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  1. Worth a read for a laugh.... Sounds like a desperate pitch from a dodgy snake oils salesman.
  2. That John Campbell is getting a proper kicking on a website I read, after being lauded as some kind of saint at the start of covid. They`re trying to reason why he`s changed his tune and have put it down to him wanting to make money from youtube. Could it be that after studying the data for three years he`s actually come to the conclusion that it`s all a load of shite? Nah, They think he`s betrayed them and is just chasing money.... Now I don`t really watch his videos but I do know he`s changed his tune somewhat over the last 6 months (not that I`m vouching for him in any way, he might be controlled, who knows). But it is funny watching them justify his change in stance.
  3. Forget the soil just look at those killer gloves, half an hour wearing those and you`d be grasping your heart....
  4. Well done Novak! Covidians must be frothing at the mouth...
  5. Come on guys, this is the covid thread not AI, aliens or whatever....
  6. If Fauci went on TV tonight telling everyone it`s been a huge lie millions would still be looking for their next booster shot, pathetic is the word mate.
  7. And we wondered how stupid the general public were lining up for their jabs.....
  8. So it seems the covidians are dropping like flies with a new `super cold/cough`going around in the UK. All saying they`ve tested negative to covid but loads are really ill with it. Shame..... Anyone else hearing the same? Perhaps if they stopped getting jabbed and let their natural immunity system do what it`s supposed to do they won`t get ill. Pleps.
  9. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-63819818 "The public may be interested in the finding that virus may persist in an infectious state, on foods and food packaging surfaces, for several days under certain common conditions." I guess that those "conditions" are living in a clown world.
  10. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-63605824 800 passengers have covid on a cruise ship as it docks in Sydney, you need to be fully vaxxed to go on a cruise...... Obviously the bbc article doesn`t mention this....
  11. Maybe they were shoveling snow?
  12. Very important video this, (apart from the woman talking absolute shite at the end) let`s hope it starts a blame game with the vax companies and governments pushing the crap.
  13. Looks like a Friday night in Stoke on Trent!
  14. Tbf mate he wasn`t exactly a picture of health was he! Drank and smoked heavily and was massively overweight.
  15. Yeah I know who they are but I was more looking for recent reports stating categorically that you can infect others.
  16. Can anybody give me a link to any MS news outlet that admit the jabs do not stop you getting covid and passing it on? I want to wade into an argument where covidians are still spouting the shite that if you don`t get jabbed boosters you are being selfish. I mean, every jabbed person I know has had it including the above.... Thanks in advance.
  17. Yeah, I`m reading lots of posts online stating that either themselves or family/friends are having heart problems at the moment. Obviously they are putting it down to having covid and not the jabs (but hang on, wasn`t getting jabbed supposed to stop you getting the virus or passing it on???) These are people that are on their 3rd or 4th jab but they can`t seem to put 2 and 2 together, or maybe they can but just don`t want to admit it..... Boneheads the lot of them.
  18. Great post mate. Fear. That`s what it boils down to, pure and simple fear. In the beginning they pretended that it was all down to protecting granny, let`s get the elderly jabbed so they won`t be at risk. Then when they were jabbed they couldn`t wait to roll up their sleeves to protect themselves, followed by the younger generation and finally their kids. It`s all about fear, you can get anyone to do anything if they are suitable scared, we`ve seen it for years now, properly kicked in since 911 but has been going on for decades. It seems to me that people are completely confused in life, just look at the political situation in most countries, the war in Ukraine, fuel and utility bills, climate change..... All these (and more) are there to send people into a spin of utter despair, exacerbated ( a word I learnt from Shaun of the Dead) by the likes of Twitter, Facebook and the rest of that social media shite.
  19. Are people still posting about covid on your forum? The one I go on has been pretty dead for a while which is an indication that doubt has started to creep in. There was a period at the start of the summer where double/triple vaxxed were coming on saying that they`ve had covid, some for the 2nd or 3rd time, when they were told that the jabs would stop infection (something that they now know to be bullshit). For me if the jabs were a success they would have been all over the thread virtue signalling and condemning those who had not taken them, this has not happened, their silence if deafening. Like I said, maybe I`m just being hopeful and full of shite...
  20. Look at the state of that, what a fuckin clown she is. Something very interesting has started to happen this week on a Premier league footy site that I read. Posters have stated to come out against the vaxx for various reasons, with no response from the usual pro vaxxers. Some have said they`ve become sick after getting jabbed, some say it hasn`t worked, some will not have the booster and others that they never had it in the first place. Now if this had happened 6+ months ago they would have been jumped on, ridiculed and hounded off the site for these views (seen it happen over the last couple of years) but now? Nothing, no a peep. I can`t help thinking that these pro vaxxer know 100% that the jabs have been a waste of time and they`ve been duped, why else would they let these posts go unchecked? Wishful thinking? Maybe...
  21. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/aug/24/sunak-says-it-was-a-mistake-to-empower-scientists-during-covid-pandemic Now I understand that as usual a politician is talking bollocks.... But what I find interesting is that here´s a guy who is looking to be come the leader of his party and he`s choosing this as a story to put out there about himself. It shows that his people, or whoever are behind him, have decided that to gain support among the UK population then having a dig at lockdowns is the way to go.
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