and keeping the peace.... our human nature and history has been hijacked and subverted and we are reduced to fighting over 'body parts' and the superiority of one or the other ..If the family balance was indeed as beautiful, we would not be here in this situation right now.
  7. We need a separate sub forum that is exclusively for the ones who have concerns about the following- White supremacy, feminism, christianity and jews. Clearly they are missing the point of what really is happening around us and how we have ALL (irrespective of race and gender) been led down the garden path. Those posts are discussing social engineering aspects of the cabal's agenda at the beginning stages which were the foundation stones of the hoax we are currently living in. They do not acknowledge the enormity of our full potential as human beings and create a dissonance with what should be the main focus on this forum, as per what David Icke says. It has been more than a year since the cabal showed their cards with the covid trick and we have forum posts still discussing whether one race is superior or men are superior or this religion is superior, really?? After having seen through the agenda (presumably), and which has been spelt out in mono-syllables and plain English by David Icke..that we are ALL pawns in the game and if we self-identify with this, that or the other, we are missing the whole point and bringing down our energy due to pointless discussions. So a sub forum can be dedicated to all those members who are white supremacists, anti jew, christian, ohhh...and this is very important..male. Where they can do all the bashing of non christians, non men and non whites and whine about those things. I understand that would be 90% of the forum but atleast that will stop surprising the rest of us where we are discussing a spiritual dimensional battle for our souls and spirits with these entities and all of a sudden find ourselves hit by a post about race and color.. That is like mixing classes for Cabal Agenda 101 with 301, The 301 class has understood what David Icke has said about the cabal sowing divisions based on race and colour and religion, a.k.a Divide and Rule, while the 101s are still stuck at I am white, I am Christian, I am a man, etc.. It just depresses me that even on this forum people are sooooo behind understanding the game, when we can at least now, in the last year of free internet, unite against the common enemy. Just a rant.. I wish I had someone like minded to discuss these things at 301 level, but there are 100% sheeple where I live. It's getting lonelier and lonelier as the end is nearing. Maybe that is a good thing. Message from the heavens to go inside and do my remaining spiritual practice in silence.. Anyway...
  8. Just like the research at universities today is funded by certain 'interest' groups who 'nudge' the work done in a direction they want, the elites funded research that they wanted to come out into the open, otherwise it was not possible for someone who is not from a wealthy background to live the life of a gentleman of leisure and do scientific experiments and of course they also needed the money to set up the lab and the equipment, even if they were gifted self-taught intellectuals. No different to the research being done today---researchers and scientists focus on what gets funding..The elite need someone outside the inner circle to come out with the inventions, they cannot bring the focus to themselves..And a high IQ scientific mind may still come up with inventions that are not demonic downloads given enough 'nudges' and funding in the right direction . DI has clarified this as follows----the major inventions and technological breakthroughs are not left to chance, but that doesn't mean all scientific work is done by them...there could be lots of other work that is entirely independent of them. But not the work on which the agenda has to move forward as per schedule.
  9. So when it is implied that white colonialism is bad, you say that it was them--the sab's or whatever--and the common British man on the street neither played any role in that colonial exploitation nor benefited from it, just gets blamed for it, etc..but when it comes to technological knowledge and advancement, you feel that the same common man who has not seen the inside of a university, just came up with world changing inventions? When all day he is struggling to make ends meet? The common man could barely keep their houses warm in winter, and they had no access to any such information that will create the alchemical intuitive inspiration. Most of the major intellectuals and scientists of that era were elites--connected to those families and secret societies.
  10. Forget the gunpowder era,...in post Mao china, they were ages away from setting up the top tech companies in the world, they only had mind controlled labour for Foxcom kind of factories at that time..there were not enough technically educated people to come up with those ideas.. It reminds me of a friend who worked at one of the universities in the UK, who had to ‘leave’ because she just couldn’t give pass marks to Chinese students who did not pass the oral examination nor participated in group discussions but somehow produced essays written in flawless English, without being able to explain anything in them and got into some serious discussions about this with the department head.. Modern China is a cabal/ CIA supported.. nay... created entity.
  11. See my point above. The Chinese have invented squat, the same CIA controlled transfer of technical knowhow to set them up as the superpower.
