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  1. So have I and wearing gloves and doing the same walking down the street and in th3 countryside and some goons have taped masks over the air vents in their cars. If they told them to stay safe they need to wear a blue hat and walk backwards everywhere they would all do it.
  2. The police were always there to protect the state and not the citizen. With Biden and Yellen in charge the US will see more stimulus and as a result hyperinflation and the collapse of the dollar giving them the excuse for their great reset which they will of course blame on the "virus."
  3. They make this shit up as they go along. One minute masks are not required then they are and now some "experts" are saying wear two masks. I think they will gaslight everyone again and suggest lockdown is ending and then at the 11th hour lockdown continues. How many time swill people fall for the same shit, it just beggars belief how many people believe it all hook lien and sinker. If they don't make vaccines mandatory it may as well be as all the companies with the little control freak bully managers will say no jab no job. Of course what I noticed though all this is how much of a role in enforcing the bullshit the corporations are playing with HSBC being just one example and the supermarkets got the traffic lights and markings on the floor put in quick didn't they it was almost as if they had advance warning.
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