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  1. I have followed Q from the very first of almost 5,000 posts. In the first two years, before the Dark State assault and takedowns of everything Q, there were millions of people working TOGETHER on the questions and being trained as "digital warriors" to do our own research. There were two stages. The first was for education, the second was for support and updates. The people who came in later, especially after Q was shut down on every forum and ability to share were at a disadvantage as it is very difficult to do the work of starting at the beginning without support. Whoever, whatever Q is/was his posts had the REAL EFFECT of 1) Waking up millions of sleeping people to the evils of the Dark State 2) Massively increasing Trump’s base and most of all their LOYALTY to President Trump. People who VOTE. 3) Providing support, encouragement and comfort during the last four really rough years of the attacks on Trump. 4) Training thousands, if not millions of people to be “Digital warriors” which have brought far more intelligence to public awareness than any expert or pundit. I have seen many times Senators or other people who support Trump thanking the public digital researchers for finding information no one else had. Without a doubt most of those people were Q followers. 5) Q always insisted that patriots be PEACEFUL to prevent chaos, rioting and possibly civil war. And that is what they are doing right now. I don’t care who Q is, I never need to know. I know what he has done for galvanizing support for the President and his efforts to bring down the Dark State. David, I don’t care how smart or intuitive your are, unless you were in the trenches with other Q researchers from the very beginning you have no idea what you are talking about. And that is because very few people have the time or take time to start from the beginning and work through all the questions from 5,000 posts which you MUST DO to connect the dots and see the threads. Instead whoever is the latest to claim Q as a "larp" or a "psy-op" have simple cherry picked some posts and then take to the air to voice a thoroughly uneducated opinion. When it is all said and done, this ghost called Q, and his team, will have played a major role, if not the major role, in saving the Republic. p.s. Ignore the uploaded image, it was an accident. It doesn't not pertain to the comment.
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