  12. I have nothing against white people, I have no dog in the fight—I am pointing out anything that I observe could be the problem irrespective of race and colour. The technology that you say made white people superior was not developed out of the blue. It was downloaded from other dimensions through the freemasonic scientists and then propagated. History of banking, telecom, energy, transportation-- all knowledge that was downloaded for material use by masons in Europe and elsewhere was not a step by step laborious process. As David Icke says about Silicon Valley ‘inventions’----it is all already there, they just unveil one step at a time. But the people working in those companies are made to think that they are the ones who are coming up with brilliant ideas. DARPA—CIA---DUMBs….that is where it comes from. Sometimes, these ideas are implanted in dreams even in non masonic but receptive/ high IQ individuals. One of India’s mathematicians Ramanujan said that the formulas came to him in his dreams. PCR test inventor Mullis said something similar in a now suppressed interview—he was struggling with something about this idea and -it came to him out of the blue---When the archons have to forward the agenda according to a timeline, they do this...and they use white, black, anything or any race that is needed. Science and technology are 2 different things----many civilizations that knew science did not exploit the technological advantage of it to overpower others. If you follow the history of all great inventions in technology, medicine, banking, wireless, etc..all arose masonic/ sabbatean knowledge through quakers, red shields, rockefellers. All history---dark ages to renaissance was guided step by step by these masons. The very foundation of United states for instance is freemasonry. Even with zero knowledge of freemasonry, a child can tell that a people that went to colonize to get their hands on the riches of a promised land could not be altruistic in their motive. The same knowledge was known in India, they say, thousands of years ago but was never exploited. They did not disturb the balance of nature.. No civilization set out to colonize the earth except as ordained/ orchestrated by the archon controlled cult.. the desire was seeded by them and this is something people are not getting..but getting worked up that they are being accused of being exploitative white colonialists. The cannibalistic practices in incas or aztecs were probably true or not, but history is written by the victors—not the vanquished --and why will they paint a positive image of the ones they are trying to conquer? Those civilizations were doing advanced scientific and astrological calculations and had a link to the eternal source but those sites were destroyed and by mis-using that exploited knowledge, new centres of power were set up in London and the United States, etc. That is what happened with Atlantis and an ancient civilization in India (nonlinear 'history' or mythology whatever you choose to call it) that went down when that knowledge was abused. They knew the repercussions of playing with demonic knowledge for material gain or power..and they left a warning for us. There is lot more evil going on under the guise of civilised behaviour. Are we not reading of satanic rituals and child sacrifice by the rich well-dressed elites? I think they are even sticking out their tongues in some pictures, even Einstein did that, and that dude is supposed to be at the top of the game as far as western intellectualism goes.. Now if you say that only the ones possessed or controlled by archons or the sabbateans and not true christians are doing that child abuse, then doesn’t the same apply for other cultures...maybe only the possessed ones among those incas and aztecs were doing the cannibalism, not the rest, how do we know? Someone like royals in UK can be as evil as it can get, while they are eating cucumber sandwiches and drinking tea and not making fierce expressions...—clothes and attire were deliberately used to fool people into thinking that one is evil and the other not. Some of the most evil people are the best dressed genteel looking people.. our Perception is the key word and Programming through Perception is what has fooled us.. About there being many races on earth, that was my point--there were all races and colours and therefore no one race can legitimately claim superiority over the others. The earth should belong to everyone and just because one race does not wish to invent gunpowder and go on a killing spree in a far off land, does not mean that they have no right to exist peacefully. Even if they were too ‘dumb’ to invent all these magical inventions that have brought so much peace and happiness in this world..NOT..
  13. So all of our ancestors were crazy weapon wielding scumbags...Great! At least that should unite us, if nothing else...we have the same heritage, all of us.
  14. I am genuinely interested to know this---and this could be an interesting though rather pointless discussion on our way to the guillotines..at least it will keep us busy while they are sharpening the blades... What colour and race were the first humans? Are we following the Adam and Eve story...or the whole neanderthal, homo this, homo that story? What was in Africa and Australia since the beginning of time? I just cannot see a blonde, blue eyed Scandinavian fellow hunting with a spear in the deep African jungles or Australian deserts, so who was living there? And did they take a lease on that continent from someone? Could it be something like this----Eugenics, race, DNA manipulation seems to be the central theme of this archon force that controls earth. Maybe the whites were the ones intentionally or accidentally bred out of melanin and got recessive genes for eye colour. Wouldn't the original DNA on earth be closer to the Africans or Aborigines in Australia? What do forum members think? Anyway, what if this mutated- genes white race was used as the first slave race by the archons in the ultimate irony that they were not even made aware that they are being used as tools. Then all the scientific knowledge that was passed on to the white people first by the cult through the ages, to further their cause of world domination, making them the frontmen of all the horrors that happened in ‘history’. The people hunting in frozen tundra or somewhere for reindeer meat probably knew very little of science or maths to go for world domination—while it seems that the ancient cultures of africa, australia etc. had 'pagan' wisdom , humility before god and nature and supposedly some scientific knowledge that they were using prudently.. But the viking that is sent to loot and pillage by (whatever name) cult forces existing at that time, would have very little moral judgement blocking his path. Thus an easy tool and thus the whites were made tools.. But so much world domination has been done in their name and they have become so advanced as nations that now they are unable to accept that it's their turn now and that's why they are being targeted... For the archon force, we are all just pawns in the game..Once we play roles, we are dispensable …. Now the whites are the fall guys, because they have played their role. In their peculiarly evil and ingenious way, the cult is using even this discontent to their advantage because the white people are more focused on preserving and defending their superiority rather than comprehending that we were all slaves, only occupying different floors? / zones? in the same prison, only that some races had so far been provided with better prison facilities. We have all been played. Let’s swallow our prides, irrespective of race and colour and unite against the real ‘enemy’.
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