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  1. @EnigmaticWorld Thanks for posting all the vids from the protests.
  2. Instead they'll be patted on the back for doing a good job by 80% of the population, sickening.
  3. WTF is he waffling on about? I can't believe that somebody has written that load of shite, who are they trying to kid?
  4. You must admit, they're very good at it aren't they? But of course people will lap it up, ask them why there are no reports of grannies dying and they'll look at you like you're mad.
  5. Slovenia mate. But these new rules are happing in a few other countries like Austria, Germany and Switzerland, just not so extreme. I've been taking to people in Austria and even though they got vaxxed they can't understand what's going on. They have to wear different masks in different shops depending on your vax status... ffp2 masks if you haven't had the jab, those blue thin ones if you have... I think that not only are they trying to push for the vax but they are want to split the people by showing exactly who is vaxxed or not. Imagine being in a supermarket looking around, half have ffp2 masks and the others the blues, you've really got to laugh at the whole situation.
  6. I live in a European country and as from today the only places we can enter is the supermarket, all other places are banned unless you are fully vaxxed, have proof of a valid test (quick test is only 24 hours now) or proof you've had the virus (6months I think). We can't even put petrol in the car without one of the above, or if we need to report a crime we are not allowed in the police station. Now how this is going to be 'policed' is another matter, something that has been brought up by different people but as yet no answer. The police say that they are not going to do it siting cost reasons, same goes for the individual shops. If this is not the definition of desperation then I don't know what is, everybody can see (even the vaxxed) that it's pressure of the highest order being applied to push people to take the jab, plain and simple.
  7. Could it be that they are setting up different scenarios in various countries to see which one works best?
  8. I've always had it mate..... always.
  9. It's a shame 95% of the men are filming instead of getting stuck in to the police.
  10. Duh. Everybody knows that the virus can detect workers from guests, I think scientists have proven that it's something to do with the uniform.....
  11. Well in Austria they announced that unvaxxed have to wear masks in shops whilst the vaxxed can go without. Not sure if it's to 'show the unvaxxed how life can be' or show the vaxxed who the enemy are, maybe a bit of both.
  12. Her reply tweet is great 'You never heard of bicycles?' Like you have you fat fuckin cow. Also the Dr reply about the woman going into the water.. clown world.
  13. Where does it mention a vaccine Simon?
  14. Oh dear Justin, just stay at home... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-58472456
  15. Just to pick up on this point @Fluke . At the moment I'm not sure this is happening for whatever reason (and to be clear I'm not saying it won't happen). What I'm reading on forums is there seems to be a feeling of disbelief that they're not in a better position and they can't understand why they have not come through the tunnel after being such good sheep and doing as they're told. Now whether that translates into anger towards us is yet to be seen but I'm not sure they're going to be willing to roll up they're sleeves and take 3, 4, 5 jabs. Disillusioned is a word I'd use to describe their mood.
  16. Dazzer

    20th Anniversay

    I was thinking about 911 recently with the up and coming anniversary and something struck me that I'd never really thought about before. I was reading an article that was from a guy who was describing walking down the stairwells after the planes hit. He spoke about seeing the firemen rushing up towards the impact areas with a look on their faces knowing full well that they were going to die, I've seen this statement a few times over the years. What made me think was were they really thinking that they were going to their deaths? What I mean is that nobody expected the towers to 'fall' on that day least of all the firemen, that's why they went up to do their job, not to die. And if you think about it the fire chiefs would never send that those firefighters up the stairs if they thought the towers were going to collapse, they even had their control center in one of the lobbies.
  17. Yep, just to flatten the curve... https://inews.co.uk/news/covid-lockdown-government-plans-october-firebreak-restrictions-hospital-admissions-1185533
  18. This is the start of a post I read on this subject last night on a pro vax forum...Nobody pulls the guy up on this ridiculous claim even though they know it's bullshit. Doing quite a lot of reading on this, and I've read reports that about half the children who get Covid and show symptoms end up with long term/permanent disabilities.
  19. That's rich coming from that c%nt, hardly surprising though.
  20. All seems to going to plan for the great reset... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/sep/05/more-than-8700-chain-stores-close-in-2021-analysis-shows
  21. Yes is is a liar, he starts of saying that it's a 'pandemic of the unvaxxed'.... He knows full well that the vaxxed are passing on covid more than us. What a prick.
  22. I'm reading that a lot of parents that have been jabbed and are pro vax are now not going to get their kids jabbed after the announcement on Friday. Even if (when) they reverse the decision after some 'pressure' there'll still be sufficient doubt in their minds to no go through with it.
  23. I just can't watch that video, we've just replaced the windows in our house and I might end throwing my laptop through one. This is from the article... It comes as the support group Teens for Vaccines - which is run by teenagers for teenagers - says young people around the world are being left out of discussions that affect their own health. You know, if it wasn't for my wife and son I would seriously think about checking out from this world.
  24. If this ends one day with us being the victors and we have a huge party, remind me not to invite you mate.
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